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Welcome to the Manpower-Involvement    National Metallurgical Laboratory (NML)-(CSIR)  is a  R&D laboratory with several golden years of success. NML is strengthened with the support of its highly experienced scientists, skilled technical officers and other r &d staff. In its Diamond Jubilee year of establishment and serving of the metals, materials and minerals industry NML is taking new initiatives for aligning itself with the CSIR mandates for the development of science & technology along with the benefit of common man. NML is continuously working for the building-up of our Nation in the area of science & technology. NML scientific manpower is dedicated towards making advances in basic science, technology and consulting services.

Our Motivation The focus is on providing the overall picture of NML-manpower involvement in various projects at a glance for the manpower availability checking before new project allocation.  This interactive system acts as a Decision Support System (DSS) tool for management by plotting Manpower-Involvement based on various search conditions e.g. Date Range.  
Involvements Summarizing

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Involvements in projects in a specified Date Range.

Activity Wise Involvement Report 
Involvements in mapped activities of projects in a specified Date Range.
Involvement Matrix 
Involvement Matrix in projects in a specified Date Range.
ECF Matrix 
ECF-Generated in projects in a specified Date Range.
Elaborative Manpower Profile

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Involvement in all the mapped activities among all the projects.
Involvement among all the projects and in respective project's mapped activities.
Competence Details (Editable) .