New Proposals submitted.

S.No. Number Start Date End Date Project Leader Category Type R&D Support Area Status/ Action/ Resubmission/ Reason for Cancel
1NML/RSPA/2020/2021/863152020-07-072021-07-06Shri Nalin Kumar SinghInnovationFull tenure(1 year)Finance, Purchase & Administrative Supportproposal/ submit
Title: Software for Automation of Procurement process at Purchase Section

Short Summary: The software will provide following facilities- i.) On feeding the data for the preparation of Sanction Proposal the data so filled will get filled in the Purchase Order and GST Exemption Formats and hence expedite the processing of the file. ii.) Price Comparative statement will be prepared feeding the data in the system. iii.) A soft copy of P.O. Register will get populated. iv.) The software will enable us to generate various reports as and when required in case of any query from CSIR / CAG Audit / RTI Cell.

2NML/RSPA/2021/2022/122192022-05-012023-03-31Beena KuamriKnowledge ManagementFull tenure(1 year)Information Technology Supportreview/reopened for edit
Title: Revamping In-house Project Management System (CSIR-NML-IPSG) Phase III

Short Summary: The in-house project management system has been developed in two phases. The first phase focused on incorporating basic proposal and project management features and the second phase focused on enriching the system through administration and reporting modules.The system is integrated with a number of other institutional databases as well.The system is in-place since 2015 and is able to successfully serve the purpose. Presently, the system is a ready e-repository of 172 completed projects and 26 ongoing projects. 208 registered users are utilizing the system for various purposes viz. e-proposals, reviews, project conversion and reporting. Recently, a need for additional features, re-structuring of forms , integration with other databases and other modifications has been raised by the IPSG committee so as to upkeep the relevance and applicability of the system for a variety of needs. Hence, the current proposal has been drafted and submitted for the kind consideration for the approval.

3NML/RSPA/2021/2022/331192021-12-012022-05-31Beena KuamriKnowledge ManagementFull tenure(1 year)Research Planning & Business development supportreview/reopened for edit
Title: Development of a MoU management System

Short Summary: The proposed system aims to have an online management system that can enable MoU document creation, editing and handling information of NML mous from initiation to expiry. The system will be useful for creation of various MoU (viz. Sponsored, collaborative, Know-How and others) , standard terms will be available in the drafts; Further, it will enable the tracking of status of mous at each stage viz. drafting, concurrence, approval and signing. Moreover, detailed information about the mou and party will be captured and a repository will be prepared. The documents of each stage will also be stored and available for ready reference viz. draft, approved version and signed copy.The system will be useful for reporting purposes also. Although, approval of MoUs are currently taken through green notes ERP yet, the feasibility to incorporate that through the proposed system will be explored.