Ongoing Projects

S.No. Number Start Date End Date Project Leader Category Type Core Area Sub Area
1NML/RSPA/2017/2017/121562017-09-012017-11-30Infrastructure ManagementExpress Track(3 Months)Information Technology SupportIT, web based software, system development

Title: Computerization of quarter allocation process at CSIR-NML.

Abstract: The existing quarter allocation process at CSIR-NML is paper based. If an employee is in leave, then he/she cannot fill up the form. Moreover, the proposed system will increase the transparency by a lot. The proposed module shall have three modules. The first module will be relating to the display of the vacant quarter list as on the date. The concerned dealing assistant can add / delete data using form from the database. The second module is related to the online form for the allotment of fresh quarter as notified the concerned official from time to time. The user will not be allowed to enter his/her office ID no., date & time for the application. In the third module an employee can requests for changing quarter. This form will be available to user all the time. Once the last date for the fresh allotment is over, form will be vanished automatically. Consolidated data to be sent to concerned person(s). All these forms will be available to user after successful login to the IT Services. System security will be maintained this way.

2NML/RSPA/2017/2018/107972017-09-012018-08-31InnovationFull tenure(1 year)Engineering SupportHVAC, Electrical-Mechanical, Civil, Energy efficie

Title: “Replacement of Existing (2Nos. 86TR Units) Inefficient Creep Central HVAC Plant with Energy Efficient HVAC Plant in CSIR-NML”.

Abstract: Primarily, the Existing HVAC system in NML-Creep building Block has 2Nos x 86 TR Reciprocating Chillers operating from the year 1973 with R-22 refrigerant. These chillers of this system have been maintained well, but over time their capacity got de-rated due to wear &tear and became less energy efficient corresponding to the existing energy norms. Due to lack of stand-by system also, existing system performance got degraded and useful service life for the system is surpassed and hence proposed for installation of new energy efficient HVAC plant from project engineering group. This work briefly includes the project engineering activities like preparation of Technical specifications in terms of Electrical, Mechanical system requirements of HVAC system along with Design basis formulation, TDR evaluation, Developing P&ID for the system, equipment layout finalization, right of way (ROW) finalization, Supply- installation-commissioning and testing activities pertaining to new system as per the specification requirement of HVAC manual. Critical civil works like False Ceiling, Piping& chilling line works also needs to be carried out. The areas covered under this work includes Creep laboratory, Mezzanine floor offices, Director Floor Offices, Lecture Hall, Committee Room and Auditorium. With the new facility installation, 24×7 operation of HVAC plant will be provided in the creep laboratory with local control mechanism for maintaining ambient temperature as per ASTM standard. In addition, Energy usage for the HVAC plant will also reduce substantially with the incorporation of VVVF drive for secondary chilling water system along with energy efficient chillers of 125TR.

3NML/RSPA/2017/2018/365962017-09-012018-02-28InnovationFast track(6 months)Knowledge Resources SupportJMMS, Metallurgy, Materials Science, NML Journal

Title: Journey of Journal of Metallurgy and Materials Science over the last sixteen years : A Bibliometric study

Abstract: The present project focuses on the publication, growth, authorship pattern, category, core areas, quality and lengthy published papers, characteristics of its top productive authors, collaborative research in materials science and references of articles that appeared in the Journal of Metallurgy and Materials Science (JMMS), an in-house publication of the CSIR-National Metallurgical Laboratory (NML), Jamshedpur India which is abstracted globally. The study covers all the sixty-four issues of volumes 42 to 58 published during last 16 years, covering over 350 research articles contributed by many authors and several cited references published in these issues.

4NML/RSPA/2017/2018/550842017-09-012018-08-31InnovationFull tenure(1 year)Information Technology SupportCustomer Satisfaction Evaluation and Feedback

Title: CSIR-NML_Clientele - A web-based information system for managing customer profile and feedback

Abstract: Primarily, the proposed system intends to create and manage profile of the existing and probable customers of CSIR-NML. It intends to provide an online platform for the customers wherein the customers can get all information about the projects, they sponsored. i.e. generating single window of information of clients and their projects. Secondly, the new system shall be converting existing manual /offline processes pertaining to "Customer Satisfaction Evaluation" and "Customer Feedbacks" into online processes. The system shall provide modules that would enable gathering and analyzing the client feedbacks online viz. Add/Edit/View Feedbacks, Generate Feedback Reports and Calculating Customer Satisfaction Index. Hence, the major objectives of the proposed system are to maintain profiles of our R&D sponsors as well as to keep track of their overall satisfaction levels.

5NML/RSPA/2017/2018/728802017-09-012018-03-30InnovationFast track(6 months)Research Planning & Business development supportInvoicing, Reporting,

Title: A web-based information system for managing GST based Invoicing and Billing System

Abstract: Primarily, the proposed system intends to create and manage Invoices based on GST for CSIR-NML R& D project and Testing activities. It intends to provide an online platform for the digitaly calculated preparation of Proforma Invoice and Tax Invoices . Secondly, the new system shall be converting existing manual /offline processes pertaining to "Invoice and Bill Preparation into online processes. The system shall provide modules that would enable gathering and analyzing the invoice Reports and Monthly tax statement for the Finance and Accounts. Hence, the major objectives of the proposed system are to Prepare invoices of our R&D sponsors projects and Testing as well as to keep track of their overall Transaction for GST tax submission. A service invoice is a legal document providing detailed billing information for a transaction where a customer receives a service. Businesses tend to use a standardized form for invoicing to make it easier to keep records. other cases, a separate program is necessary, for the trades person may fill out a printed form. The invoice serves as a bill and a record of the services provided. In the event of any argument, both parties have copies they can use to resolve the dispute. Invoicing Software Features • Easily create invoices, quotes and orders • Customize invoices including logo, heading text, notes and more • Save or send invoices as PDF files • Supports multiple tax based invoicing like CGST,SGST, and IGST where required • Keep your data securely on our own machine • Reporting includes accounting, Statement for the Tax Payment, unpaid invoices and more

6NML/RSPA/2017/2018/765772017-09-012018-08-31InnovationFull tenure(1 year)Information Technology SupportRSPA Website, Project Information Management

Title: Development and Implementation of an information management system for managing RSPA activities electronically

Abstract: The system shall enable online processes for proposal and reviews for the research support group projects at CSIR-NML. The proposed system shall become e-repository for all the information related to the projects as well as provide one window access to all information pertaining to the projects. Initially the system shall provide online modules for proposing a new project, reviewing and approving. After the successful implementation of the aforementioned online processes further development for project monitoring (financial and technical) and customized reporting shall be taken up viz. Updating, Progress Reporting, Reports e.g. Project History (from proposal to finishing) , Data Analytics- Custom Reporting based on user selected fields, and integration of data visualization.

7NML/RSPA/2017/2018/870202017-08-012018-07-31Infrastructure ManagementFull tenure(1 year)Research Planning & Business development supportTesting and Calibration , NABL accreditation, ISO/

Title: NABL Accreditation of MTE Division of CSIR-NML

Abstract: MTE Division of CSIR-NML caters for Industrial research, Basic research, Knowledge dissemination and mentoring with its state-of-the art microstructural characterization facilities, creep and fatigue for pursuing focused application oriented research. Expertise and facility have been created for structural health monitoring, remaining life assessment, and microstructural characterization. Credibility of test and measurement results are extremely important in all the situations where decisions are taken based on these results. For the reliable test & calibration results, the data must be accurate, precise and reproducible. This is only possible when the laboratories performing tyhese tests and calibrations have competence in the areas of (i) Equipment & Infrastructure, (ii) Accommodation & Environment, (iii) Human resources, (iv) Test / calibration methods. Head, MTE strongly recommended for assessment of the management system of MTE Division as per requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 Standard and its accreditation by National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL). The proposal for NABL accreditation of MTE Division is raised by MR, NABL of CSIR-NML, and subsequently approved by the Director, CSIR-NML.

8NML/RSPA/2017/2018/876092017-09-012018-08-31Knowledge ManagementFull tenure(1 year)Knowledge Resources SupportNon-Ferrous Metallurgy- R&D Mapping

Title: Contribution of CSIR-National Metallurgical Laboratory, Jamshedpur in the area of Non-Ferrous Metallurgy during 1950-2015 : A Case Study

Abstract: Since its inception, Non- Ferrous Metallurgy has been one of the major R&D areas of CSIR-NML, which is reflected in annual reports, technical reports, in-house publications, and research papers. The data, information and knowledge have been widely generated in the respective area are scattered in various sources. Therefore, it always being curiosity to know the total scientific output and impact in terms of R&D Projects executed, technologies developed, patents filed, and technologies transferred, research papers published in SCI, Non-SCI journals and proceedings. The beginner as well as the personnel already involved in non- ferrous metallurgy area required a cumulative output in the form of reports. Such type of study has not been done previously in the laboratory. Considering the need, the selected area is being taken for the R & D Support Projects Assessment (RSPA) as exploratory study. It covered all the R&D area that are executed under the “Non-Ferrous Metallurgy” like Aluminium, Zinc, Copper, Nickel, Cobalt, Titanium, Cobalt, Ores-Beneficiation to Alloys Development, processes for use in Extraction of Metals through secondary sources as industrial wastes and recovery of valuable metals from electronic wastes etc. This study will determine the Scientometric profile of CSIR-NML in the area of non-ferrous metallurgical research during 1950 to 2015.The scope of the study broadly covered- numbers of project executed, Patent filed, Technologies developed, R&D Publications etc. Further, research papers will be analyses to determine the qualities of papers being judged by citation and the impact factor of journals. The output of the study may be used as management information tool for the laboratory.

9NML/RSPA/2018/2018/136432018-05-012018-10-31Knowledge ManagementFast track(6 months)Research Planning & Business development supportSkill training, Entrepreneurship, Metals, Materia

Title: Assessment of entrepreneurship opportunities in the area of Metals, Materials, Minerals and Mining

Abstract: The project aims to carry out need assessment study for entrepreneurship opportunities in the area of Metals Materials, Minerals and Mining (4M) . Recently RPBD Division conducted a skill training program on "Tecnopreneurship" highlighting four technologies developed by CSIR-NML. The participants learnt how to develop business plans and pitched the entrepreneurial ideas based on these technologies. Under this project, similar program will be organized at CSIR-NML's centre at Chennai to carry out need assessment study. Since Chennai is a metro city, it is expected that response from participants will be good.

10NML/RSPA/2018/2018/90822018-06-012018-11-30Knowledge ManagementFast track(6 months)Knowledge Resources SupportIncome Tax Statement

Title: Online Individual Tax Information System

Abstract: It is propose to facilitate the individual income tax statement under the login@IT services so that individual regular staff of CSIR-NML may access their statement after logging. At present any one can view all the employee pay, deduction and savings related data. We will ensure to protect it by providing this data under individual login@IT services.

11NML/RSPA/2018/2019/264422018-04-152019-03-31Knowledge ManagementFull tenure(1 year)Research Planning & Business development supportNeed assessment, technology, livelihood, training

Title: Need assessment study of technology intervention for livelihood generation in rural and urban under-served community

Abstract: The project aims to carry out need assessment study for technology intervention in the areas of traditional metal casting, forming, processing and product development activities for livelihood generation in rural and urban poor community. The recent study conducted on traditional brass melting for making vessels by the artisans of Bali village of Goghat Block of Hooghly district in West Bengal reveals that the artisans follow age old traditions and they require innovative tools which can reduce their drudgery. Artisans of various under-served areas like Lohardanga, Potomda of Jharkhand, Purulia, Goghathat, Bankura districts of West Bengal, Balasore of Orissa require market integration through digital technology. In addition, requirement for skill based training and capacity building of artisans, eligible under-served community needs to be assessed. In this project, approximately 300 sample survey will be conducted and a report will be submitted indicating various technology and training requirement in three states namely: Jharkhand, West Bengal and Orissa. Possibility for including this project under CSIR 800 will be explored.

12NML/RSPA/2018/2019/465952018-05-012019-04-30Knowledge ManagementFull tenure(1 year)Information Technology SupportIndian Industries,Iron&Steel,R&D Budget,Technology

Title: Development of an industrial information system that acts as a repository of information that can facilitate future business opportunities for CSIR-NML.

Abstract: This proposal aims towards development of such an information system that can act as the repository of data and information about the various Indian industries that belong to sectors viz. Iron & Steel, Oil & Gases, Petrochemical and others. The proposed system will provide a web-based platform to input the information, customized searching of information and extraction of information in a predefined format. This will help us in a way to have all the relevant data that may provide help in exploring future R&D prospects with the industries viz. their past & present R&D Budgets, R&D Problems, Technological Requirements and others. The system will target to enhance collaborations and new business development. To start with, we plan to populate data of Indian industries belonging to Iron & Steel Sector.

13NML/RSPA/2018/2019/515562018-05-012019-04-30Knowledge ManagementFull tenure(1 year)Information Technology SupportMetals Materials Minerals Mining Industries Data

Title: Development of integrated information system to create, manage and extract data pertaining to industries, experts, and facilities in the area of Metals, Materials, Minerals and Mining.

Abstract: This proposal aims towards development of such an information system that can act as the repository of data and information about the various industries (publicly-funded and privately funded), government agencies (marketing, R&D) and other similar establishments. The proposed system will provide a web based platform to input the information , customized searching of information and extraction of information in a predefined format. For system design and development purpose, and to begin with, the system will focus on data related to one Indian establishment first. The system can further be used for the MIDI project on similar scope. Later, data collection and creation of a comprehensive database can be done in separate mode.

14NML/RSPA/2018/2019/720662018-04-012019-02-28Infrastructure ManagementFull tenure(1 year)Finance, Purchase & Administrative SupportTime-line; process audit ; project management; equ

Title: Implementation of New Robust System of Process Auditing in CSIR-NML

Abstract: The mission of CSIR-NML Internal Robust System should be to provide independent, objective assurance and consulting services designed to add value and improve the operations. It should help the organization accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of project management, equipment management and the governance processes. A committee was set-up to look into Possible Implementation of a New Robust System of Internal Auditing to Replace Existing ISO system. It was overwhelmingly decided to discontinue the existing ISO system, in view of the relatively small gains/improvements that had accrued due to it vis-à-vis the cost of the process; many lacunae in the auditing process; its scope and its implementation.

15NML/RSPA/2018/2019/824982018-05-012019-04-30Knowledge ManagementFull tenure(1 year)Research Planning & Business development supportBasic Engineering Package, Technology Transfer

Title: Development of a methodology for the preparation of Basic Engineering Package (BEP) for CSIR-NML technologies

Abstract: The objective of the project is to develop a methodology for the preparation of Basic Engineering Package (BEP) for Technologies developed by the Laboratory. It will be designed so that all important technology information can efficiently and successfully be transferred to the clients during technology transfer. The BEP information will be constructed in such a way that an experienced detail engineering contractor can easily execute the operation. The BEP information will be built on CSIR-NML technologies utilizing in-house resources and expertise through thoughtful analysis and research, IP search and analytics, Market information and monitoring of operational technologies. The BEP will cover (i) Description of Design/product/Process, (ii) Process Flow Diagram with Material and Energy Balance, (iii) Process Data Sheets, (iv) Preliminary P&IDs (Piping and Instrumentation Diagram), (v) Utility summery/ Plant Utility Flow Diagram, (vi) Emissions (Gaseous, Liquid and Solid Effluents), (vii) Instrumentation and Process Control: Overview, (viii) Instrumentation Process Data Sheets, (ix) Hazard Area Classification, (x) Electrical Consumption, (xi) Health and Safety Data, (xiii) Land/Building Requirements, (xiv) Equipment Layout (Within Battery Limit Area) and (xv) Operational Manual

16NML/RSPA/2018/2019/853562018-05-012019-04-30Infrastructure ManagementFull tenure(1 year)Engineering SupportCivil, Electrical, PEB, Installation Commissioning

Title: Civil, Structural & Electrical infrastructure development for Amorphous Electrical Steel project at CSIR-NML

Abstract: Intent of the work is to develop an industrial shed pilot plant with dimensions of 52.5m Length X 22.5m Width X 9m Eave Height with a contemporary Pre-Engineered building structure with all utility requirements. It has been proposed to build an Industrial Pre-Engineered Building (PEB) to install, test, commission and operate the R&D equipment for AES pilot plant. This building need to be constructed in Large Scale Testing Facility Area, Nildih, of CSIR- National Metallurgical Laboratory, Jamshedpur. Broadly the scope involves Site development, construction of Pre-engineered shed, developing an elegant & modern electrical power distribution system from the distribution sub-station and creating work & office spaces along with other peripheral utilities. This work briefly includes the project engineering activities like preparation of Technical specifications in terms of Civil & Electrical system requirements, checking design basis, vetting electrical, civil & structural design calculation, checking and finalizing civil & structural requirement for PEB, Site supervision, executing the sub structure& super structure works as per technical requirements, finalizing floor plan layouts, Designing the electrical distribution and operating systems, all utility development, QAP maintenance, Installation & commissioning activities of PEB and Electrical system

17NML/RSPA/2018/2019/939052018-05-012019-04-30InnovationFull tenure(1 year)Research Planning & Business development supportBall Mill, Continuous, feeding, Energy Monitoring

Title: Design and Fabrication of Laboratory Scale Continuous Ball Mill with Feeding arrangement and Energy monitoring system

Abstract: This Proposal aims at design and Fabrication of a laboratory Scale Continuous ball mill of Capacity 10kg/hr Maximum. The ball mill will operate in an open circuit with suitable feeding arrangement for controlled feeding. This facility will help the researchers to carry out experiments Related to continuous ball mill operation. At present there is no laboratory scale continuous ball mill at NML. The existing continuous ball mills are bigger in size . Laboratory scale study is not possible in those mills. To have a study on those continuous ball milling we need huge material . Batch type ball mill study cannot be simulated with continuous ball mill. At present a project on suitable grind aid for cement is going on. All the study is being done in batch type ball mill and while translating the same parameters to pilot scale expected results are not achieved and parameters needs some correction to reach desired target. If we have this mill then optimizing milling parameters for continuous ball mill will be easy for us.