Ongoing Projects

S.No. Number Start Date End Date Project Leader Category Type Core Area Sub Area
1NML/RSPA/2017/2017/121562017-09-012017-11-30Infrastructure ManagementExpress Track(3 Months)Information Technology SupportIT, web based software, system development

Title: Computerization of quarter allocation process at CSIR-NML.

Abstract: The existing quarter allocation process at CSIR-NML is paper based. If an employee is in leave, then he/she cannot fill up the form. Moreover, the proposed system will increase the transparency by a lot. The proposed module shall have three modules. The first module will be relating to the display of the vacant quarter list as on the date. The concerned dealing assistant can add / delete data using form from the database. The second module is related to the online form for the allotment of fresh quarter as notified the concerned official from time to time. The user will not be allowed to enter his/her office ID no., date & time for the application. In the third module an employee can requests for changing quarter. This form will be available to user all the time. Once the last date for the fresh allotment is over, form will be vanished automatically. Consolidated data to be sent to concerned person(s). All these forms will be available to user after successful login to the IT Services. System security will be maintained this way.

2NML/RSPA/2017/2018/365962017-09-012018-02-28InnovationFast track(6 months)Knowledge Resources SupportJMMS, Metallurgy, Materials Science, NML Journal

Title: Journey of Journal of Metallurgy and Materials Science over the last sixteen years : A Bibliometric study

Abstract: The present project focuses on the publication, growth, authorship pattern, category, core areas, quality and lengthy published papers, characteristics of its top productive authors, collaborative research in materials science and references of articles that appeared in the Journal of Metallurgy and Materials Science (JMMS), an in-house publication of the CSIR-National Metallurgical Laboratory (NML), Jamshedpur India which is abstracted globally. The study covers all the sixty-four issues of volumes 42 to 58 published during last 16 years, covering over 350 research articles contributed by many authors and several cited references published in these issues.

3NML/RSPA/2017/2018/728802017-09-012018-03-30InnovationFast track(6 months)Research Planning & Business development supportInvoicing, Reporting,

Title: A web-based information system for managing GST based Invoicing and Billing System

Abstract: Primarily, the proposed system intends to create and manage Invoices based on GST for CSIR-NML R& D project and Testing activities. It intends to provide an online platform for the digitaly calculated preparation of Proforma Invoice and Tax Invoices . Secondly, the new system shall be converting existing manual /offline processes pertaining to "Invoice and Bill Preparation into online processes. The system shall provide modules that would enable gathering and analyzing the invoice Reports and Monthly tax statement for the Finance and Accounts. Hence, the major objectives of the proposed system are to Prepare invoices of our R&D sponsors projects and Testing as well as to keep track of their overall Transaction for GST tax submission. A service invoice is a legal document providing detailed billing information for a transaction where a customer receives a service. Businesses tend to use a standardized form for invoicing to make it easier to keep records. other cases, a separate program is necessary, for the trades person may fill out a printed form. The invoice serves as a bill and a record of the services provided. In the event of any argument, both parties have copies they can use to resolve the dispute. Invoicing Software Features • Easily create invoices, quotes and orders • Customize invoices including logo, heading text, notes and more • Save or send invoices as PDF files • Supports multiple tax based invoicing like CGST,SGST, and IGST where required • Keep your data securely on our own machine • Reporting includes accounting, Statement for the Tax Payment, unpaid invoices and more