New Proposals submitted.

S.No. Number Start Date End Date Project Leader Category Type R&D Support Area Status/ Action/ Resubmission/ Reason for Cancel
1NML/RSPA/2018/2018/151112018-06-012018-08-31Parmarth SumanInnovationExpress Track(3 Months)Finance, Purchase & Administrative Supportproposal/ submit
Title: Tour Adjustment Automated System

Short Summary: It is propose to facilitate the Tour adjustment process so that the manual process could be performed by automated process with the help of system.

2NML/RSPA/2018/2019/144572018-10-012019-03-31RACHIT GHOSHInfrastructure ManagementFast track(6 months)Engineering Supportproposal/ submit
Title: Construction of connecting bay from main building (west side) to the pilot plant building at CSIR-NML, Jamshedpur.

Short Summary: The connectivity between buildings is necessary for effective and efficient utilization of the existing infrastructure. In main campus premises of CSIR-NML, there are mainly four buildings- main building, creep building, technical block and pilot plant building. At present all the buildings are inter-connected with canopy-type connecting bay except main building and pilot plant building, which led to less usage of pilot plant building. This work was also discussed earlier in resurgence committee meeting. The major work is project engineering activities which briefly includes dismantling of existing narrow uncovered steel bridge and construction of support system for the reinforced concrete slabs at first floor and second floor level. The clear height of the first floor slab of connecting bay will be such that the movement of trucks and buses are not affected and clear span of the connecting bay will be at par with the other connecting bays in the main campus. The work also includes construction of walls with large windows and doors for abundant natural light and ventilation. The vitrified tile flooring and finishing work will also be the part of this work. With the new infrastructure development of connecting bay between these two buildings will help in easy access of different R&D facilities in the pilot plant building. This also enables convenient movement of persons and equipments in all weather conditions (especially during hot summer and rainy seasons). The showcasing of R&D instruments and equipments in the pilot plant building by the scientists and technical staffs to the outsiders including funding agencies of different R&D projects will be pleasing and graceful in comparison to the existing steel bridge.

3NML/RSPA/2019/2019/956062019-07-012019-12-31Beena KuamriKnowledge ManagementFast Track(6 Months)Research Planning & Business development supportproposal/ submit
Title: Extension of six months for the RSPA project "Development of an industrial information system that acts as a repository of information that can facilitate future business opportunities for CSIR-NML (NML/RSPA/2018/2019/46595 )"

Short Summary: Development of the website, database, search modules are complete , Now data search/survey and entry are due.

4NML/RSPA/2019/2020/479712019-07-012020-06-30Beena KuamriKnowledge ManagementFull tenure(1 year)Information Technology Supportproposal/ submit
Title: Development of a customizable web-based system that can facilitate the e-recruitment of scientific & technical staff at CSIR-NML (Phase 1 would focus on Gr. IV & Gr. III).

Short Summary: Since 2015, CSIR-NML is using an e-recruitment website to facilitate the applicants with online application platform for Gr. IV /III posts. The requirements pertaining the posts advertised change everytime viz. post codes & titles, essential qualifications, desirable experience levels and others. With every new advertisement various customizations and changes are accommodated in the website to match the requirements. The process is time consuming and the length of work involved is almost equivalent the efforts required to develop a new website every time. Additionally, technical expertise is a must. In the current proposal a fully customizable umbrella system has been planned to be developed. The new information system would facilitate creation and management of independent recruitment (viz. posts, qualifications and experiences) online , involving minimum or no technical expertise for the same.

5NML/RSPA/2019/2020/776152019-08-072020-06-30Beena KuamriInnovationExpress Track(3 Months)Information Technology Supportproposal/ submit
Title: E-ProjectView-One Window for Profiling all Project related Information (Phase I)

Short Summary: Under the flag of "Digital India", digitization of data and processes have become a new mandate for all. The efficiency of any online process can be evaluated on two parameters i.e. extent of time and resource saving and outreach. The proposal aims to develop a web based system that will benefit all PLs and Management of the laboratory in G2E perspective: i) provide a report/document management system: Enabling users to upload documents viz. project completion reports ; and creating online records (Phase I) ii) provide a single window to access all project related information viz. project details, manpower, activities, cash flow, mou, reports and any other document (Phase II). iii)Ex-tractable customized reporting