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Further studies on beneficiation of Korean sea sand and synthesis of rutile from beneficiated ilmenite
Investigations on the production of high purity TiO2 from ilmenite through selective reduction and seggregation of Iron
Paint System for Extended Maintenance Free Life of Steel Structures
Training to R&D and Production personnel on Hot Dip Galvanising
Developing siutable paint system for external maintenance free life of steel structure
Imparting training to R&D personnel of JKUAT Kenya in mining and mineral processing
Improving the zinc efficiency and better uniformity of coating
Consultancy towards reduction in Zn consumption in galvanising line of Tata Steel
Studies on the behaviour of fluxed iron bearing pellets in representative basic oxygen steel making processs
Biomimetric route to hybrid nano-composite seaffold for tissue enginnering
Synthesis of novel polynuclear heterocyclic compounds and their study as potential corrosion inhibitors
Development of Co-based low magnetostriction and high corrosion resistive amorphous and nanocrystalline alloys for soft magnetic applications.
Microstructural and textural evoluation during recrystallization of cold rolled Al-Mn-Mg alloys
Hydrothermal Synthesis and Characterisation of pure and doped boehmites
Development of copper alloys for high strength and hugh conductivity applications
A study on desorption/mobilization of arsenic species from Oxy-hydroxides of iron in the context of ground water arsenic contamination in the Indian sub-continent
Optimization of polymer hydrogel based three domensional hybrid biomimmetic scaffold for load bearing orthop
Polymetallic sea nodules and Co crust of Indian Ocean: A mineralogical and geochemical investigation
Development of Slit Erosion Resistant Material for Turbines of Hydro generator
Thermomechanical characterisation of ceramic coating for turbine blade materials
Determination of Fracture toughness of engineering materials using Ball Identation Technique
Preparation and characterisation of nanocrystalline materials for high temperature soft magnetic applicstion
Damage and deformation study in structural steel using non-linear ultrasonic technique
Biomimetic synthesis of calcium hydroxyapatite, fabrication of midear implant and its use.
Development of coloured gold alloy
Cell response to biomimetic scaffold synthesized under microgravity during SRE-1 flight and mechanosensation of cells on biomimetic scaffold.
Recovery of Valuable metals from tungsten containing alloys scaps using hybrid hydrometallurgical process
Study of particle dynamics and development of control strategy for improved performance in teeter bed separator
Reduction of coke rate using probing and modeling techniques in BF no : 6 and BF. No : 7 of Bhilai Steel Plant
Dev of copper based bulk amorphous/nanocrystalline metallic glasses
Study of the influence of the welding heat inputs, nitrogen contents and deformations on low temperature sen
Improving longevity of tubewells in rural areas of Jharkhand
Processing of nickel-cadmium spent battery
Recycling of electronic waste
Evaluation of creep behaviour of Alloy 690 and 693 at 950-1100 deg C
Friction stir welding of dissimilar Al alloys and 304 stainless steel to Al alloys for aerospace and automobile application.
Dev. of synthetic flux through self propagating sintering of LD sludge
Optimisation of ageing parameters and alloy compositions for improved age hardening response of AZ91 Mg allo
Investigations on the thermo-chemistry of the interaction of chromite spinels and silica under different conditions
Development of rheocast Mg-alloys for application in engineering industries
Development of high magnetic flux polymer bonded magnetic composites employing microwave radiation
Fabrication of structured nanomaterials webs and writings through biobimitism with emphasis on self-mineral
Recovery of valuable metals from sea nodules by reduction smelting matte formation - ammoniacal pressure leaching hydrothermal reduction route.
Extraction and separation of metals from the leach solution of polymetallic sea nodules using pulsed column
Providing safe drinking water in rural areas using Solar Disinfection Technique
Evaluation of microstructural changes in steel used in petrochemical industry by NDE technique
Low Temperature Sensitization Studies on SS 304 LN Stainless Steel Materials
Development of a portable automated ball indentation device for evaluating mechanical properties of material
Removal of hazardous metal elements from leach liquor of electronic scraps by solvent extraction
Thermal Conductivity study of VSSC samples
Effect of hot rolling, cold rolling and annealing on mechanical properties
Determination of Micromechanical parameter of Mn-Mo-Ni forging materials
Design, formulation of specification, supervision of installation and commissioning of column flotation cell
To improve zinc utilisation factor for wire galvanising
Dev. of rapidly solidified brazing alloys
Pilot plant beneficiation of iron ore fines
Preparation of super alloy certified reference material
Prediction of formation of amorphous phases during annealing of Ti-binary alloys and validation of the same
Investigation of thermal properties of composite samples
Classification of machine tools
Evaluation of reagents for flotation
Verification of hardness testing machines
Study on leachability on the granulated slag in sea water
Expert opinion on evaluation and classification of imported steel consignments
Expert opinion on evaluation and classification of imported steel consignments
Development of special steel in vacuum induction furnace
Evaluation of physical properties and creep characterisation of Kaveri Engine Materials
Expert opinion on imported thermochemical treated (TMT) steel bars
Development of Trip steel in vacuum induction furnace
Evaluation of colemanite in steel production
Uniaxial and biaxial fatigue ratchetting tests on nuclear grade SA333 Gr.6 carbon steel and AISI 304LN SS Ma
Residual Life Assessment of service exposed primary reformer tubes
Assessment of Creep rupture and elevated temperature tensile strength of steel
RLA study of reactor, stripper and fractionators columns
Assessment of SRT & mechanical properties on boiler tubes
Creep testing of modified Cr1Mo steel and its weld joints
Failure investigation of LP turbine blades
Investigation report on failed pieces of hydro generator of Sabarigiri Power Project
Evaluation and recommendation of CRS bars for SBC canal application in SSNNL Gandhinagar
Investigation on the failure of a terbine blade of unit No.4 at KTPS
Remaining Life Assessment of primary reformer tubes (Removed in May 2000) Vijaipur Plant
Remaining Life Assessment of Service Exposed Reformer Tubes
Failure Analysis on Failed Reformer Tubes
Investigation of Metallurgical conditions and estimation of Residual Life of FPU-D1 Column
XRF Chemical Analysis and Failure Mechanism of Terbine Blade Samples
Failure Analysis of Wheels
Failure analysis of conderser leaky tube
Residual Life Assessment of Radiant Coil
RLA Studies of Boiler unit - 5&6(2X120MW) of MEBP, Korba East
Stress Rupture Test for Boiler Tubes
RLA Studies for 2X67MW Boilersunit 3&4 of BALCO Captive TPP, Korba
Investigation on fracture behaviour of Welded Pipes
Investigation of Waterwall Tube (Stage-II)
Failure Analysis of Re-Heater Tube
Evaluation of fracture behaviour of welded pipes
Analysis of radiant coils of USC Cracking furnaces for RLA
Effect of process parameters on Residual Stress of Brass Ammunition Cartridge cases for enhanced performance
Failure investigation of interceptor valve studs at Sabarmati TPS
Investigation on the failure of super heater tube
Remaining life study of reactor vessel 003V-108 in CCU
RLA Study of 2X120MW(Unit 3&4) Amarkantak TPS & MPEB
Failure analysis of API 5LX46 grade ERW Pipes for high presssure cross country transportation of petroleum products.
Remaining Life Assessment of Reformer Tubes of H.G.U. of Mathura Refinery
Failure analysis of helical spring of coke oven batteries
Failure analysis of a condensor leaky tube at CCPP-Vatwa for AEC
Failure Analysis of Water Wall Tube
Assessment of creep rupture and fatigue properties of IN625 Alloy Steel
Failure Investigation of Blade of L.P.Rotor 4A
Investigation of CTOD behaviour of Super Duplex Steels
RLA Studiy of 1X50MW unit no.-2(Russian) of Harduaganj TSP"B" of UPSEB
Failure Analysis of lock washer in internal device assembly of high pressure compressor rotor in aeroengine
Failure analysis of high pressure compressor rotor blade retainer of Mirage-2000
Identification of materials in track machine components
Metallurgical Examination of Broken Rail Pices and other items from accident site at Sarai Banjara
Evaluation of Mechanical Property
Stress Rupture Tests for Boiler's Tube
Material characterisation & tensile properties of main landing gear of AN-32 Aircraft
Testing of Furnace radiant coil samples
Investigation of blockage of internal oil passage in front bearing housing of aeroengine
Test Rupture Test of Boiler Tubes
Creep Tests on Lapshear specimens
Assessment of creep rupture properties on different kinds of alloy steels.
Material and wear characteristics of componentsbof governor rate reset value (GRRV) of Viper aeroengine VL-1
Material identification for indigenisation of bushing for diaphragm and bearing housing of turbo cooler
Uni-axial Creep Rupture Tests for Residual Life Assessment Study of Platen super heater and final superheater tubes of NTPC
RLA of Primary Reformer Tubes of Line-I Plant of IN519.
Health Assessment of Heater Tube
RLA and life extension study of unit 8, 100MW of "A" TPS Orba UPSEB
Metallurgical Examination of balance weights of low pressure rotors of R-29B-300 Aeroengine
Creep Rupture test for RLA
Creep Rupture Test
Creep Rupture Test for Remaining Life Assessment
Failure Analysis of Cu Conductors at Jojobera
Failure Analysis of fuel pipeline
RLA of radiant coils of hydrocraker
Stress Rupture Test for Boilers Tube
Investigation on CTOD behavior of pipe material
Estimation of Dead Zone after WEDM operation
Stress-Relaxation Testing of P-91 Steel
Accelerated Creep Rupture Test
Metallurgical Failure Investigation of Aeroengine
Stress Rupture Test
Stress Repture Test
Stress Rupture Test
RLA tudy 0f 30MW No. 1T/A, NCGS, Kolkatta
Plain Carbon Steel
Evaluation of Creep Rupture properties of thermal power plant components
LCF Testing of Specimens
Stress Rupture Test
Failure Analysis of Swing Pinion Shaft
Assessment of Boiler tubing based on stress rupture test
Identification of Materials used in Track Machine Components
Investigation on the fusion of rotary slide valve & sleeve
Residual Life Assessment of Process Gas and Steam Pre-Heater
RLA Work for two ebd rings of M.G.S.
RLA Studies for M/s UBL, Jamshedpur
Metallurgical Failure Investigation of Aeroengine
Stress Rupture Test for Boiler Tubes
Accelerated Creep Rupture Test of GEB Wanabori 3 No. Tubes
Failure investigation of foiled bottom trinion shaft of 15/90 chaqline
Creep Testing
Accelerated Creep Rupture Test
Short term creep rupture test for 100 hours
Residual stress measurement and analysis in connecting rods
Accelerated creep rupture testing for estimation of remaining life of wa
Preliminary investigation to identify pobable cause of damage inlet ferr
Retained Austenite
Orifice chamber shell plate specimen
Conductive coating
Failure analysis of 6" dia intert gas header at LPG recovery Plant (SSP-
Characterization of corrosion product inside the failed reactor tube of
Failure analysis of boiler tube
Investigation into structural steel
Analysis of copper rods by SEM and EDAX.
Failure analysis of compressor parts
Testing of soft magnetic alloy rings - 20 nos.
Analysis of residual stress on crank shaft
Mechanical property evaluation and remaining life estimation of in servi
Stress rupture test for boiler tubes
Failure of 400 KV D/C Jabalpur Ilarsi - Testing of lower materials there
Investigation on Burner and Coal Mill Assembly
Residual stress analysis of connecting Rods
RLA stdies
Failure analysis of Thrust Pads
Failure analysis of steam drum at RIL Hazira
Stress gradient analysis of a tail pinion of an automobile
Stress Rupture test for boiler tube
Scale characteristics of wire rods of diff. Grades of steel
Microstructural and Factrographic investigation of failure during cold d
Determination of residual stress in brass cartridge cases
Residual stress analysis of short peened connecting rods
Microstructural Characterization of Aluminum Alloy
Investigation on metal component of Disc Insulator
Metallurgical Investigation & Testing of rail from KHANNA, Punjab
Failure analysis of Bolt.
Acoustics emmission studies on M250 Marging Steel specimens
Fatigue property evaluation of wheel rim material.
Failure analysis of chlorine cylinder valve.
Failure analysis of water cooled tubes in reheating furnace.
Failure Analysis of Condensor Tubes.
Evaluation of Rail pieces.
Failure analysis of boiler tubes
Residual Stress Measurement of Hot Strip Mill rolls by BH & MBE Techniques
Accelerated creep rupture test for RLA studies.
Prediction of mechanical properties of penstock material at BHPP using nondestructive techniques.
Investigation of Ammunition Components
Structrual Intigrity and Remaining Life Assessment
Fatigue Crack Propagation studies on primary heat transport sysem piping material
Remaining Life Assessment of primary reformer tubes Line-1 Plant
Residual Life Assessment of Radiant Coil
Stress analysis for improvement of life of 5.56mm Brass Ammunition Cartridge Cases
Evaluation of Residual Stress in gray cast iron cylindrical blocks
Failure Analysis of Super Heater Tube
Evaluation & correlation of Residual stress Pattern with respect to the performance of automobile components
Investigation on failure of Propel Crank of Marion Dragline
Determination of Micro-Mechanical Parameter of PHTS Piping Materials
RLA Studt of D1 FPU Column
Investigation of damaged rolls
Preparation of Nano sized alumina powder on high scale
Melting of Magnetite for properties of Ammonia Synthesis Catalyst
Thermo chemical analysis for ferrochrome production at Bamnipal
Recovery of Nickel,Cu,Co from Complex India,Oxide Mineral graphite
Development of super alloys for cyogenic engines required for the Geo-Synchronised satellite Launch vehicles
Investigation of chembond and inhibted water of Tata Steel
Development of suitable method for testing & evaluation of surface coating
Development of Nickel from austenitic stainless steel
Corrosion Characteristics od advance ferrous alloys
Reduction in pollution and acid consumtion rate in pickling swop of Tata Tubes
Characterisation and Beneficiation of Ironore samples from Barsna Ironore Mines
Development of advanced reformer tube alloys
Peritectic transformation in Multicomponent Iron based alloys during continuous casting
State-of-the-art report on BF cooling system in relationto diff. grades of refactory
Assignment of State of art of the technology of continuous casting of the Peritectic grade of steel
Development of nano crystalline soft magnetic materials
State of the art report on practices adopted by coastal steel plants to combat corrosion
State of the art report on high speed casting of steel slabs
Extraction of Ni from Sukinda Overburden
Development of rapid solidification technology for Mg.alloys
Mechanochemical Activation of Bauxite to improve the performance of Bayer Process of Alumina Production
Recovery of Zn from Zn dross
Development of spectrographic standards from plain carbon steel
Mathematical modelling of carbonisation process in stamp charged cokemaking
Studies to increase reducibilities and decrease RDI of Sinter Produced at the sintering plants of Tata Steel
Evaluation of Line Pipe Steel
Improvement in the flex used for galvanizing
Increasing the oxidatio resistance of carbon graphite products by host temp.heat treatment
Production of Nano size alumina
Studies on Quartzite ifor production of 75\\\%FeSi
Preparation of a report on status of continous direct steel making
Assesting and selting up Lab of NTRL
To reduse the power consunmption of Carbom plant
Standerisation of parameters for the production of NML-Galvasare at plant scal
Air Pollution Control System for instollation in foundaries
Improvement in the grade as recovery of Graphite Plant
Demostration of column floration technique for inprovementes the resisting process
Developement of Technological flow sheet for the beneficiation of phosphetic
Flotation column for the beneficiation of gold ores
Mitigation of enviromental pollution caused by metallurgical industries in Hawrah
Modification in pollution control system
Pilot plant column Flotation Test
Zinc Dust
Assessment of quertz quality of Gudar Mines
Preparetion of report on the consumption of Power in the use of DRI in EAF
Advice for the improvement of chemical lab at MISCO
Advice towards improvement in flotation plant particle
Reverse flotation for the beneficiation of Madukkarai
Pilot plant column floation trails on improvements in fluorspar grade at Kadipani
Iron ore upgradation to reduce alumina and utilisation of fines and sinter
Status Report on evalution of harmful gases during parcking ,Transpotation
Consultancy for recovery of copper electrolytic powder from copper waste solution
Advice & supervision of the demonstration trails in different industries
Training Lecture WRT Matallurgical Failure of pressure pipe & Tubes at IB Thermal Power Station
Assistance & guidance on the Project "Atmabodh"
Technology upgradation programme ,Howrah foundary cluster
For production of 100\\\% HBI or 100\\\% DRI
Improvement in metal powder quality
Evolving of quick techniques to identify SRC & CRS
Consultancy in production of redictor coolant
Conultancy in electroforming of Ni Shims
Annual Capacity Estimation of Induction Furnace Unit
Consultancy services for acheiving optimum prodution and quality of GALVAFLUX
Preparation of Techno-economic feasibility report for a modern standard sand washing plant
Use of Sponge Iron(DRI) in elctric arc furnace
Improvement of surface based of copper and copper base alloy
Annual capacity estimation of induction furnaces
Improvement of the quality of CRS Bars
Capacity Estimation of Induction Furnace
Role of fluorides on corrosion of steel rebars and types of steels to be used to acheive extended life struc
Capacity estimation of Induction Furnaces
Microstructural Assessment of first stage bucket
Preparation of Uptech Project report for M/s RSI Ltd., Calcutta
Exhaustive review & critical analysis of result on the performance of Epoxy Coated rebars embedded in concre
Opinion on stell samples
Assessment of findings of refurbishment of gas turbine components of hot gas path of GE Frame six mechine at BGGTS Hyderabad.
Optimizing the parameters of use of galvaflux in the user plant.
Preparation of integrated report of LCA for Steel Sector
Techno Economic Viability Study on Fusion Engineering Products Ltd., Jamshedpur
Diagnostic Study of a sick unit: M/s Chotanagpur Graphite Industries, Belchampa, Garwa
Ascertaining the quality of TMT steel bars used by SSNNL
Ascertaining the economical use for the production of corrosion inhibitors
Consultancy on In-Service Inspection of Turbine Blade Assembly
Study of Corrosion Map
Corrosion Map of India
To Provide consultancy for prepration of Feasibility Report of the proposed steel unit of M/s Bhaskar Industries (P) Ltd.
Opinion regarding deviation in metallurgical composition in an alluminium sample.
Metallurgical Investigation of Failure of Boiler Tube
Advisory Consultancy for approprate mix to achieve the maximum no. of heats in the induction furnace
Fly ash based wear reristant ceramic products
Cathodic protector of Dam Pump house
Development of flow-Sheet for super concentration of blue dust
Processing of polymetallic sea nodules recovery
Deoxidation of low carbon misoalloyed steel
Development of plough share and other agriculture tool, with improved properties
Development of low cost filtering medium for the removal of arsenic from ground water
Effect of ageing on fatigue behaviour of particulate reinforced 6061 aluminium alloy
Resolution of arsenic problem in drinking water supply in WB.
Modelling of high temp deformation of single crystal turbine water blade material
Science & technoloogy inputs to practicising blacksmiths of rural sectors
Raw Materials for Artisanal Blacksmith in Rural Sector
Study of various materials described in Amsubodhini of Maharshi bhardwaj
Dissolution kinetics of carbonaceous materials in iron bath
Commercial production of gray cast from pilot plants of environment friendly cokeless cupola
Development of low cost bamboo components as structral material
Studies on separation and recovery of base metal and noble metals from anode slime by Hydrometallurgical rou
Adsorption desorption of polysaccharides-g-acrylamide with floculation
Instrument Development Programme Development of magnetic sensor for material characterisation
Nano-Quasicrystalline Alloys
Enviromental effects on electro chemical characterisation of nano cryatalline ferromagnetic alloys
Salt roasting of sulphides
Mechanisation of blacksmith's hammer & development of improved fuel efficient furnace for artisanal blacksmi
Development of an appropiate technology for traditional brass & belt metal artisan
Studies on silicon control in Indian blast furnaces
Textural development of AISI-316 Auatenitic Stainless steel during cold rolling and annealing
Cycilic integral evaluation of various nuclear grade carbon manganese steels
Metal status of the soil, water & vegetables of Patamda
Synthesis of nano-sized metal powder by a chemical route
Extraction of magnesium from Indigenous Raw Materials
Preparation of state-of-art report on "Study on Mettalic Waste"
Training cum Demonstration Programme
An appraisal of the metal contents of Flora and Vegetables of East Singhbhum
Self propagating high temprature synthesis (SHS) of Zirconium diboride
Development of volatile corrosion inhibitors
Development of techniques for evaluating mechanical properties and fracture toughness parameters
Synthesis & Characterisation of AlN-SiC Composites
Thermochemical Modelling & Simulation studies for energy optimization &quality control in ferro allloys prod
Fundamental investigation on deterioration paints and coating on HSLA 100 Steel
Comparative Geology, Mineralogy, Geochemistry and Origin of the Apatite Ores of the Iron Ore Series.
Development of Iron making processes used by tribals of India.
Ground water quality assessment of sahebgunj district with special reference to arrive
Mossbuer Studies of the precipitation process in steels.
Development of eco-freindly closed multi pot furnace for glass melting
Recovery of By-Products from the peach liquors
Micromagnetic study on ferromagnetic materials
Development of an ICP-OES technique for gold hallmarking of an alternative to fire assay technique
Non-ediable veg. oil in mould\core making and preparation of resins
Recovery of Zinc from secondaries/waste following leaching-solvent extraction/ion exchange
Transforation during quenching and aging of HSLA Steel
Advanced Ferrous Alloys - Solubility Relation in HSLA Steels
Weldability of HSLA Steel
Corrosion Characteristics od advance ferrous alloys
Evaluation of Fatigue and Fracture Properties of HSLA Steel
Evaluation of role of inclusions on ductility and fracture properties of HSLA-100 and other high strength St
Preparation and Characterisation of in situ High Temperature Ceramic Matrix Composites
Investigation on the effect of internal stress of a magnetic properti properties of Amorphous materials
Maximising Blast Furnace Productivity with Indian Iron Ore
Development of low silver brazing alloys for joining ceramic to metal
Dephosphorization of high carbon liquid ferromaganese
Improvement of the properties of cast Al-alloy by application of electric or magnetic field during solidific
Synthesis and sintering of titanium diboride for industrial application
Reduction of Hydrogen entry and consequent Hydrogen embrittlement in Steel substrate by Ion Implantation
Treatment of Copper bleed solution for extraction of metal and acid by solvent extraction
Treatment of Industrial Effluents by a novel bio-physico technology
Processing of Polymetallic Sea Nodule Residue for the Production of Silicomanganese
Development of Aluminium Alloy Matrix Composite Plates for Defence Applications
Dev.of Al-Ti and Al-Ti-B master alloys and their thermo mechanical treatment for better grain refining effic
Impact of cold working on sensitization behavior of stainless steels
Studies on Bioprocessing of Indian Ocean Noduals with reference to extraction of valuable metals
Thermomechanical characterisation of ceramic coating for combustion chamber liners/combustors lines
Aerosol Synthesis of Nano-Crystalline Zirconia Toughened Alumina Powders
Synthesis of Silver based alloys for metal/ceramic brazing
Exploration of value addition to vegitable oils available in Minor forest areas for industrial application
Development of Electro Slag Gladding for Dissimilar Metals/ Bimetallic Alloys and microstructural characteri
Characterisation of polymetallic sea nodules
Development of ultra low carbon bainitic steels for off-shore & on-shore structures
Development of corrosion resistant coating of steel bars for use as reinforcement in concrete
Studies on Ni-B & Ni-B-Si3Ni4 compositie coating obtained by electro & electroless deposion Processes.
Studies on thermal characteristics of LCA Brake Sample
Studies in development of floatation reagents for processing of complex
Study on controlled adsorption of the surfactants and polymers on oxidic mineral systems for enhanced beneficration of iron ores in their sub-sicve range.
Selective bioleaching of Nickel using Thiobacillus Ferrooxidans-Preliminary Validation studies.
Improved Granular Processing towards energy efficiency and resource conservation in cement manufacture
Development of cast Al-Fe-V-Si alloys as a wear resistant and elevated temperature materials.
Relationship between microstructure and ultrasonic attenuation in Ti alloy and Ni alloys
Magnetic Evaluation of Fatigue Damage and Deformation (INDO-US Collaboration Project)
Modelling of crack tip blunting using finite element method
Recovery of Important Strategic Metals from Spent Catalyst
Biomimetric Synthesis of Inorganic Materials under microgravity
Improvement of Cobalt extraction from roast reduced Polymetallic sea noudles in ammoniacal solution
Separation and recovery of Cu, Ni, Co from leach liquor of sea nodules by bulk sulphide prep.-SX-EW route
Recovery of Mn from leach sean noudles residue and toxicological studies of the waste
Studies on adsoption behavior and catalytic activity of Mn noudles leach residue
Establishment of DST-NML halmarking centre
Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) Facility for Infrastructure Asset Management
Development and tailoring of properties of Al based amorphous alloys through evolution of nanophases
Synthesis of Nd-Fe-B magnet alloy powder by chemical route
Studies on the damage mechanics of composite structures
Defluridation of drinking weater using activated layered double hydroxides
Extraction of acid and iron values from the pickle liquor of steel liquor of steel and electrolysis industri
Synthesis, Charac. and Evaluation of Anion Supported Mixed Oxide Nanocomposite Mater. as Solid Acid Catalyst
Vanadium Pentaoxide (JOPC,Bokaro) & Zinc Oxide from Zinc Waste (ZMR PL,Bombay)
Distribution of consultancy & Royalty Honoraria
Royalty received by NRDC for 'Free Carbon Ferro Alloys' from M/s Rare Metals & Chem, Ranchi
Converting the waste sludge of Pickle liquor into a value added Product
Transfer of Vapour Phase Inhibitor Technology developed by NML
Software RELIEF
Software CLIP
Transfer of Know-How on production of EMD to M/s Golden Edifice Element Pvt. Ltd., Secunderabad
Grates for Cokeless Cupola
Ceramic Balls for Cokeless Cupola
Technology Transfer for hydrolic acid Pickling Inhibitor.
Electrolytic Iron Powder
Galvasalt - an improved production technology of Galvaflux
Benefication of iron ore & synthesis of high quality soft ferrites
Studies on industrial utilisation of CILI coke and coke finens produced at Dankun coal complex (DCC)
Melting casting & processing of special steels
Melting & forging of super alloys
Processing of copper concentrates of Hutti Gold Mines for reocvery of Gold & Silver
Designing on air pollution control system for installation in foundries
Beneficiation studies on phosphatic sove from Uganda Rockphosphate and process of 200 kg.of concentrate
Preparation of electrolytic iron powder from non stainless steel grinding dust
Improvements of grade and recovery of Sivaganga graphite concentrate
Flotation column for the beneficiation of gold ores feasibility study
Bench sca;e stidu pm Durgawadi Bauxite for reduction of Fe2O3 & TiO2 content
Aluminium alloys for LPG Valve housing
Melting and Heat treatment of super alloys for VSSC Trivandrum
Flotation studies on domiasiat uranium ore from UCIL,Jadugoda
Development of ceramic floor and wal tiles using iron ore slime
Synthesis of Mn-Zn & Ni-Zn ferrites using beneficiated iron ore fines of Kudremukh
Design development, fabrication, errection, installation and commisioning of pollution control unit
Lead Zinc Ore of Ganesh Himal Zinc Lead project of Nepal
Studies for processing for nolfraunite pre concentrate and graphite flotation concentrate
Development of Si3-NH4 bonded silicon carbide refractories for blast furnace.
Sintering Studies on Iron Ore from Goa
Development of pollution control units of cupolas at Kulti Works
Design engg of pollution control units of cupolas at Kulti Works
Development of Wear Resistant Ceramic Product using NALCO's Fly Ash
Beneficiation of low grade lime stone
Corrosion characteristics of steel bars produced by Tata Steel
Studies on updraft lead sintering for improving standard production at HZL's Vishakhapatnam Plant
Ceramic Tiles from Ferrochrome and other industrial Waste
Zinc Lead Ore from NMCL
Iron Powder
Beneficiation of Iron Ore Fines
Heats of Super alloys
Beneficiation of waste dump
Sintering of Iron Ores
Failure analysis of inter gas header
Studies of backup rolls of Essat Steel
Bench Scale Studies on Characterisation, Benificiation and Extruction of Vanadium and Titanium
Evaluation & recommendation of corrosion resistance mechanical properties and chemistry of CRS bars
Recovery of Values from Barite Sladge Sample
Beneficiation of Iron Ore samples from Orissa
Implant test studies on ultra high strength steels
Improvement of Corrosion resistance of Tempcore Rebars
Development of suitable solvent for the cleaning of Power Plant Components/ Pipelines having multimetal syst
Evaluation CRS rebars simulate the concentrate environment
Recovery of values from Barite Sludge samples (Phase-II)
Melt spinning of Nd-Fe-B alloys
Development of Value added product out of ETP Effluent/Solidwaste
Establishing the relationship between accelerated CRI values and actual performance of rainforced CRS Bars
Beneficiation of low grade barytes of Cuddapah origin
Beneficiation of Iron Ore Fines to Produce Ferric Oxide and Iron Ferrite
Studies on the improvement of compressive strength and abrasion resistance of tiles
Development of mixed metal powder for diamond polishing wheel
Optimisation of pre-heat temperature in rotary kiln for reducing power consumption at Fe-Cr Plant at Bamnipa
Pickling Inhibitor
Beneficiation of Barite sample from A.P.
Studies on upgradation of iron ore slime by multigravity separator
Metallurgical Tests on Iron Ore Fines & Lumps
Sampling and evaluation of raw materials
Developmental work of melting,forging of steels
Investigation failure of water wall tube of unit No.I
Optimising of corrosion resistance performance of galvanised coating
Semi Commercial column flotation trials on the recovery of Silliminite
Beneficiation of limestone
Extraction of Zinc from Zinc Ore
Characterisation and utilisation of copper smelter slag
Upgradation of quality of METASAVE and NML-GALVASAVE for CRM of TATA STEEL
Optimisation of the performance of corrosion Inhibitor
Development of special purpose specimen milling machine
Devevelopment of process for reclaimation of foundry system sand
Development and demonstration of production of ceramic tiles from industrial waste
Performance evaluation of epoxy coated vis-a-vis TMT CRS rebars embadded in concrete
Cathodic Protection of Dam Pump pipes of Tata Steel Works
Melt spinning of NdFeB alloy
Bench scale studies on lime stone sample (Gola,Demu,Bengtibagda,Bhalumath & bentonite & pilot plant studies
Development of Silicon Carbide Heating Elements Rod
Developing the criteria for the suitability of rebars for use in SSNNL
Studies on Iron ore beneficiation by semi-commercial column floatation
Recovery of zinc from zinc dross
Updatation of TEFR for Ganesh Himal Lead Zinc Project
Characterisation of weldments of modified 9Cr-1Mo heat resistant martensitic steels
Beneficiation of low grade chromite ore
Studies on toxocity of bettom-ash from FCI Power plant.
Mineralogical characterisation & deleterious materials estimation of course & fine aggregates
Beneficiation study of Quartz and Feldspar generated during mining of Mica
Studies on Corrosion resistance,mechanical and chemical properties of CRS bars to assess their suitability for SSNNL.
Studies of the magnetic properties of Fe-Si alloys developed at VSSC
Characterisation of galvanising samples
Creep Modelling Software
Development of a suitable materials to combat excessive abrasion wear in coal grinding mix component
Development of silt erosion resistant material for turbines of hydrogenerators
Pilot Plant Studies on beneficiation of Chromite Ore
RLA of service exposed PSH & SSH Tubes
Testing and Analytical Services of ANCC
Testing & Analytical Services of MNP DIVISION
Testing and Analytical Services of NML-MC
Testing and Analytical services of MEF
Calibration work
Library & Information Services
Scientific and Technical Services of ACC Division
Training Programme-Value added gift item from waste materials
Scientific and Technical Service Projects of ICTU
Investigation of Iron Ore Samples
Investigation on iron ore samples
Technical Opinion on classification of imported metallurgical consignment
Periodical varification od harddness test machine
Training for professionals on (Materials characterization , Beneficiation and Agglomeration )
CMTA 2018
Evaluation of Creep Rupture properties of thermal power plant components
LCF Testing of Specimens
Stress Rupture Test
Failure Analysis of Swing Pinion Shaft
Assessment of Boiler tubing based on stress rupture test
Identification of Materials used in Track Machine Components
Investigation on the fusion of rotary slide valve & sleeve
Residual Life Assessment of Process Gas and Steam Pre-Heater
RLA Work for two ebd rings of M.G.S.
RLA Studies for M/s UBL, Jamshedpur
Metallurgical Failure Investigation of Aeroengine
Metallurgical Examination of failed pins connecting 2nd stage disc to 3rd stage compressor of R-29 Aeroengin
Investigation on ductile fracture of steel
Accelerated Creep Rupture Test of GEB Wanabori 3 No. Tubes
Stress Rupture Testing of tube samples of RSTPS
Identification of material used in track machine componets
Preparing literature survey report on titania slag
Sale of Low Shaft Blast Furnace to M/s Polybond Insulation Pvt. Ltd.
Supply of Mecahnical Hammer
Consultancy services to M/s Kalyani Brakes Ltd.
Payment gainst Bill No. 316, Dt. 5.12.2000
Physical Propwrties of Iron Ore Samples
Metallurgical Health assessment of Super Heater Tubes
Creep Rupture Testing on High Temperature Casting
Creep Rupture Testing on High Temperature Casting
Beneficiation Studies on Silica Sand Samples
Metallurgical Assessment for reviewing life estimate of ecomiser tube
Line Pipe Steels
Creep rupture Study
Design development, fabrication, errection, installation and commisioning of pollution control unit
Failure Analysis os Furnace Wall Tube
Metallurgical Assessment od Super heater Tube
Conversion Charges of 500Gl of Chrome-T
Evaluation of Steel tube samples
Stress Rupture and Creep Studies
Pelletisation of Mica Concentrate
Surface imperfection in Wire Rod Product
Failure Analysis of Water Wall Tube
Testing of Rock Samples
Conductivity coating of Refractory Samples
Determination of Crystallographic phases
Failure Analusis of Boiler feed Pump
Corrosion behaviour of steel bars
Failure Analysis studies
In Situ Metallography Studies
Assessment of Metallurgical Health of Turbine Blades of CESC Ltd.
In Situ Metallographical studies
Making of two heats of Super Alloys
Vacum Melting of two heats
Acoustic emission testing of LPG Horton Sphere
Trace Analysis of Tramp Element of Pig Iron
Investigation to decrease the Sio2 and increase the CaF2
Failure Analysis of LP Turbine Blade
Characterisation of Al Foil
In Situ Metallographic Study
Fabrication Procurement and supply of Lab. Col. Flotation System
Failure Analysis of leaf spring
In-Situ Metallographic Studies
Failure Analysis of Counter Shaft of V-Belt drive of Conf. pump
MODI-7018 Electrodes
Electrodes for Naval Application
Evaluation of Corrosion resistance of galvanised coating
Evaluation of Metals/Alloys/Scraps etc.
Evaluation of Metals/Alloys/Scraps etc.
Evaluation of Metals/Alloys/Scraps etc.
Evaluation of Metals/Alloys/Scraps etc.
Evaluation of Metals/Alloys/Scraps etc.
Evaluation of Pyrosensors
Evaluation of Metals/Alloys/Scrap etc.
Evaluation of Metals/Alloys/Scrap etc.
Failure analysis of rear wall tubes of boiler of USHA ALLOYS
Corrosion characteristics of steel rebars
Testing and providing opinion on corrosion resistance of H.Y.D.S. Steel
Evaluation of Metal/Alloys/Scrap etc.
Quality Assessment for sand for foundry use and glass making
Evaluation and Providing opinion about the suitability of CRS rebars for use in reinforcement Concrete
Characterisation of magnetic materials
Corrosion Resistance, Mechanical Properties & Chemistry of CRS Bars
Failure Analysis of Reforming tube of Essar
HIC Testing of BSK-46 Samples
Evaluation and recommendation of CRS rebars
Testing of Corrosion Resistance Structural Steel in Marine Environment
Development and Standardisation of a single flux, meant for Brass, Copper & its alloys and Gun-Metal
Corrosion Characterisation of Steel rebars for use in NSE, Mumbai
Studies on reduction characteristics of iron ore samples
Evaluation of Pyrosensors
Evaluation of Pyrosensors
Evaluation of Pyrosensors
Evaluation of Pyrosensors
Evaluation of metal/alloys/scarp etc. imported/exported through Chennai customs
Evaluation of metal/alloys/scarp etc. imported/exported through Chennai customs
Evaluation of metal/alloys/scarp etc. imported/exported through Chennai customs
Evaluation of metal/alloys/scarp etc. imported/exported through Chennai customs
Evaluation of metal/alloys/scarp etc. imported/exported through Chennai customs
Studies on performance characteristics of Iron Ore for Blast Furnace
Evaluation of CRS Bars for use of SBC - Vallabhpur Branch Canal
Testing and evaluation of tiles
Stress Rupture Test
Measurement of flux density for the Fe-Ni Alloy Toroids
Study on Iron ore for Blast Furnace Iron making
Studies on characterisation of iron ore for sponge iron
Physiochemical characterisation of different kinds of steel
Testing and evaluation of concrete pavement tiles
Testing and evaluation of cement tiles
Thermal Property Evaluation of Carbon-Carbon Composites
Technical Opinion on classification of imported metallurgical consignments-I
Technical Opinion on classification of imported metallurgical consignment-II
Inversigation of Iron Ore Samples
Evaluation of plasma nitrated VIth stage stator guide vanes of TY-2-117A Aeroengine of MI-8 helecopter
Development and Characterisation of bulk amorphous and nano-crystalline ferro-magnetic materials
The role of deformation induced martinesite (DIM) on the corrosion behabiour of austenitic stainless steel
Creep Rupture Test for RLA study for Ennore Thermal Plant
Synthesis of Ni based high value materials from low grade stocks and secondary materials by solvent extracti
Indian Navy Project Advance
Studies on failed and unfailed Rotary Slide Vlaves of centrifugal governor of main fuel pump of R-25 Aero En
In situ biomimetric synthesis of protein based nanosized hydroxyaptite - protein - polymer composites
Development of toughened zirconia ceramics for tribological applications
Accelerated Creep Test for tubes of Ukai Unit No. 4 Boiler
High Temperature Tensile tests
RLA work for end rings of Titagarh generating station
Suface Engineering of Ball bearing Steel
Evaluation of retained austenite in a rotary slide valve
Beneficiation studies on low grade barytes
Hydrogen effects on Fe-based soft magnetic bulk amorphous alloys
Forging and rolling of Al-SiC composite plates
Investigation on Rail Samples
Creep Rupture and LCF Testing
High Strength Formable Steels for Automobile Applications
Creep Evaluation of Power Plant Components
CLIP Software
Financial Assistance under BOYSCAST fellowship (Grant No. 92524)
Biomimetic Synthesis of super paramagnetic particles for diagostic applications
Recovery of Zinc from Industrial Effluents using Ion-Exchange Process
Nano-Crystallisation studies on Cobalt containing bulk metallic glass
Development of self-assembled mesoporous aluminium phosphate through biomolecular templating
Residual Stress Measurement of Rails at JSPL, Raigarh
Evaluation of retained austenite in new rotary slide valves
Failure Analysis of Reformer Tube
Investigation of surface charges
Failure Analysis of pipes
Low temperature facture behaviour of line pipe steel
Consultancy on Zinc Dross supplied by M/s Usha Martin Ltd.
Capacity Building for Coaster Placer Mining
Studies on Multi Gravity Separator for treating fine coal
Mechanical Profile and Microstructural Assessment of first stage turbine blade before and after rejuvenation
Investigation of High Mast Light
Evaluation of Technological Scheme of beneficiation of iron-ore from Ukraine
Analytical Investigation
Assessing the performance of CRS bars for their use in SSNNL
Assessement of Boiler Tubing based on Stress Rupture Test
Failure Analysis of 6" SA 106 Gr B Carbon Steel Pipeline of Amonia Service
Failure Investigation of Air Craft support trestle
Performance evaluation of reinforcement bars for their use in SSNNL
Investigation Chome Ore Samples
Investigation of broken rod connected to Link No. 7 of wheel turing turning mechanism of MIG-21 FA.
Enhancement of process efficiency in Fe-Cr production
Technical Services
Evaluation of Fatigue and facture behaviour of narrow gap pipe weldments of similar and dissimilar Metals
Stress Rupture Test for boiler tubes
Deposite for spent nickel catalyst
Failure Analysis of by pass Vane of Aeroengine Sr. No. HDR-91014 Ex Ac No. TS-562 and its Comparison with Ru
Metallurgical Analysis of a fractured knot from Hartzell Propeller
Rail Qualifying Test
Preparation of BNP of elemental solutions
Properties evaluation of aluminium and stainless utensils
Iron Ore Beneficiation studies
Accelerated Creep Rupture test of tube/pipe samples
Investigation of magnetis properties of Fe-based Alloys developed by VSSC
Mechanical properties and microstructural assessment of 1st stage turbine blade
Investigation of TATA STEEL samples
X-Ray Diffraction Study of IF-HS GA Sheet
Spalling of Hi-Cr Rolls
Assessment of fatigue resistance of cold formed wheel grade steel
Protection of CR coils using low oil rust preventives
White rust prevention on galvanised coils using chromate free passivators
Beneficiation of silicious iron-ore samples
Quality Improvement of synthetic red iron oxide pigments
Development of Fuel Cell based on Hydrogen
Preparation of SRM
Extraction of Cu and Ni by Hydo-metallurgy route
Preparation of CRM of low & medium carbon steel
Metallurgical Examination of Plunger Pump
FA of Arming of Tail unit 100 MK-6 involved in Flying Accident of MIG-27 ML Aircraft No. TS-527
Failure Analysis of Boiler Water Piping (Size 2' dia X 80 SSH. ASTM-A-106 Gr.B material) in Refv-II area
Retained Austenite in life expired rotary slide valves
Expert Opinion on Stainless steel consignments
Pilot Scale column floatation studies on the beneficiation of garnet
Setting test of Hydro-cyclone products
Stress Rupture Test for boiler tubes
Accelerated Stress Rupture Test on Boiler Tubes
Training programme of Indian Air Force Personnel on Metallurgy
Failure Analysis of Quill Shaft and Internal Gear of Main Fuel Pumps of MIG-21
Identification of steel rebars/metallic components
Corrosion studies of collapsed Damanganga Bridge Structure at Daman
Know-How for production of nanosized hydroxyapatite Powder
Investigation on the failure of air compressor at BOC gases
Investigation of HT steel samples of PGCIL
Study on the effect of polymer additives on the pelletisation behaviour of sinter mix vis-?-vis the qualities of sinter and its productivity
Studies on the adequecy of materials specification and protective devices
Suggesting proper coating and steel for rebars for use in MESEB Hydroproject
Recovery of Chromium from Stainless steel dust
Development of Iron making process used by tribals of India
Investigation of the creep behaviour of sample
Accelerated Creep Rupture Test on Boiler Tube Samples
Development of Industrial Degreaser
Characterisation and petrographic studies of limestone
Design, secification o flotation column
Development of a low cost technology for in-situ treatment of groundwater for potable and irrigation purpose
Studies on cement tiles
Failure Analysis of drain lines of various KODs at GAIL plant, Lakwa
A comparative study of Russian indigensied and failed rivets STA/KT-1924-022 of brake unit of AN-32 aircraft
Beneficiation studies of Irn Ore Samples
Phosphate Smelting at UPL's Smelter
Evaluation of various grades of DStainless Steel
Investigation of IRS-T-12-96 Samples of JSPL
Nanocomposite thin films of Si-C-N system for wear resistance and functional application by magnetron sputtering on industrial substrate.
Characterisation of Billets
Accelerated Creep Testing of Cr-Mo Steel
Wear behaviour of dimond reinforced composites
Damage Assessment of wobbler plate of plunger pump
Residual Stress Measurement of GALA samples
Beneficiation of LD Slag
Studies on Coal Samples from West Bokaro
Accident Investigation of IAF Helicopter
Evaluation of Physical & Mechanical properties of Al-Si Alloys
Accelerated Creep Rupture Test of NTPC Vindhyachal Unit #5 & Unit #1
Metallographic Examination of Gas Turbine Blades
Feasibility assessment for melting of chromite pellets and sinters
Studies of Corrosion, Physical & Chemical Properties of CRS-bars
Preparation of state-of-art report on environmentally safe technologies for recycling of Al and Cu
Preparation pf report on water quality situation in Jharkhand
Trial Investigation of Sulpa Sponge of MSPL, Hospet
Accelerated Creep Testing of Cr-Mo steel Grade (STM T11&T22) in accordance with IBR 1950
Residual Stree Measurement for radial gates for Omkareshwar Project
FA of evaporator coil tubes from HZL
Beneficiation of Iron Ore Samples from Chiria
Acclelerated Stree Rupture Test on Boiler Tubes
Accelerated Creep Rupture of NTPC & IFFCO samples
Determination of reducibility and melting temperature of chomite ores with different reducing agents
Report on the damsge sample of 6X250 MW Naptha-Jhakri Hydoelectric Project
Opinion on Thermodynamics of reduction of Iron in Ilmenite Ore with natural gas
Study on ductile fracture of SA333 Gr.6 PHT piping material
Accident investigation of MI-17/Z-2969 helecopter
Investigation of Creep behaviour of Mailex-MoN Samples
Processing of high grade limestone for using in PVC/HDPE pipes manufacturing
Eco-friendly surface treatment of galvanized rebars embedded in concrete to prevent hydrogen evolution and c
Failure Analysis of damaged wing tip of AVRO AC H-1182
Investigation on mechanical and chemical properties of low heat imput metal arc welding electrodes
Failure Investigation of TRF sample
Study the effect of processing parameters on structure property relationship of new generation interstitial
Chemical Characterisation of coal and water samples of coal washery effluent
MI-25 Helicopter Life Extension
Studies on Corrosion of GL Tubes
Non Destructive microstructural assessment of one 1st stage bucket of GT
Facture Toughness and Fatigue Tests
Failure analysis of pressurisation & suction pipes of hydraulic assembly of MIG-21 T-96 Aircraft No. C-1500
Investigation of Rail Samples
Development of technology for recovering Heavy minerals from sea sand
RLA study of radiation and convection tubes
FA of tie rods and screw conveyor in a failed injection moulding machine
Creep facture properties evaluation of steel as per specification HY19573
Chemical analysis of water samples for NGRI, Hyderabad
Stress repture test & mechanical test of boiler tube samples
Assessment of mechanical properties of boiler tubes
Failure Analysis of disconnect valve ruptured during flying accident of MIG-21BIS A/C No. C-2218
Investigation of the thermal properties of Silica-Phinolic Composites
Opinion on the development of Aluminium and Titanium Alloys
Study of GMI in Soft ferromagnet for sensor applications (CSIR-EMR Project)
Analysis of fireside corrosion of air preheater tubes in CFBC boiler fired with kignite at SLPP
Peridical variation of hardness testing meachines
Investigation of hot rolling of micro alloyed steel sample
Accelerated Creep Rupture test on SH/RH tube of Boiler
Investigation of HT steel samples
Gound water wuality assessment
Evaluation of Bentonite for Iron Ore Pelletisation
Failure Analysis of Main drive shaft and C.B.Gear of Aeroengines
Reccommendation on abatement of air pollution from streel industries at MIDC industrial area at Jalna,Aurang
Study of Thermal Conductivity of graphite samples
Accelerated Stress Rupture Test on Boiler Tube
Development of magnesium based alloys for high temperature applications
Comprehensive survey of the water quality in Sahebgung and Pakur Dist
Failure Analysis of Mechanism and cause of damage in 2nd stage nozzle guide vanes of Aero Engine
Commercial scale flotation column for the beneficiation of limestone
RLA study of Turbine components of No. 3 TG set of Titagarh Generating Station
Evaluation of monotonic and cyclic properties of steel sheets
Dense Ceramic nano-composite by SHS processes
Studies on cement tiles
Stress Rupture & Mechanical Test for Boiler Tubes
Investigation on the Fution of Rotary Slide Valve & Sleeve and Failure of Carbon Shaft of Aero Engine
Nano-wire procuced by borohydride reduction process
Development of Light Steel
Fatigue behaviour of spot welds
Reduction of by product generation during galvabizing process
Financial Assistance to attend Int. Conference
Failure Analysis of Engine Block of 6.2 MW set of HNGIL, Bahadurgarh,Haryana
Process analysis of the reduction of ores in Fluidised bed reactor
Faiure investigation of APK-19 service antenna og MIG-29
Investigation of NTPC samples
Investigation of caved in Structure of MIG-21
Assessment of mechanical testing of boiler tubes
Studies on flride ion release from cements
Royalty from NRDC
Pilot Scale Smelting and pre-feasibility studies on Nickel-Chromuim-Cobalt bearing Magnetite Ores of Nagaland for an economically viable plant
Investigation of Residual Stress of Didc Springs
Financial Assistance under BOYSCAST Fellowship of Dr.R.K.Sahu
Mineralogical studies of iron ore sample
Microstructural analysis of tin-lead soldered joint
Investigation of LP turbine blade of NTPC-Tanda
Studies, characterisation and improvement of cold galvanized reinforced bars
Flotation of low grade copper ore from Zambia
Customasation and tuning of the blast furnace process models and real time simulator with real data
Benficiation of iron ore from Joda(East) using Floatex Density Separator
Investigation of caving-in incident of MIG-21 C-2825
Field investigation of NML Floride removal technology at Deltonganj
Evaluation of magnetic properties of soft magnetic materials including generating BH curves
RLA for Gas Turbine Blades and Hot Gas Casting (inner casting) of DGPS
Assessment of stress rupture and mechanical test for Boilers tube
Technical opinion on classification of imported metallurgical consignments
Optimisation of specific power consumption in the production of ferro-chromium
Accelerated Creep Rupture Test of tube samples
Column flotation studies on iron ore fines
Faiure analysis and residual life estimation of primary tubes
Reduction of iron ore at low temperature using heat source available in a steel plant
Evaluation of the quality and purity of scrap
Participation in WAITRO-2006 Congress : The Business of innovation at Canada and preparation of a report on Jharkhand-Canadian Industrial Collaboration.
Ultrasonic Testing of Welded Girders of Railway Bridge
Investigations on the productions of high purity TiO2 from Ilmenite by selective reduction and segregation o
Assessment of Mechanical properties of boiler tubes
Treatment of textile effluents by electro-chemical techniques
Assessment of Stress Rupture Properties of weld metal
Autoclave Synthesis of sample from Nickel Catalyst
RLA of unit 6 of Ramgundam & IFFCO kalon
Stress Rupture and Mechanical Tests of Boiler samples
Imparting training to R&D personnel and physical characterisation and corrosion studies
Development of process flow-sheet for recovery of heavy minerals from Korean sea sand
Development of process simulator for optimization of ferroalloy production in SAF
Licensing of NML know-how for making/designing spargers for column flotation
Testing of tinplates for conformity to IS 1993 : 1993
Financial Assistance to attend Int.Conference
Beneficiation studies of Iron Ore
RLA Studies of Radiant Tubes (5Cr-05Mo) of Heater 31F1
Assessment of Stress Rupture and Mechanical test for Boiler Tube
Failure Investigation of 1st Stage compressor Disc of MIG-27 aircraft
SEM Analysis of the thickness of metal deposite
Studies on ceramic tiles
Feasibility studies of using copper slag as a source of iron and silicon through theoretical modelling and s
Assessment of creep rupture properties on boiler tubes
Studies on corrosion resistance properties of coated steel products
Failure Analysis of copper driving bond and di-coppering agent of 30GSM HEI Aircraft ammunition
Investigation on the residue of fuel system of MIG-21, bison aircraft
Aircraft accident investigation of mirage-2000
Studies on recovery of manganese as Fe-Si-Mn from low manganese containing materials
Failure cause analysis of roller press at Jaypee Bela Plant Ceement Mill no.1
Characterisation of mineral samples
Failure analysis of water wall tubes
Failure Analysis and RLA of superheater tube of 120MW ph-111 kORBA eAST
CSIR-Integrated Skill Training (Registration)
Techinacl Opinion on classification of imported metallurgical consignments.
Evaluation of various gardes of stainless steel
Evaluation of various grades of stainless steel.
Characterisation of resins.
Evaluation of Chemical Characterisation of concrete samples
Technical Opinion on classification of imported metallurgical consignments.
Calibration of Pyrosensors
Evaluation of various grades of stainless steel
Characterization of material for a cloth mill
Benficiation of flourspar
Beneficiation of iron ore samples
Development of mixed metal power fro diamond polishing wheel
Stress Rupture test for boiler tubes
Low cycle fatigue behaviour of low alloy steel weldments
Opinion on the development of gamma TiAl alloys
Technical opinion on classification of imported metallurgical consignments
Evaluation and classification of imported stainless steel/carbon steel consignments
Investigation on coated steel panels
Technical opinion on classification of imported metallurgical consignments
Chemical analysis of stainless steel and aluminium alloys
Technical opinion on classification of imported metallurgical consignments
Technical opinion on classification of imported metallurgical consignments
Periodical verification of hardness testing machines
Chemical analysis of stainless steel utensils
Testing and evaluation of tiles
Testing and evaluation of automotive components
Technical opinion on classification of imported metallurgical consignments
Technical opinion on classification of imported metallurgical consignments
Expert opinion on stainoess steel consignments
Evaluation of various grades of stainless steel
Calibration of Pyrosensors
Technical opinion on classification of imported metallurgical consignments
Evaluatio of chemical characterization of concrete samples
Characterisation of resins
Evaluation of various grades of stainless steel
Failure analysis of evaporator coil tubes
Characterisation of material for a cloth mill
Pilot scale column flotation studies on the beneficiation of lime stone
Evaluation of various grades of stainless steel
Beneficiation of fluorspar with new reagent scheme and development of flotationh flow shee
Analysis of failure of an underground water pipe at TIDEL Software Park, Chennai
Analysis of failure of threaded pipe and platform hanger and the threaded pipe at L&T Pondichery
Studies on cement tiles
Environmental audit on the metallurgical aspects of copper production at M/s Sterlite Indu
Geo-environmental studies in and around Ti Cycles Ltd, Ambattur
Evaluation of various grades of stainless steel
Technical opinion on classification of imported metallurgical consignments
Technical opinion on classification of imported metallurgical consignments
Technical opinion on classification of imported metallurgical consignments
Investigation of defects in drill pipe
BOYSCAST fellowship - Advances characterization Techniques
Characterisation of coarse and fine aggregates from IGCAR
Characterisation studies on granite samples
Evaluation of reagents for flotation
Installation of Iron Removal Unit
Recommendation for controlling Chromium in Ferrochromium Slag
Assessment of mechanical properties of boiler tubes
Metallurgical Investigation Aircraft Components
Failure analysis of Aircraft component
LCA behaviour of low alloy steel weldments
Fianacial Assistance to attend European Conf.on NDT
Investigation of failure of elbow
RLA Study of cooling water header at Power Plat, DSP
Investigation of residual stress of disc springs
Geo-environmental studies in and around TI Cycles Ltd
Characterisation of ferrite magnet
Grinding and size analysis of iron ore
Pilot plant beneficiation of iron-ore fines
Assessment of creep rupture strength of P11, P22 & P5 steels as per IBR 1950
Consultancy services to operate the flotation column for the beneficiation of Branded Hematite Quartzite ore
Mitigation of fireside corrosion of air preheater tubes in CFBC boiler fired with lignite at SLPP
Expert opinion on valuation and classification of imported stainless steel consignments
Characterization of concrete samples
Beneficiation of siliceous limestone from Janthipuram Mine
Pilot scale column flotation studies on the beneficiation of iron ore fines from Joda & Noamundi of TISCO
Failure investigation of primary super heater tubes and economiser
Expert opinion on evaluation and classification of imported steel consignments
Calibration of thermocouples
Failure Analysis of air preheater tubes
Assessment of stress rupture properties of weld metal
Failure investigation of superheater boiler tubes and turbine blades
Studies on cement tiles
Design and development of machining technique for Al-MMC and hard metallic materials
Failure Analysis of bolts of wheel hub assembly of AN-32 aircraft and comparative metallurgical analysis of Russian and indigeneous bolts
Assessment of creep rupture properties on alloy steel casting materials
Creep Rupture Test
Assessment of SRT & Mechanical properties on boiler tubes
To ascertain the reasons for corrosion of mechanical aggregates of MIG-29 aircraft
Assessment of creep rupture properties on boiler tubes
Flying accident to MIG-21/C-1129 of MoFTU 'A'/11 Wg/EAC
Root cause failure analysis of roller press
Assessment of SRT & Mechanical properties on boiler tubes
Investigation on the failure of super heater tube
Softening and Melting of Iron Ore
Filtration studies of copper concentrate & settling studies on tailings
Synthesis and investigation of piezo-composites for underwater transducer application
Assessment of creep rupture properties of boiler tubes for different thermal power plants.
Analysis of roller press at Shree Cement Ltd
Portabale Stress Strain Measuring System using Automated Ball Indentation Technique.
Characterisation of magnetite samples through special analytical tests
Beneficiation studies on beach sand samples from Srikulam iron-ore fines
Testing of newly developed single reagent scheme for coal flotation
Biphasic calcium phosphate nanobioceramic
Material equivalence of Russian materials for invar
Opinion on the cause of damage of lost stage of 37 MW steam turbine of Monnet Ispat & Energy Ltd
Financial assistance for international conference
Failure analysis of LP turbine free standing blade
Geo-environmental studies of in and around Periyar river basin
Analysis of heavy metal present in blood sample
Analysis of heavy metal present in blood sample
Classification of drawer/drawer channels
Investigation on granite specimens
Mechanical testing of crowbars
Calibration of thermocouples
Creep damage and life assesment of Engg. components using FEM
Development of CCL relation for four point bent
Effect of post weld heat treatment of hydrogen degradation of spirally wrelded pipeline steels
Plating of metals with AC
Preparation and characterisation of zirconia strengthened alumina ceramic
Refractory binders for the investment casting of super alloys
Synthesis of Al2O3-SiC in situ composite through SHS
Dephosphorisation of Fe-Mn-C-P alloys
A U technique to assess the bonding of alumina
Design of an Environment chamber
Preparation of high temperature ceramic materials using SHS
Preparation and characterisation of reactive metal powder by chemical route
Studies on structural stability of glassy, quasi crystalline and crystalline phaes in aluminium base alloys
Studies of serration in the flow stress during deformation of Al-Mg based alloys
Identification and quantification of inclusion / phases in ferous and non ferrous alloys
Synthesis of nanocrystalline AIN powder
Recovery of aluminium dross by plasma process
Extraction of gallium onto TBP - Kerosene system from HCL solution
Metal recovery and chracterisation of Red Mud from NALCO
Chemical enrichment of Sukhinda chromite overburden containing low nickel for making value added product
A study on herbal metal adsorbing reagent
Zinc recovery from zinc dross its utility
Colouring of stainless with alternating current
Modelling of particle dispersion system for composite making by liquid metallurgy technique
Study of nonlinear metallurgical systems from input output pattern using artificial neural network
A mathematical description of the thermodynamic behaviour of liquid alloys in selected binary systems (such
An improved computational fluid dynamic (CFD) analysis of the metal flow field an inclusion behaviour in a s
Development of pharmaceutical and dyestuff grade cast iron powder
Utilisation of colliery overburden in mould / core making for ferrous and non ferrous metal and alloy
Synthesis of nitride ceramic powder using alkaline earth nitrides
Sintering behaviour of SHS produced titanium carbide and zirconium diboride powder
Synthesis of nanosized Fe-Co and Fe-Cr-Co powders by chemical reduction
Study of dephosphorisation of high carbonliquid ferromanganese through flux injection
Development of dense synthetic spinal MgO-Al2O3 grains
Design Development and fabrication of hundred KVA plasma arc furnace
Quality Estimation of ceramic materials using acoustoultrasonic technique
Development of Cu-Mn based high damping capacity alloy
Effect of ternary additions and microstructures on the corrosion behaviour of gamma titaniumaluminoid alloy
Effect of Mn on engineering properteis of ADI
Magnetic Characterisation of cold rolled 304 stainless steel
Estimation of retained austenite in steel component
Characterisation of heat effected zone in a structural steel through simulation
To measure the changes in X-ray elastic constant as a function of cold deformation of steels (austentic and
Simulation of crack tip granting
Development of a method to study the concentration of the combined state atoms of the lighter elements with
Production of high purity zironium from zircon sand using plasma technology
Fabrication of Al2O3 SiC near net shaped composite component by RHSHS
Estimation of Miedema's model parameters from abinitio calculations
Hydrogen enhanced crack growth and hydrogen stress synergism in the embrittlement of high strength steels
Thermodynamkcs of nonequilibrium processing
Complexometry determination of Ti,V and Al in a mixture
Corrosion behaviour of carbon steels and aluminium alloys in sulphuric and sulphurous media
Development of a process to synthesis polyaluminium chloride
Computational of J-integral finite element method
Thermal modelling of direct chill (DC) continuous casting process
Numerical simulation of macro segregation phenomena in binary alloy casting
Development of a computerised materials data base system
Development of a software for adopting generation for engineering problem
Production of extra low carbon clean-alloyed steel through induction ESR route
Study on the bahaviour of alumina gel
Design and fabrication of magnesium plunger for deoxidation and desulphurisation of low carbonmicro alloy st
Effect of thermomechanical treatment on X-ray elastic constant in steels
Electroslag cladding of dissimilar steels and study of bond interface
Behaviour of low carbon free cutting steel during deformation to large strains
Study on propogation of part through crack in pressure vessel steel
Microstructure characterisation of heat treated steels by ultrasonic testing
Damping characteristics of Cu-Mn based high damping capacity alloy
Thermomechanical modelling in crack propagation of thermal barrior coatings in power plant applications
Studies on low cycle fatigue/creep fatigue behaviour of modified 9Cr-Mo alloy
Oxidation and creep rupture properties of modified 9Cr-1Mo(p91) ferritic steel
Development of a technique to measure viscocity of solid liquid slurries
Development of Al-SiC composite powder through atomisation technique
Recovery of silver powder from used scrap silver based alloys
Development of low silver alloy for joining ceramic to metal ceramic
Production of quality iron from sponge iron fines/ low quality scrap by using thermite process
Production of hydrogen reduced powder and its syntering characteristics for P/M applications
Studies on high temperature property of foundry sand with addition of colliery overburden
Development of high strength corrosion resistant SO/CG iron for nuclear waste disposal
Treatment of industrial effluents for heavy metals removal using solid industrial wastes
Bench scale data generation for effluent treatment and biproduct recovery from vanadium penta-oxide plant
Effective utilisation of vanadium pentoxide plant affluent
Role of mechanical activation in the processing of bauxite by the Bauyer's process
Processing of precious metal containing ore of West Bengal for recovery of gold
Electrowinning of gallium from caustic solutions
Development of a process for the production of high purity cobalt powder
Development of alternative moulding material for rural artisans
Development of activated alumina nodules
Biomimetic route to synthetic composite
Improved furnace for pollution free melting cast iron
Corrosion resistant electrodeposited coating from zinc dross
Deposition of aluminium coating by electrolytic route
Iron carbide synthesis by gaseous reduction of iron ore fines
Studies on rare earth metals addition to low carbon microalloy steel for deoxidation desulphurisation, inclu
Flotation studies on cocking coal from West Bokaro
Treatment of effluents from paint shop and mill shop of TELCO/TISCO using adsorbents
Precipitation process in Al-Zn-Cu alloy
Effects of elastic plastic deformation on composites of TBCs
Synthesis of high purity nano crystalline ZnS powder by gas condensation technique
Production and characterisation of nickel free stainless steel powder
Development of aluminium based metal matrix composite through spray forming
Development of clad metal laminates using gold bonding techniqaues and numerical simulation of the related p
Experimental simulation of particle dispersion in metallic system
Continuous leaching of sea nodules with counter current decantation unit
Processing copper dust sample from Indian copper complex plants
Extraction of Cu, Ni and Co from sulphide concentrate of UCIL
Bio recovery of Cu, Ni and Co from sea nodules
Processing of low grade gold ore for recovery of precious metals
Ni recovery from spent Ni catalyst
Development of a process for the production of Zn powder from industrial wastes
Studies on the reduction of chromite ore
Production of ferronickel and iron from a blend of lean Indian latarite and rich Indonesian latarite
Utilisation of coir pith and its derivative activated carbon as adsorbents for the removal of toxic heavy me
Development of high wear resistant boronizing coating for steel
Hard coating of Titanium / Zrdiboride and carbon nitride by sputtering
Studies on mechanical properties of quasi crystalline materials coating on Al-based alloy
Beneficiation of iron ore waste fines from Hospet Karnataka
Chemical upgrading of nickel bearing chromite ore overburden
Geochemical characterisation of latarites with special reference to laterisation process and resource potent
Synthesis characterisation use of Zr / Ti containing lamellar double hydroxides as ion exchangers
Separation of nickel and cobalt in acidic leach liquor
Speciation of arsenic in drinking water
Extraction of alumina from fly ash
Study on the influence of allying additions on the corrosion behaviour of Al-Mg-Si alloys in adjacent enviro
Utilisation of north eastern coal in blast furnace iron making
Preparation and characterisation of ceramic membranes for ultrafiltration application
Recovery of ferrochrome value from ferrochrome slag
Synthesis of strontium ferrite magnets
Fracture and fatigue behaviour of 17-4 OH stainless steel
Development of software for J-R curve generation
Study of stretch zone for characterizing ductile fracture tuffness
Effect of Si and Ca on structure and properties of rapidly solidified Mg-Al-Zn alloys
Modelling of Iso Thermal Sintering Characteristics
Recovery of nickel and chromium from mill scale
Recovery of zinc from zinc concentrate by direct leaching
In-house upgradation of temperature controller to PID digital controller
Preparation of precipitated calcium carbonate and caustic soda by causticizing of lime stone
Processing of ZnS and PbS concentrates from Sikkim Mining Corporation
Development of and characterisation of bulk aluminium base amorphous alloys
Study of structure property relation of micro alloyed steel
Study on bio polymeric adsorbents for the removal of organic and inorganic pollutants from water
Removal of arsenic from ground water using hydrous metal oxide impregnated with cellulose fibre
Development of K+ selective electrode using PVC membrane as matrix and potassium cobaltiacarbonate as ionop
Quantitative stimation of damage using image analysis technique
Effect of deformation on intergranular stress corrosion cracking (IGSCC) of stainless steels
Evelopment of rust preventive oil
Study the effect of texture formation on formability of intertestial free steel sheets
Development of high purity grafite from orissa
Texture determination in 316 stainless steel
The role of flow properties during indentation of materials
Texture property corelation studies of meta stable stainless steel under different deformation modes
Development of Rejuvenation Technology for aero engine Gas turbine blades
Low cycle fatigue and creep fatigue inter action studies for 9 Cr 0.5 Mo1.8 WVNb steel
Effect of network forming oxides on crystallisation behaviour of PbO-TiO2-B2O3-SiO2 glass system
Development of diamond reinforced composite (DRC) coating
Extraction of zinc from zinc concentrate and regeneration of oxidant persulphate salt during electrowinning
Extraction and separation of Cu, Ni and Co from leach liquor of UCIL sulphide concentrate by solvent extrac
Removal of Cr, Cd and Ni from aqueous solutions by absorption
Marketing of R&D Technology
Magnetic characterisation and evaluation of GMI properties of Co and Fe based amorphous materials for sensor
Reduction leaching of manganese ore using agro industrial waste
Development of resin bonded Al2O3-MgO-C refractories for steel ladles
Catalytic and sorption properties of Al/Ti oxides and phosphates derived from titanium rich bauxite
Removal of Cr(VI) from waste water using synthetically prepared anionic clays
Development of an economical coating useful upto 500 degree centigrade
Electro deposition of corrosion resistance zinc iron alloy
Studies on efficacy of multigravity separator for beneficiation of coal fines
Finite element modelling of rolling process and optimisation of process parameters
To explore the performance of DRI fines on the nitrogen removal in arc furnace steel
Modelling creep deformaiton of single crystal superalloys : importane of crystallographic anisotropy
Analysis of major and minor elements in coal and siliceous materials by atomic absorption spectrophotometer
Bioleaching of valuable metals from mechano-chemically activated ocean nodules
Development of process for production of zinc dust
Localised corrosion of aluminium metal matrix composites
Characterisation of flow behaviour of microstructurally engineered precipitation strengthened structural ste
Assessment of NML technologies
Mechanochemistry and upgradation of bauxite
Investigation on possible effect of crack tip constraint on stretch zone during plastic deformation
Employment of NML's iron removal process in tube well waters of Dorakasi village of Potka Block of East Sing
Development of acoustic signal based non destructive test technique for damage assessment of in service comp
Effect of mechano chemical activation and mineralogy of chromite on the formation and dissolution of hexaval
Mechano-chemical activation of zircon sands - a low temperature route to the liberation of ZrO2 from Zirconi
Enhanced liberation and acid leaching kinetics of ilmenite through mechano chemical processing
A crical evaluation of the various kinetics methods & their application to pyrolysis & combustion of two bio
Synthesis of Mn-Zn ferrite powder from ferrous pickle liquor and manganese ore
Study on enhanced a phase stability in thermally sprayed alumina and alumina-titania coating and correlation
Development of Quasi-crystal reinforced alumina based metal matrix composites
Development of nanocrystalline soft magnetic materials for high temperature applications
Study of Customer profile to indicate newer demand trend in S&T services
Development of potent Corrosion inhibitors of metals in acidic medium using heterocyclic compounds
Synthesis and characterisation of copper based bulk amorphous nanophase alloys as melt spun ribbons
Hydrothermal synthesis of metal powder and oxide with and without microwaves
Study on biopolymeric adsorbents for the removal of organic and inorganic pollutants from water
Removal of arsenic from ground water using hydrous metal oxide impregnated cellulose fibre
Development of K++ selective eletrode using PVC membrane as matrix and potassium cobalticarbonate as ionopho
Quantitative estimation of damage using image analysis technique
Development of rust preventive oil
Study of the effect of texture formation on formability of interstitial free steels sheets
Characterisation of Ti and V bearing manganates of REairangpur-Bisoi Area, Orissa
Development of high purity graphite
Evalustion and analysis of deformation and recrystallisation texture in 316-stainless steel
The role of flow properties during indentation of materials
Texture property correction studies of metastable stainless steel under different deformation modes
Sintering and mechanical behaviour of ZrB2-TiC and ZrB2-C composites prepared by SHS process
Development of rejuvenation technology for aeroengine gas turbine blades
Low cycle fatige and creep fatigue interaction studies on 9Cr0.5Mo1.8WVNb Steel
Effect of network forming oxides on crystallisation behaviour of PbO-TiO2-B2O3-SiO2 glass system
Leaching of sulfide concentrate of Cu and Zn and regeneration of oxidant-persulphate salt in electrowinning
Extraction and separation of Cu, Ni and Co from leach liquors of UCIL sulfide concentrate by solvant extract
Removal of Cr, Cd and Ni from aqueous solution by adsorption
Reduction leaching of manganese ore using agro-industrial wastes
Development of rasin bonded Al2O3-MgO-C refractories for steel ladles
Geometrical characterisation of grain boundries using Atomic Force Microscopy
Development of cast austempered Fe-Mn-Si-Me Steel
Phase transformation in Secondary reaction zone in gas turbine blade made of nickel base superalloy
Development of high temperature conductors for power transmidssion lines
Microwave assisted combustion synthesis of magnetic alloys: nanaoparticles and nanowires
Effect of cryo-deformation on aging characteristics of age-hardenable Al alloys containing with and without
Fractal characterization of ductile fracture surfaces
Processing of waste printed circut board
Crack initiation and short fatigue crack growth behaviour in structural steel
Study of structural evaluation and mechanical properties of IF steel and Al sheets processed by ARB process
To study the effect of process parameters on interfacial Al content in galvanized coating
To study the flow pattern of a thin slab caster in simulated water model using PIV technique
Investigation on the reduction of chromite Ore at low temperature
Development of rheocasting facility and production of Mg-based composite
Study of hydrogen permeation behaviour of high strength Al alloys
Investigation on the kinetics of carbochlorination of ilmenite ores
Optimization of sensitization and intergranular corrosion resistance (IFC) of stainless steel by grain bound
Production of Cu powder from industrial Cu-Wastes
Effect if temperature and composition of blast furnace slag on its flow characteristics
Deformation mechanism in a single phase austenitic and ferrito-austenitic stainless steel
Investigation on the reduction of chromite fines in a fluidised bed using natural gas
Sol-gel coatings on 316L for surface properties enhancement
Chemical synthesis and characterization and magnetic properties of nano Co, NiCo particles
Crystallographic texture determination in deformed materials by ultrasonic technique
Nanoindentation studies of TiB2 films
Preparation and evaluation of structural, microstructural and electrical properties of Polymer-Ceramic compo
Evaluation of prototype horton sphere using acoustic emission technique
Filtration studies for separation of solid particles from the slurry generated in the hydrometallurgical pro
Studies on large strain rolling (LSR) of AZ31 Magnesium Alloy
Role of mineralogy and origin of mechanically activated (Indian) Bauxite in Bayer Process
Development of process for production of chemical manganese dioxide
Analysis of particle dynamics in Floatex Density Separator (FDS)
" ' misfit and its influence on the microstructure of UDIMET 520 during rejuvenation: an X-ray diffraction
Extraction of chromium from stainless steel dust
Recycling of spent hydroprocessing catalyst to recover molybdenum and vanadium
Development of Zirconia toughened mullite refractories
A Stochastic Model for Assessment of Creep Damage
Studies on reactivity of classified fly ash
Studies on the geopolymerisation of fly ash with and without granulated blast furnace slag
Development of ?In-house Reference Material? for verification of Charpy Impact test for Steel
Evaluation of depression property of polymers /polysaccharides in coal- pyrite system
Enhancement of surface properties of metal substrate by electroless nickel coatings
Preparation of hollow SiO2 and TiO2 nano particles in reverse microemulsion system
Development of ilmenite based electrodes
Application of stress relaxation testing method for evaluation of creep properties and remaining life assess
Development of Intellectual property assets (IPAs) valuation model
Effect of strain on melting point of the metals produced by mechanical alloying
Design of microcontroller based instrumentation scheme for on-line measurement and monitoring of ambient tem
Studies on the electrochemical behaviour of Ti-Mo alloys in fluoride medium to assess their suitability for
Development of processes for extraction of Ti/Ti-alloy by fused salt
Development of ferromagnetic shape memory alloys by rapid solidification route
Evolution of deformation induced martensite during fatigue deformation by AISI grade 304LN stainless steel
Studies on Dispersion and Selective Flocculation of Fine Raw Coal Particles for Removal of Ash
Friction stir welding of aluminium and its alloys
Strain hardening behaviour of Al-Sc alloys
Self propagating high-temperature sintering of LD sludge for recycling
Development of analytical methods for rapid analysis of silicate minerals
Role of mechanical activation in chemical beneficiation of red mud
Extraction of Light Weight Metals
Dynamic fracture toughness assessment of materials undergoing impact loading condition
Development of Dry Beneficiation Technology for fines
Development of geopolymers for building materials
Ionic Conductivity Measurement on novel electrolyte and electrode material for solid oxide fuel cells
Development of Ferromagnetic Shape Memory Alloys and Ferromagnetic Metallic Glass Sensor materials
Studies on sintering and structural behaviour of components of metal, ceramics and composites through cold i
Study on (Non) Masing Behaviour in Structural Steels
Study on Deformation behavior of TWIP Steel by Acoustic Emission
Surface Modification of Steels through Boronizing and study the Tribological Properties
Recovery of valuable metals from sea nodules by reduction smelting route
Studies on the fretting corrosion behaviour of titanium alloys and development of fretting corrosion maps
In-situ Activation-Leaching and Ex-Situ Activation Pressure Leaching of Zircon in Acid and Alkaline Solution
LM - S.K.Maity
Microstructural characterization, evaluation of mechanical properties and determination of electrical conduc
Solvent extraction of Ag & Gold using reverse micelles on N-acfylamino acid surfactants,
Crack Sizing and defect analysis using time of flight Diffraction (TOFD) technique
Development and evaluation of wear resistant material
Bake hardening in ultra low carbon steels
Development of Aluminium based sacrificial anode,
Evaluation of rails w.r.t. inclusion, residual stress, fatigue and fracture behaviour
Assessment of stress rupture properties of weld metal
Development of alternate spargers
Testing and certification of double cold reduced tinplates
Assessment of accelerated creep rupture test
Studies on characterisation of mine samples
Creep evaluation of primary and secondary outlet coils of TSL Boiler unit 3
Dev. of a filtering medium for arsenic removal using sea nodule leached residue
Improvement of reduction roast ammonia leach process of NML for recovering valuable metals from polymetallic sea nodules.
Chemical and corrosion testing of ORION 331R alkaline cleaner
FA of 8.25MW turbine rotor shaft
Classification of drawer hinges, slides and channels/hinges
Expert opinion on evaluation and classification of imported steel consignments
Calibration of thermocouples
FA of piston rod and barrel of bucket cylinder of R994 Libherr shovel of Rajmahal project
Assessment of residual stress on RH wing swivel unit of MIG - 27 A/C TS-661
FA of nose jack mounting bracket of AVRO aircraft H-1517
Failure investigation of LP Rotor Turbine blade of 60MW Ennore Thermal Power Station, Tamilnadu
Analysis of heavy metal present in blood sample
Development of cost effective mine water reclamation technology for providing safe drinking water
Development of speciality inorganic materials for diverse application
Technology for assessment and refurbishment of engineering materials and components
Development of advanced light weight metallic materials for engineering applications
Development of advanced eco-friendly energy efficient processes for utilisation of iron ore resources of Ind
Engineering of structure against natural and other disasters
Zero emission research initiative
Advancement in Metrology
Development and forming of performance driven special steels
Use of natural occurring minerals for providing safe drinking water at domestic level in state of Jharkhand
Catering to specialised aerospace materials- Fabrication of oxidation and wear resistant titanium diboride c
Coal Characterisation & Resource quality assessment
Developing New Building Construction Materials
Mathematical modelling and computer simulation
Custom Tailored Special Material
Characterisation and bench scale studies for beneficiation of beach placer of Kerala-Karnataka coast
Upgradation of SI base units, National standards of measurement and Apex calibration facilities and creation of high quality network of testing and calibration laboratories and preparation & disemination of certified reference materials,
Treatment/bioremediation of electroplating and leather tanning effluents containing chromium
Quality enhancement of coal for its efficient utilisation.
Design, Analysis and Health Assessment of Special Structures including Bridges
Bioprocessing of lean grade ores/concentrates/wastes and bioremediation of effluents and acid mine drainage
Developing capabilities in advanced manufacturing technology
Technology for Engineering Critical Assessment (TECA)
Environment friendly leather processing technology
Amenability of electrochemical techniques for the treatment of wastewaters generated from aluminium industry
Effect of cyclic strain anneal on microstructutre and mechanical properties in metastable austenitic stainless steel
Development of filler material alloys by melt spinning technique
Development of iron aluminide and iron-aluminide silicate intermetallic coatings by diffusion process to imp
Development of a kinematic hardening law for simulation of low cycle fatigue and ratcheting behavior of SA 3
Design and development of single phase line voltage and earth-neutral voltage monitoring system
Solvent extraction and separation of cobalt and zinc from ammoniacal solution
Expert opinion on evaluation and classification of imported steel consignments
Temperature control of creep furnace using Mamdani-type Fuzzy PID controller
Bioleaching of metals from sea nodules in stirred tank reactors/columns
Development of dry beneficiation techniques for treating high ash coal and low grade ores
Mechanical activation of Boehmite and its effect on alkali leaching
Effect of process parameters on mechanical properties of low carbon high formable steel sheets
Development of software framework for on-line implementation of staff (recruitment process (Phase G??I)
Solvothermal synthesis of high value metal/oxide/ferrite powders from secondary resources
Design and Development of Loading Fixture for Mixed Mode I/II Fracture Studies
Expert opinion on evaluation and classification of imported steel consignments
Classification of drawer/drawer channels
Characterisation of crowbars and spades
Studies on cement tiles
Studies on metal powder
Feasibility studies on boronzing of tool steels using powder pack technique
Studies on vitrified tiles/ceramic tiles
Characterisation studies on slate samples
Expert opinion on evaluation and classification of imported steel consignments
Pilot scale smelting of ferrosilicon from copper smelter and converter slag
Classification and expert opinion on export and import of metallic materials
Expert opinion on evaluation and classification of imported steel consignments
Amenability of bauxite samples
Beneficiation of iron ores of Bolani & Gua
Amenability of bauxite samples
Improving the quality of metasave and galvasave
Production of nanosized hydroxyapatite power
Development and implementation of unified model for organizational information processing
Diffusion bonding of high strength steel
Microbial leaching of uranium from Narwapahar ore
Development of rapidly solidified Fe-6.5% Si steels for electrical applications
Assessment of stress rupture properties of ASTM A 560 material
Physico chemical studies on the oxide mineral systems in the presence of surfactants and polymers for beneficiation of iron ores.
"Failure Analysis of condenser tube from gas based power plant of Thirumakkotai Gas Turbine Power Station"
Stochastic and non-destructive assessment of corrosion pit growth in airframe alloys.
Test of Cr Ni Alloy Tubes (Naphtha Cracker Tubes)
Evaluation of Reagents for floation.
Classification of machine tools
Development of a process and design of a closed cell for production of sodium metal by fused salt electrolysis of sodium chloride.
Failure analysis of flap actuating cylinder jack
Development of nanoquasicrystalline Al-Fe-Ti-Cr/V alloys for airframe and automotive application.
Studies on creep and deformation behaviour of steel using magnetic NDE technique.
Development of Brazing foils by rapid solidification technique.
Production of Wear Resistant Ceramics from Fly Ash
Bench Scale Benefication studies on Iron Ore fine sample.
Nonmaterial and Nanodevices for application in health and diseases.
Nanostructired Advanced Materials
Evaluation of CRMs for validation of ferrous base metallurgical product.
Expertise on certified reference Material for Metallurgical Products.
Advice on selection of metallurgical CRM for various Instrumental analysis.
Expertise on Certified Reference Materials for steel products and raw materials.
Assessment of short term creep and stress rupture properties of boiler tube(T91) / Pipe (p91) samples.
Development of nonmetal doped visible light sensitive magnetic photocatalyst for water decontamination.
Development of scientific basis of technologies for recovery of non-ferrous and rare metals from technogenous by using binary reagents.
Hot Rolling and Cold Rolling of High carbon Low alloy steels.
Investigation of transmission line hardware, earth wire, ACSR conductor at low temperature.
Studies on Zeta-Potential of Iron ore samples.
Recovery of lead from Zinc plant residue.
Failure investigation of boiler tubes of SGTPP Unit #1.
Failure Analysis of Super Heater Coil and Water wall Tubes of Boiler of NLCL TPS.
Failure Analysis of the Die Holder of a MPM 16000B Hammer 6T.
RLA of reformer tubes and pigtail tubes.
Microlevel water quality and ground water monitoring in and around SIPCOT industrial area.
Failure Analysis of Turbine Blade - Gas Turbine of Lanco Kondapalli Power Pvt.Ltd.
Development of Hydrogen standards for zirconium alloys.
Filtration studies on flotation products of limestone samples.
Failure Analysis of Heavy weight Drill Pipe
Development of Ilmenite based materials for varisotor's applications.
Recovery of Pb and Sn from the liberated resin of PCB's swelled by organic.
Electrochemical conversion of Dichromate to chromium hydroxide laboratory scale studies.
Characterization studies on granite samples.
Calibration of thermocouples.
Selective reduction of Cu, Ni & co from Aqueous Solutions Through Hydrothermal Route for Production of Metal Powders.
Assessment of SRT & Mechanical properties on Boiler Tubes.
Assessment of Stress Rupture test on Boiler Tubes at various Location.
Assessment of stress rupture & mechanical properties on Boiler Tubes.
Failure Analysis of Penstock Linear Sickle Plate of SLBHES.
Metallurgical Failure Analysis of Damaged Components of R-29 Aeroengine 262581100133
Studies on skid resistance and colour fading of cement tiles.
Expert Opinion on evaluation and classification of imported steel consignments.
Characterization studies on granite samples.
Verification of hardness testing machines
Biomimetic hydroxyapatite coating on zirconium based biocompatible alloys.
Fractal Based correlation of material microstructures and their fracture characteristics.
Need Analysis for the establishment of a metallurgical labortaory for failure analysis and corrosion Assessment at CARIRI
Assessment of stress rupture & mechanical properties on Boiler Tubes.
FOD Characterisation of 2nd Stage Damaged Compressor Blades of JAGUAR JT-056.
FOD Characterisation of the Damaged Blade of MI-8 Z 2163
Development of a Mathematical model to predict the operating behaviour of an SL/RN direct reduction kiln.
Microstructure texture and Mechanical properties of Bulk Ultrafine Aluminium Produced by Accumulative Roll Bonding.
Stress, Texture and Phase transformation in Ultra-thin hexagonal metallic thin films: Examples: Titanium and magnesium.
Effect of mechanical activation on synthesis and properties of cordierite.
Evaluation of the fretting corrosion behaviour of surface modified Cp-Ti for biomedical applications.
Stability of Structure and magnetic properties of nanostructured alloys produced by rapid solidification technique.
Failure Investigation of Steel Forging Stock of MISPL.
Assessment of Stress rupture test on Boiler tubes at various location.
Failure Analysis of Double Toggle Jaw Crusher of HZI. Raipur, Dariba Mines Udaipur
Interaction of phases in Mechanically Treated Multi-component Sytems
Process analysis for the production of ferro-chromium at the Plants of TICOL, New Delhi
Materials Characterisation of steel Forging stock of MIPSL
Failure Analysis of Water Wall Tubes of Boiler of 63 X 2 MW in the power plant of M/s Ind-Bharat Powergencom Ltd.
Advising the customer for evaluating the internal laboratory results for chemical and it includes identification of secondary standards.
Assessment of stress rupture & mechanical properties on Boiler Tubes.
Effect of repetitive strain and anneal on Microstructure and mechanical properties of metastable austenitic stainless steel.
Characterisation studies on granite samples.
Thermodynamics of the Inverse melting Phenomenon in Binary Alloys: Experimental Studies and ab intio simulation
Expert opinion on evaluation and classification of imported steel consignments.
Stress rupture testing of G17CrMoV510 steel
Creep rupture test on G-17 Cr - Mo V %-10 Grade of steel samples.
Heterogeneous( Functionally Graded Material-FGM) Object Modelling –Gas Turbine Blade Application
Study on the aspects of cavitation erosion and slurry erosion behaviour of materials.
Studies on Creep behaviour and Statistical analysis of service exposed P-22 Grade of steel.
Generation of guided wave using nanocrystalline magnetostrictive sensing (MsS) element-a feasibility study
A predictive frame work for Forming Limit Diagram(FLD) of Steel sheets by mathematical modeling
Evaluation of Stress Rupture Properties on steel Bloom.
Technology Development for Geopolymer Pavement Tiles from Fly Ash.
Failure Investigation of the 2nd Stage Compressor Rotor Blade of MIG-21 Aircraft.
Evaluation of the chemical composition of steel samples for conforming to IS 204 : 1994 and EN8 specifications (reaffirmed)
Consultancy services to McNally Bharat Engineering Co. Ltd. in Supplying Laboratory Flotation Column by McNally to NEIST,Jorhat.
Failure analysis of Fractionator Furnace Tubes in Hydrocracker Units.
Failure Analysis of Flexible Shaft Drive of Aircraft Accessory Gear Box of SU-30MKI SB- 062
In situ systhesis of metallic and intermetallic nanoparticles with controlled dimensions and topography for biomedical applications.
Solvent extraction for value added products from wastes
Autoclave processing/ pressure metallurgy for metal extraction and materials synthesis Activity I: Selective hydrothermal production of metal powder /oxides from waste sources Activity II: Hydrothermal precipitation of nano size oxides of aluminium and titanium
Opening of Raw Materials, Mechanical Activation & Soft Mechanochemistry
Electrothermal processing for light metal extraction
Development of advanced flotation technologies
Peparation of secondary standards for raw materials testing
In-situ treatment behaviour of arsenic containing water
Opinion on Patentability of a patent on steel composition field by Taiwanese Group in India
Investigation of Thermal Properties of Brake Piston Insulator Samples
Thermography Study of Vaccum Radiation Coils(2016) in VDU, Numaligarh Refinery Ltd. (NRL), Numaligarh
Beneficiation of Iron Oress of Canada.
Characterisation of magnetic samples through special analytical tests.
Studies on low temperature sensitization and low temperature thermal embrittlement of narrow gap weld joints of austenitic stainless steel
Fatigue and fracture behaviour of dissimilar metal weld
Beneficiation of silica sand from M/s. Saint Gobain Glass India Limited
Accelerated stress rupture testing of IN519 reformer tube samples.
ACRT of HTSH,ITSH,HTRH and LTR boiler componenets of APGENCO(Vijaywada)
Investigation on Samples of R.P.Iron & Steel Pvt Ltd, Kolkata
Microstructural Characterization Ni-base Super Alloy.
Accelerated Creep Rupture Testing (1000 Hours Test Duration) of GASCO Service Exposed Samples.
Residual Stress Analysis of Turbine samples
Investigation of Iron ore Blast Furnace operation
Pelletisation of magnetite Ore
Smelting reduction study of new feed materials for ferro-chorome production
Stress Rupture & Mechanical test for boiler tubes
Corrosion analysis of shear pin for arrester barrier system
Mineralogical characterization of iron ore samples from Goa
Assessment of accelerated creep rupture test (1000 Hours Test Duration) of Tarkeer Service Exposed Sample.
Development of Special Steel in vaccum induction furnace
Studies on magnetite samples
Studies of different pellet properties
Investigation for root cause of pump wear & tear failure
Low Cycle fatigue(LCF) Behaviour of Ni-alloy GTM-SU-263 used as structural material in kaveri Marine Gas Turbine Engine: influence of saline environment.
Influence of saline environment on stress rupture life of Ni-alloy GTM-SU-263 used as a structural material in Kaveri Gas Turbine Engine.
Development of Ferromagnetic Shape Memory Alloys by Rapid Solidification Route using Melt Spining Techniques.
Remaining Life Assessment Study of Primay Reformer Catalyst
RLA of Gas turbine Turbine blades of Stage 1 & 2 of NTPC-Faridabad Gas Power Station
XRD Resudal Stress analysis of Landing Gear samples
Metallurgical Analysis of Foreign Object
Assessment of Stress Rupture Test and Mechanical Properties of Boiler Tubes
Failure analysis of cable under carriage door control mechanism for AN-32 Aircraft
Metallurgical Analysis of the broken tail rotor cable of MI-8 Z-1954
Investigation on Coking Coal Sample
Assessment of floride removal capabality of novel materials, FEOL, ALOL and ZACL from contaminated water sources
Suitability of protective coating on reinforcement Bars
Evaluation of coating
Investigation of Quality defects in export consignment.
Failure Analysis of components of engine # L25650- 48A of HPT -32 aircraft X-2519 IAF-86
Failure Investigation of bolt of camera pod of MIG-21 aircraft
Failure Investigation of broken sword antenna of MIG-29 Trainer aircraft- KS 903
FOD Characterization of the damaged compressor bolder of MIG- 29 KB- 3111
Assessment of residula stress on RH wing surviel unit of MIG-27 A/c TS - 661
Metallurgical analysis of the damaged wheel hubs of AVRO HS- 748 H-1517
Failure Inspection of ALH AC-J-4062 helicopter
Failure Analysis of 1st and 2nd stage compressor rotor blades of R-13 aeroengine
Failure analysis of 1st stage compressor blades of Sukhoi-30MK1 aircraft
failure Analysis of Carries Bomb light atone (CBLS Lug on MIG-21 Type 96 aircraft
Metallurgical analysis of copper during band of GSH 30 MM HEI (Inent) aircraft ammunition of Russian origin.
Investigation of caving-in incident of MIG-21 C-2825.
Investigation on failure of drop task suspension rod of MIg-21, T-96 aircraft.
Aircraft accident investigation of Mig-27 aeroengine HDR 90002
Aircraft accident investigation of Mirage-2000 A/C KT-207
Metallurgical examination report on failed LPTR blade
Aircraft accodent investigation of MIG-29 aircraft KB-736.
Investigation of coupling shaft level gears and copper plug of aeroengine
Metallurgical examination of damaged rotor of plunger pump.
Metallurgical failure investigation of damaged ports of R-29 (Type -55B) aeroengione
Investigation on Foreign object Material and Additional Air intake Guard of MIG-21 T-69 Aircraft.
Process for recovery of lead from Zinc plant residue: Demonstration and transfer
Characterization studies on Rubber Tiles
Consultancy services to McNally Bharat Engineering Co.Ltd. in supplying laboratory flotation column by McNally to M/s RBSSN Hospet
Investigation of concrete foundation to assess the cause of failure of the transmission tower of Power Grid Corporation Ltd.
Study on Giant Magneto-Impedance behaviour in Co and Fe based nano-structured materials.
Production of Low Phosphorus Steel Using DRI through Induction Furnace Route adopting innovative fluxes and/or design (refractory) change.
RLA of NHQU heater tube.
Reduction of iron contamination in quartz
Evaluation of corrosion performance of reinforcement steel
Investigation on J4063 eye end of collective connecting rod P/N EBS T08 ZLK
Role and contribution of coke in mini blast furnace for production of pig iron
Analytical Investigation and intercomponent effect of critical compounds in water resources: Quantification, transportation in biota and remediation.
Failure investigation of components of crash engine no. 262584200366 of Mig-27 ML TS-599
Dephosphorisation of ferromanganese using basic fluxes
Dephosporaiozation of steel making slags
Health assessment studies of reformer tubes of hydrogen unit-I at Gujarat Refinery.
Failure investigation of crashed engine components pertaining to Aero Engine No. T 79122091 of MIG 21, T-77, C-1163
Fatigue Ratchetting Behaviour of SA333 Gr. 6 Carbon Steel and 304LN stainless steel under multiaxial, non-proportional loading
Metallurgical Examination of LPTR Bearing Pertaining to Aero Engine No. 262584500033 A MIG -27
Evaluation of the characteristics of powder samples
Evaluation of welding electrodes
Microstructural Degeneration in LPTR & HPTR Blades of R-29 Aeroengines.
Chemical analysis of steel billet samples
Calibration of thermocouples
Failure analysis of economizer tube
Evaluation of Reagents for flotation
Metallurgical Investigation on High Temperature Corrosion of copper wire
Effect of hot rolling, cold rolling and annealing on mechanical properties, microstructures and textures of steel sheets
AL-Si-Zr Alloy Based Material for Biomedical Application
Training of Personnel on Microhardness, Microstructure and Chemical Analysis of Watewater samples
Studies on cement tiles
Estimation/determination of zeta potential of starch samples
Failure analysis of SS High Pressure heater tube used in the power plant of M/S. Asis Power Projects Pvt. Ltd.
Failure Analysis of Engine Blade SU-30MKI of Aircraft No. 145
Metallurgical analysis of damaged blade of r-25U aeroengine of MIG-21 Bison aircraft
Stress rupture tests on SA 209 grade/ T1/ T1a of steel bloom samples
Use of slag from Non-Ferrous Industries in Geopolymeric Material
Material identification of haudle rack and rack pinion of EKG shovel
Comparative Studies on the Material & Mechanical Properties of Tail Rotor Blades of Mi-8 and Mi-17 Helicopters. (Under Program "Tail Rotor Blade Life Extension Studies:Mi8/Mi-17 Helicopter").
Metallurgical Investigation on turbine propeller and torsion shafts used in aero engine
Assessment of Microstructural Degradation of 1st,2nd, and 3rd Stage Turbine Blades of AI-20D Aeroengine for TTL Extension
Failure mode analysis /metallurgical examination of electrical insert-salder alloy gansition joint
Failure investigation of expansion bellow of cross over pipe of unit #1 of Sg TPP
Stress rupture testings of G17CrMoV510 steel
Evaluation of Thermal Properties of C-composites
Consultancy related to flotation process operations at JSW steels new flotation plant
2.5 metre dia industrial flotation column to M/s Andhra Barites Corporation Ltd. (ABCL) supplied by M/s. McNally Bharati Engineering Company (MBE) under the scope of the agreement between NML and MBE to market the column flotation technology.
Studies on recovery of manganese as Fe-Si-Mn from low manganese containing materials
Failure Analysis of rotor blades of aeroengine
Royalty of the Melt Spinning Technology Transfer to VTPL
Recovery of Gold from slag
Carbon Coating for TEM Relica
Development of process flowsheet for beneficiation of Iron Ores from Atasu underground mines,Kazakhsthan
Licensing of PABI Analysis Software
Damage Assessment of the cracked inner shell of ammonia converter
Remaining Life Assessment of primary reformer catalyst tubes of Ammonia -II
Failure Investigation of LPTR bearing pertaining to Aero Engine No. 110-55-4
Study of Hysteretic Behavior of Rebar with High UTS/YS Ratio under Static Cyclic Loading
Development of paving blocks from steel slag
Development of Ultrasonic Technique for Surface Crack Detection of Semi HSS and HSS Rolls
Analytical Investigation of supplied samples
Fatigue property evaluation of flat-products
Production of Titanium Oxide from Ilmenite through simultaneous reduction and seperation of iron
In situ desuphurisation of Hot Metal Using Magnesium Compounds
Metallurgical investigation on the effect of BZL welding of LPTR blades
Optimization of process parameters for TATA steel to avoid peritectic crack formation in the continuos casting slab
Development of a single reagent system for coal flotation
Beneficiation studies on coal (IX Seam) from Jamadoba
Installation of one (1) set of polypropylene (PP) spargers in flotation column
Studies on Skid Resistance Colour Fading of Cement Tiles
Characterization studies on Granite Samples
Design and Synthesis of Water based Ferrofluids as Superior Coolants.
Establishment of the role of wire drawing parameters on the cementite dissolution during the high carbon steel wire drawing
Conversin of hematite to magnetite
Utilization of fly ash in making refractory bricks
Evaluation of mechanical and chemical properties of boiler Furnace plate
Utilization of carbon dioxide in LD steelmaking process
Consultancy towards Reagent Evaluation for flotation of Iron Ores of JSW Ltd.
Failure analysis of 1st stage blades of AL 31-FP aero engine of SU-30 MKI Aircraft:SB065 and SB 066
Failure analysis of R-29 AEROENGINE components of MIG-27 ML AC No. TS-572.
Strengthening mechanism of V and Nb micro alloyed low C Steel rebars produced through TMT
Optimisation of ferro - titanium productin
Development of Iron Ore Pellets for Use in Blast Furnace Iron Making
Failure investigation of center buffer coupler
Assessment of SRT & Mechanical properties on boiler tubes
Failure analysis of 1st stage compressor rotor blades (blade no 08) of SU 30 MKI Aircraft SB-306.
Forensic analysis of engine blade: SU-30 MKI SB-062
Failure Analysis of ship unloader grinder at Mangalore Port Trust
Development of suitable Zn-Ni coatings by Plasma spray or HVOF technique for applications in fuel tank and anti bacterial components.
Development of WC-Co coatings by Plasma spray or HVOF technique for applications in galvanizing bath (Sink Roll)
Scientific and Technical Services of MST Division
Predicting service life of commercial G-I wires and suggest methods to improve it.
Studies on impact of air pollution on corrosion of metallic and non-metallic materials
Forensic analysis of engine blade SU 30 MKI (SB-131)
Investigation on sensitization susceptibility of stainless steels
Development of advance high strength steel in vaccum induction furnace
Biosynthesis of iron oxide based magnetic nanoparticles from industrial wastes
Stress rupture behavior of T22 steel tube (ASTM-A387)
Failure investigation of failed components in boiler tube
Melting of micro alloy steel in vacuum induction furnace
Failure analysis of boiler bank tube at HZL, Chittorgarh
Beneficiation and pelletisation of lateritic iron ore from Kanhwara, Katni
Failure analysis of M10 bolts of H402 heater of MCf, Mangalore
Essentiality of presence of Mo in Hi-chrome Balls to be used as Grinding Media in Ball Tube Mills in Coal Grinding Application
Evaluation of Stress Rupture Properties of Service exposed Boiler Tubes, CPRI, NAGPUR
Evaluation of Stress Rupture Properties of Service exposed Boiler Tubes, CPRI, NAGPUR
Development of process flowsheet for Atasu underground mines
Metallurgical Analysis of Stage-I Compressor Blade of SU-30 MKI (SB-133) Engine.
Failure Analysis of catalyst tube & bottom manifold
Remaining life assessment of service exposed CCU reactor plate.
Characterization of materials from OMM ltd.
Alternative complimentary route of Direct Steel making with reference to Indian Raw Materials
Non-destructive and destructive investigation of MLG parts of MIG 29 Aircraft.
Improvement in Sinter Productivity through Deep Beneficiation and Agglomeration for rational Utilisation of Low Grade Iron ore and Fines.
Metallurgical Analysis: FLYING ACCIDENT TO MIG - 27 ML TS - 579
Stress Rupture Property Evaluation of NTPC Boiler Tubes.
Failure Investigation of Boiler Tubes
Environmental Friendly Aluminum Coating to replace Cadmium
Injectable Scaffold derived from Biomimetic Hydroxyapatite Nanoparticles(60nm-100nm) for Orthopaedic,Dental and Craniofacial Reconstructions
Health Assessment of CCRU Inner Johnson Screen (Carburised SS 321 Screen) at Mathura Refinery of Indian Oil Corporation Limited
RLA of Service exposed FPU column-D1 Shell Plate.
Preparation of report for setting up a Welding Research laboratory (WRL) at Tata Steel Growth Shop (TGS)
Failure Analysis of Connecting Rod Bolt.
Creep Rupture Properties of E9015-B9 (Modified 9Cr-1Mo) electrode material
Metallurgical Analysis of Wing sample.
Effect of pileup-sink-in on mechanical properties characterization of bulk and UFG/nano material using indentation simulation and its experimental validation
Development of hydrogen standards for Ziconium alloys
Development of alloys
Forensic(FOD) Analysis of Engine Blade SU-30 MKI (SB-114).
Metallurgical Investigation Of The Cause Of Surface Cracks In The Drill Pipe
Alternate Material for Self Closing Valves
Development of geopolymer building materials through mechanical activation of Construction & Demolition Waste
Expert opinion on evaluation and classification of MS Re-rollable Steel Scrap
Metallurgical Investigation of bomb scraps from Srimohangarh (Rajasthan).
Root cause analysis of Bucket Stage # 3 of GT-2A.
Development of technology to produce clean coal from high ash and high sulphur Indian coal
Evalaution of Equiaxed Zone in Continuously cast (CC) Billets using Ultrasonic C-Scan Imaging
Determination of Metal Fractionation Deposited on the Sediments of River Subernarekha System: A Voltammetric study.
Metallurgical Analysis: Flying Accident to MIG -27 MLTS-579
The effect of microstructural length scales on creep behaviour of single crystal nickel-based superalloys.
Microstructural and Mechanical Evaluation of Welded Sheets
Development of Fracture Toughness modules for ME X 3D software (NML+FM)
Assessment of Stress Rupture test & Mechanical properties of service Exposed Boiler Tubes.
Failure Investigation of Components of Aeroengine HDR- 80376U
Metallurgical Failure Analysis/ testing of Co2 compressor Rotor Shaft.
Stress Rupture Properties of SA213/T22 garde of Service Exposed Boiler Tubes.
Investigation of the failed component of molasses tank
Failure Analysis of Engine Blade SU-30 MKI (SB-142).
Failure Analysis of Cement Mill Roller Press
Inventorization of Lead, cadmium, Mercury and Arsenic in Paints, Distempers and Pigments
Separation of Lead from Carbon Sludge
Studies on Cement Tiles
Treatment of effluents ossein production Plant-Pilot Scale Study
Evaluation of Reagents for flotation
Mineralogical analysis of Iron Ore samples
Studies on process variables to improve reduction properties of Tata Steel Sinter.
Exploitation of fume Extraction Dust for development of paving blocks
Evaluation of Center Buffer Coupler
Corrosion Behaviour of Plasma Coated Rebars in concrete
Evaluation of corrosion behavior of SAIL-CRS steel.
Exploration of a new welding process Submerged arc stir welding (under EMPOWER Scheme of CSIR)
Method development for chemical analysis of limestone and dolomite using capillary electrphoresis
Development of cost effective know-how process for the recovery of W and Cu from W-Cu borings
Development of multilayer tough composite coatings for smart application
Estimation of damage in high strength steels
Reliability-based Uncertainty Modelling of Rolling Processes
Development of Nano-biomaterials and its Bioactivity Evaluation
Studies on momentum transport of moving solids to fluid system possessing network structure
Development of oxide based permanent magnet
Monte Carlo simulation of grain growth and recrystallization kinetics during thermomechanical rolling of high strength steel A mathematical model to predict mechanical properties of hot rolled high strength steel strip using an Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) architecture
Development of sensor using nanostructured magnetic materials and studies on their performance evaluation in SHM. Module 1: Development of high sensitive GMI based magnetic sensing devices using low magneto-restrictive rapidly quenched wire(Module ? III: Study on the performances of the GMI sensing device and its applications in structural health monitoring (SHM) of engineering components)
Development of bimodal grain structure and its effect on the toughness of steel
Development of Suitable Sinter from Chromite Ore Fines for Ferro-Chrome Production in Arc Furnace
Phase transformation during tensile and low cycle fatigue deformation of AISI 304LN stainless steel
Biohydrometallurgical Processing of Indian Uranium Ores
Physico-chemical characterization and application of leached manganese nodule residue generated by reduction-roast ammonia leaching
Studies on mechano-chemical activation of Al-oxyhydroxide minerals and applications in Bayer process of alumina production
Development of NiMnGa based ferromagnetic shape memory alloys by melt spinning route
Synthesis, characterization and photocatalytic evaluation of modified titania based binary oxide materials
Development of amorphous / nanostructured materials and its application as GMI based sensor
Physicochemical and microbial diversity study of water and soil from chromite mine area and biotechnological potentials of selected microbes
Evaluation of mechanical properties of nano / ultra fine grained materials & welded components by different minimal invasive techniques
Study on synthesis and characterization of inorganic metal silicate tubes for its possible application in water purification
Biomimetic Synthesis of Bioceramic nanoparticles and 3-dimensional polymer hydroxylapatite scaffolds for tissue engineering
Development of transparent PVA physical hydrogels as a cell adhesive surface
Mixed mode fatigue crack growth in TPB specimen under moving mass
Creep characterization of Boron added P91 steel and its weld in the temperature range 600 ? 650oC
Development of laboratory information management system (LIMS) for Analytical Chemistry Centre
High strain rate tensile deformation of low carbon steels
High temperature deformation behavior of Ni based super alloy -Haynes 282
Failure Analysis of Ball Clevis of 320KN Hardware Fittings
Evaluation of Center Buffer Coupler
Studies on wet high intensity magnetic Separation (WHIMS) of Chromite samples from Tata Steel
Evaluation of Center Buffer Coupler
Chemical Investigation of Steel Samples.
Evaluation of corrosion mitigating materials used in industrial application as per agreement between NML and CARIRI
Providing consultancy to KING SAUD University on nano scale characterization of passive film
Dev. of processing technology for recycling and reuse of electronic waste
Failure Analysis of Unit 1 Boiler Tube
Stress rupture testing of T11 alloy specimens.
Heat making at NML to produce steel samples with 9 different Nitrogen levels.
Evaluation of stress rupture properties of services exposed boiler tubes.
Failure Analysis of second stage compressor rotor blades of R13-300 aero engine Mig-21 T-96 C-1585
Investigation on Intergranular Corrosion of two different stainless steels.
Acoustic emmission test (AET) of mounded LPG storage tank during hydrotesting in LPG Plant, USAR
Failure Analysis of the Shackle of the Drag Chute of MIG-27 ML TS-600 Aircraft.
Rare earth separation and recovery from Korean Monazite/REOs.
Recovery of Chromium from slag of High carbon Ferro Chrome
Feasibility Study of Creating creep voids in 2.25Cr- 1Mo Steel
Metallurgical Analysis of Flying Incident to MIG-21 ML-T-77 C-1134
Failure Analysis of boiler bank tube of chanderiya CPP (Thermal) of M/s. HZL Rajasthan
Development and popularization of AL-alloy conductors.
Creep Behaviour of ASTM A182-F91 Grade Steel
Transfer of Technology for biomimetic hydroxyapatite.
Development of methodology to analyse the amplitude of the ultrasonic signal from shell/core Interface of ICDP Rolls.
Determination of Modulus of supplied Aluminium Alloy by Ultrasonic Technique.
Verification of Design of Feeder Breaker for TRF, Jamshedpur
Ultrasonic Testing of Turbine Casing
Assessment of creep stress rupture and elivated temperature tensile properties of ASTM T11 Grade Steel
Studies on processing of Magniferrous Clay for recovery of iron values
Consultancy Services for Carbon Materials
Studies on Processing of Silica Sand from Ankleswar, Gujarat
Softenning & Melting Test of Sinter
Failure Investigation of 2nd Stage Compressor Blade Pertaining to Aero-Engine No. HDR- 80212U.
Recovery of Metallic Alloys and Slag as Valuable Product from spent catalyst residue.
Failure investigation of 1st Stage Rotor Blade Pertaining to Aero Engine No. HDR-80086U
Design and Development of Annealing Simulator for Real Test Size Tensile Steel Specimens
Studies on Pellet-Sinter Composite Agglomeration for Blast Furnace Iron Making
Development of high temperature composite coatings for life extension refractory lining or new lining for LD converter:Phase I
Studies on the beneficiation of coal fines by column flotation
Process Development for Production of DRI using Iron Ore Slime and Jhama/Thermal Coal
Study of separation features of magnetite and silica-magnetite mixture in Floatex Density Separator
Conversion of Hematite to magnetite using ammonia / coke oven gas or methane gas
Role of wire drawing parameters in cementite dissolution in high carbon steel - phase II
Pilot Scale Development of Paving Blocks from Steel Slag
Evaluation of Residual stress of HSS Rolls using Ultrasonic and X-ray diffraction based techniques
Residual Stress Analysis of Wheel Disc for Enhanced Fatigue Life
Martensitic transformation of low carbon steel under cyclic cooling condition
Evaluation of second phase characteristics in Ti-Mo Microalloyed Steel During Slab Reheating
Optimization of strength in V/N induced micro alloyed steel by varying vanadium content with fixed Nitrogen level
Development of API 5L - grade X80 steel for Line pipe applications
Development of Zn-Ni-Cu coating on CRM sheets for anti bacterial and fuel tank applications
Develop lab scale hybrid bio-chemical beneficiation process of gangue removal from iron ore slime
Pot test for iron ore in rel to Tata Metaliks Ltd. 40.5 sq. m. linear sinter plant
Recovery of rare metals from effluent and leach liquor of WEEE using SX/IX.
Studies on creep behavior of Zr-2.5Nb alloy
Creep Test of T22 Grade Steel Sample
Development of novel corrosion inhibitors for Copper and its alloys.
Development of high temperature aluminium alloy conductors for power transmission lines.
Development and Evaluation of Pilot Plant for making paving block using geopolymerization of fly ash.
Failure investigation of 1st stage LPCR blade pertaining to aero engine no. 8831010
RLA of gas turbine blade and hot casing (inner casing) at Dadri gas power station
RLA of stage I and stage II gas turbine blade from NTPC, Faridabad gas power station
Studies on Skid Resistance and Color Fading of Cement Tiles
Characterization studies on granite samples.
Evaluation of Grade "E" Castings as per RDSO Specification No. WD-70-BD-10
Studies on characterization and beneficiation of magnetite iron ore sample from Morocco
Training program on 'Creep Behaviour of Metallic Materials and Alloys'
Failure Investigation of 1st Stage Compressor Blade of Aero Engine No. HDR 80140U.
Identification of Specimen: Locking Wires.
Evaluation of Creep behavior of SA335/P91 Grade of Steel
Beneficiation of Iron ore Slime from Barsua and other mines
Development of pilot scale pelletisation technology for Indian Goethitic/Hematite ore with varying degree of fineness
Effect of welding heat inputs on low temperature sensitization and thermal ageing on embrittlement of austenitic steel
Evaluation of mechanical properties of structural materials using miniature test technique
Beneficiation of graphite
Studies on Cement Tiles
Evaluation of beneficiation scheme for processing of Li-pegmatite sample from Sweden
Strengthening Mechanism of Nb and V Microalloyed low C Steel Rebars and Slab PHASE-II
Quality Evaluation of Coal-Cores explored from different regions of India
Metallurgical analysis: Flying accident to MIG-27 ML TS-579
Evaluation of Stress Rupture Properties of Services xposed boiler Tubes
Characterization and beneficiation studies on low grade iron ore from TRB mines of JSPL (Jindal Steel Power Limited)
Production of high grade iron oxide/soft ferrite and chemical beneficiation of manganiferrous clay
Stress Rupture properties of NTPC Boiler Tubes Samples
Development of synthetic slag to control the inclusions in high carbon steel suitable for making wires.
Environmental friendly aluminum coating to replace Cadmium-Phase-II
Production of standard grade ferro silicon using banded hematite quartzite and Jhama coal
Evaluation of coal core characteristics of different region of Orissa
Studies on processing of Iron ore from Usha Martin Ltd.
Development of Aluminium Reflectors protective coating for thermal solar applications
Development of a process for Extration of Potash(K2O) from Potash Feldspar
Feasibility Study of Talc Beneficiation by Flotation
Development of gas based glass melting furnace for rural artisans
Formulation of an anti tarnishing lacquer of brass for the artisans of Moradabad
Evaluation of Reagents for Flotation
Failure analysis of Reheater Tube
Optimization of ABI test parameters with conventional test result of 9 different grade of steel.
Studies on Characterization and beneficiation of low grade iron ore sample from Mali
Hot Jet Erosion of different samples of Different materials
Beneficiation and agglomiration of chromite ore from Oman
Development of load bearing polymer hydroxyapatite composite
Failure Analysis Boiler Tubes.
Use of Tata Sponge Iron fly ash for making building bricks.
Smelting reduction study on different grades of chromite ore
Response in strain ageing behaviour of C-80 and SHRH 82A (WB) steels and their corresponding microstructural characterization.
Estimation of damage cause to CRGO coils/sheets/strips electrical grade by Thane Cyclone.
Development of web-based material database system for power plant materials under different operating conditions and service exposure
Development of a process of making fiber reinforced hydroxyapatite nano composite three dimensional structure.
Development of methodology for analyzing White Space in a given technology
Study of microstructure during phase transformation in Fe-30Mn-Si and Fe-30Mn-Si-3Al by X-ray diffraction(Module I)
Corrosion and Tribological behavior of surface modified titanium alloys
Development of Brass coated Al-based alloys for rural artisans
Tailoring electonic properties of graphene oxide
Evaluation of creep strength of 304HCu Austenitic Stainless Steel
Creep, stress rupture and elevated temperature tensile tests of T22 grade steel sample
Stress rupture property evaluation of ASTM A 516 grade 70 steel
Development of process for Arsenic recovery from Vanadium Sludge.
Development of the improved electrotherm Process using the modified pilot plant
Development of load bearing biphasic nano-composite.
Development of High strength Alloy Steel for Siemens
Process for recovery of W & Co as yellow tungsten oxide and cobalt hydroxide from W-C scrap.
Failure analysis boiler tubes of unit#2, 4, 5 & 6, MTPS, DVC.
Hydrogen Induced fatigue in high Strength Alluminium Alloy
Mechanically induced reactivity of hydrothermally prepared Boehmite (-AIOOH)
Development of advanced sensor-based technique for iron-ore beneficiation
Evaluation of creep properties of services exposed boiler tubes
Training Programme for VSP Officials towards R&D Orientation
Smelting of Stainless steel Slag scrap for Recovery of Metal
Welding Electrode Evaluation for M/s. Ferrite Metal Solutions
Scientific and Technical Services of CSE Division
Evaluation of Centre Buffer Coupler
Use of fly ash in Portland slag cement based ready mix concrete
Development of Process Flow-Sheet & Generation Required Engineering Data by Scaling up the Process of Manufacturing Electrolytic Manganese Metal (EMM)
Testing and installation of off-line simulator, FERALSIM, at SNAM Alloys
Studies on the Beneficiation of Coal Fines by Column Flotation
Beneficiation of Graphite Ore by Column Flotation
Providing Technical Expertise to CARIRI to Study Corrosion Failure Problems of Industries in Trinidad & Tobago
Evaluation of Centre Buffer Coupler
Metallographic studies and ACRT properties of service exposed tube of SA 213 (P91) grade of Steel
Demonstration & Transfer of process Know-How for Production of Yellow Tungsten Oxide(YTO) & Cobalt-Hydroxide from Supplied W-C Hard Metal Scrap (Know-How Transfer)(cost break up is in remarks field)
Physical & Hydrometallurgical Beneficiation of poly cracker ash to enrich the metal concentrate
Investigation on the external corrosion damage of IOCL pipeline at different locations near Asansol, WB, Zone
Failure investigation of ID Fan Shaft
Arriving at a threshold value of Electro-magnetic Stirring parameters for casting of high carbon billets
Assessment of Creep Damage by Guided Wave Ultrasonic Technique (Module I, II, III, IV)
Design of novel hard & tough amorphous metallic coatings
Optimizing strength and conductivity properties of an electrical conductor grade aluminum alloy wire through microstructural engineering
Friction stir welding of carbon steel MODULE (IV)
Chemical Fractionation on some Indian coal to obtain ?mineral species?- specific information and their correlation on ash fusion temperature
Improvement of magnetic energy product of hexaferrite permanent magnet(Young Scientist)
Renovation and refurbishment of shed & other infrastructure work for magnesium project of NML, Jamshedpur
Setting up of integrated hydrometallurgical pilot plant at newly built shed in Mg- Pilot Plant
Work station for ?Thermo Mechanical Simulator (Gleeble)?
Study of leaching properties of Al-Si-Zr alloys at different conditions
Development of a web based software/database framework for i-PSG (Phase I)
High strain rate deformation of automobile grade steels (Module I)
Technology Licensing for Commercial Manufacture of MagStar Equipment. (Know-How Transfer)(cost break up is in remarks field)
Ash fusion temperature analysis of coal samples from Tata Steel
Process for production of Ammonium Paratungstate from the Tungsten Sludge
Evaluation of creep and high temperature tensile properties of service exposed boiler tubes
Chemical investigation of samples pertaining to Kaveri Projects
Construction of new Creep Bay
Studies on role of chemistry on corrosion behaviour of steel rebars
Root Cause analysis of failure of clinker hopper & clinker circuit of Binani Cement Plant
Tailoring of geopolymer properties by mechanical activation of fly ash
Failure investigation of Boiler Bed Coil
Severity, cause and possible remedial measures for corrosion problems faced by metallic components of Kopili plant of Neepco, Assam
Development of NDT Facility for Quality Assessment of Grooved Rolls used in New Bar Mill(NBM)
Analytical Advice for coal samples collected from Moher-Moher Amlohri extn. Coal Block, Sasan Power Ltd.
Failure analysis of seven(7) Nos. Boiler Tubes of Unit #1,3,4,6&7, MTPS DVC.
Characterisation studies on Rubber Tiles
Development of GMI based Portable non-destructive magnetic Sensing device for detection of carburization quantitatively for health monitoring of carburised structure at Petrochemical / Refinery Industry (GPS)
Dynamic response studies in cryogenic rebars at room amd subzero temperatures
Development of Magnesium Metal Production Technology (MPT)
Development of zero waste technology for processing and utilization of thermal coal.
Road map of an R & D centre at Rastriya Ispat Nigam Limited, Visakhapatnam
Failure analysis of damaged LPTR and HPTR blades
Studies on Corrosion Characteristics of coated and uncoated rebars by impedance and cyclic polarization
Environmental friendly aluminium coating to replace cadmium phase-III
Smelting reduction study of copper smelting slag
Metallurgical Analysis of Boiler Tube
Residual life assessment (RLA) of Hydrogen Reformer and Pig Tail Tube
Accelerated creep/stress rupture testing and evaluation elevated temperature strength of T11 Steel for IBR certification.
Studies on the effect of process parameters on properties of iron ore pellets
Study of the sintering with reference to Tata Steel using Ferruginous materials: Pre-balled Iron Ore Concentrates and Beneficiated Sinter Grade Feed
Study of the factors influencing the sintering rate and cooling of super-fluxed sinter (CaO/SiO2 : 1.8- 2.5) on the sintering indices : Structure-Properties correlation
Process mineralogical and energy characteristics of low grade iron ore from Tata Steel
Energy assessment in the comminution of heat- treated BHQ from Tata Steel
Process for Production of DRI using Iron Ore Slime with Middling and Rejected Coal
Mold Powder Characterization for low Carbon high Manganese Steel
Development of API X80 linepipe steel (2nd Phase)
Development of Advanced Sensor-based Technique for Raw Materials Beneficiation
Development of an online IR-thermography based non-invasive technique to detect and estimate iron in galvannealed coatings
Study of scale formation and optimization of pickling process parameters for different hot rolled steels to improve efficiency
Graphene Coated Steel
Production of Ferrite and Pigment Grade Monodispersed Nano Iron Oxide
Study the suitability of Ferro-chrome slag for refractory bricks
Evaluation of Rebars for Cryogenic Application
High Strain Rate Deformation Behaviour of Automotive Grade Sheet Steels
Process Development for Production of Titanium Oxide from Ilmenite with Jhama Coal and Separation of Iron from Titanium Oxide
RLA of Crude Distillation and Visbreaker Unit Heater
Rolling and heat treatment process optimization of various alloy steels
Coated steel products performance evaluation
Processing of spent Lithium ion batteries
Thorough investigation of anchor grillage and girder of Rabindra Setu
Evaluation of Coal Core Characteristics of different region of Orissa
Quality assessment of coated rear housing component by ultrasonic technique
Development of CRGO Steel
Characterization of Cement Tiles
Advanced ceramic materials and composites for energy and structural applications (CERMESA)
Feasibility study of iron production utilizing iron ore slime and Jhama coal in low shaft furnace
Scale-up of process for production of DRI using from Iron Ore Slime and Jhama coal in Tunnel Kiln furnace
Development of processes for making biphasic (Hydroxyapatite+beetaTCP) nanocomposite blocks & transfer of technology
Microstructure measurement in un-irradiated Zr-2.5% Nb pressure tube material
Material evaluation of center buffer couplers
Recovery of gold from the waste printed circuit boards(PCBs) of used and discarded mobile
Design and development of novel solvent extraction/hydrometallurgical process for separation and recovery of individual rare earth from selected resources/rare earth and other values from wastes
Failure Analysis of damaged LPCR Blades
Residual stress evaluation in as cast and forged rolls using magnetic techniques.
Seam overall characteristics of coal core samaleswari and projapara, IB River coalfield, Orissa
High strain rate deformation behavior of polymer and steel
Studies on cement concrete roof tiles
Development of suitable chemical cleaning solvent and suitable inhibitors for RH and SH chemical cleaning
Remaining Life Prediction of various kinds of service exposed boiler components
Failure analysis of refractory anchor
Flotation Studies on Limestone Sample of M/s ACC, Madhukari
Study on Smelting Reduction of chromite ore in 50 kVA EAF
Localised corrosion and corrosion fatigue of strategic Aluminium alloys
Studies on characterization and beneficiation of low grade Iron ore sample from shire-Mentebteb,Ethopia
Creep-Fatigue Interaction Behaviour of Advanced Ultra Super Critical Boiler Grade Materials: Module I
Extraction of rare metals from secondary resources.
Synthesis and characterization of water based graphene- ferrofluids (G-FF).
Process for production of high purity ammonium paratungstate (APT) from tungsten bearing sludge with high content of impurities.
Multilayer Polymeric Self-Healing Coating for Corrosion Protection of Al & Mg alloys
Upgradation of the material database software for Industrial application
Alloy Design & Casting of CRGO Steels
Hot rolling, cold rolling and annealing of grain oriented silicon steel
Immobilization of toxic wastes through geopolymerisation
Development of novel CSIR Technologies for manufacturing tailored and patient-specific Bio-Ceramic implants and biomedical devices at affordable cost (Bioceram)
Development of suitable ceramic coatings for cold rolled grain oriented (CRGO) steels
Recovery of tellurium from deselenized copper refinery anode slime
Studies on geopolymerisation behaviour of construction and demolition waste (CDW)
Design of an improved suction casting attachment for the preparation of bulk metallic glasses
Stress Rupture Property Evaluation of Service Exposed Heater Tubes
Characterization of coal, coke and manganese ore from Shyam Ferro Alloys Ltd.
Consultancy on precipitation & characterization of various zinc salts
Evaluation of creep properties of X22CRMOV12-1 20 CRMOVTIB4-10 and X20 CR 13 grade steel
Metallurgical analysis flying incident to MIG-21(T-77)C-1155 on 16 Apr 13
Creep damage assessment of high temperature headers and pipeline using multi parameter non-destructive examinations.
Technology Development for making paving blocks through geopolymerisation of AOD slag
Development of a process to produce flexible fast setting/curing Geopolymer for addition to cement/gypsum system.
Optimization of Annealing Parameters for High R Bar In IF
Optimization of Annealing Parametes in IFHS
Measurement Innovation in Science and Technology (MIST)
Evaluation of creep and stress rupture properties of T-91 material
Development of Beneficiation strategy for Low grade copper ore from Zambia
Technology Development for Iron Ore Slime Briquettes
Optimisation of annealing parameters in IF HS Steel Sheet
Optimisation of Annealing Parameters in full hard CRC IF Steel Sheet
Enhancement in the process Efficiency in the Production of FeCr and FeMn through Rational Charge Redistribution
Effect of combination of synthesis slag and carry over slag of LF to control the inclusions in high carbon steel wire rod
Scale-up studies for fluidized bed conversion of hematite powder into magnetite suitable for application in heavy media separation
Study on Crumbling of LF Slag during Cooling and Development of Suitable Method to avoid powdering
Failure analysis of boiler water wall tubes.
Evaluation of Reagents for Flotation
Blade root crack failure analysis NSPCL 250MW power through award no. 12214059 dated 05.07.2013
Estimation of failure of drier in the paper mill at M/s Sevenhills paper mills, Samalkot, Andhra Pradesh
Studies on beneficiation of low grade iron ore of SMPL.
Studies on recovery of chromite values from Taillings of COB Plant of OMC Ltd.
Stress Rupture property evaluation and microstructural studies of SS304H steel of coastal Gujarat Power Limited.
Potash recovery from feldspar with Simultaneous recovery of Ferro Sillicon
Enhancement of NDT Facility for Quality Assessment of Grooved Rolls used in New Bar Mill(NBM): Phase II
Failure Investigation of Lp Turbine Blade Root Crack
Failure analysis of boiler tubes of unit #1 &4 , MTPS, DVC
Remaining life assessment of service exposed main steam pipe of Ammonia plant.
Rolling of spray formed steel+ Copper bi- layered materials for bearing applications.
Delivery of PABI (Portable Automated bell Indentation) software and its support.
Microstructural analysis of LPTR Blades of R- 29 Areo Engine aropos of failure investigation process of accident areo engine no 262581700022.
Failure Analysis of Door Nose wheel LH (Pt No. KB 322 L0115-000)
Failure Analysis of economiser Tube
Failure investigation of Roller Tire Hub of Lafarge Cement Pvt. Ltd., Jojobera
Short Term Creep property evaluation of G-X 12 Cr Mo WV NB N 10-1-1 and K-12F54B garde Steel
Very high power Microwave Tubes: Design and development capabilities (MTDDC)- i) Development of ultrathin TiN coatings on alumina for rf window and ii) Thermal and mechanical characterization of materials for gyroton.
Study on stress rupture behaviour of Alloy 690 material.
Utilisation of LD slag as flux
Recovery of Gold from the scrap parts of telecommunications and Medical Equipments
creep strain behaviour of 12% Cr Ferritic Steel
Corrosion and corrosion fatigue behavior of strategic Aluminium alloys.
Recovery of Chrome Value from Chromite ore.
Development of processes for recovery of cobalt from discarded Li- ion batteries of mobile phone.
Preparation of high pure tungsten powder of desired grade from HAPP alloy scraps
Development of rapidly solidified high induction alloys for transformer core
Biomimetic Metal fiber reinforced hydroxyapatite nanocomposite: A novel three dimensional load bearing bone grafts
Development, demonstration and training of coke/coal based brass melting furnace for rural artisans
Development of a web based online job sheet submission system for Civil, Electrical & Air conditioning unit of Engineering Division
Correlation of stereological parameters with mechanical properties of micro alloyed steels: Module I -Micro structural processing and quantification
Melting and Processing of advance high strength micro alloyed steel
Effect of alkali concentration on the reaction kinetics of fly ash geopolymer
Localization techniques in Underwater Acoustic Sensor Network - survey and a new thought
Development of nanocomposite TiSiBC hard & tough coatings by magnetron sputtering and structure property correlation
Life prediction model for creep-fatigue interaction in P92 grade advanced creep resistant steel
Leaching of mechanically activated boehmite synthesized by hydrothermal transformation of gibbsite
Improving the high temperature compressive strength of hematite pellet without bentonite using slag bonding agent
Green separation of rare earth metals using Ionic Liquid as extractant
Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Deoxidation Phenomena During Liquid Steel Treatment of Electrical Steel
Preparation of Magnesium Aluminum alloy through electrochemical co-deposition
Study of particle in centrifugal and pulsating force field
Study on the formation of intermetallics during annealing treatment of galvanized steel
Defect evaluation in Pipes using Magnetostrictive sensors made from nanostructured soft magnetic materials
Transfer of Technology for Removal and Recovery of lead from CINKOM Zinc plant residue
Dry Separation of cenosphere from fly ash
Development of low cost online defect detection system for high end drawn wires
Development of delivery standard of Hot rolled sheets based on Ultrasonic velocity mapping
Torison properties of cold drawn pearlitic steel: role of residual stress, microstructure and crystallographic texture
Failure analysis of boiler reheater tubes at Essar Power M.P.Ltd.,
Failure investigation of Water Wall Tube
Microstructural investigation of LPTR Blades of R-25 Aero engine
Patent Research Analytics Services
Training program for Sterlite Copper personnel at CSIR- NML
Consultancy on marketetable grade iron oxide production from waste iron sludge.
Creep and stress relaxation test of 1 CrMoV Steel
Microstructural Characterization of Fusion Boundary of Ferrite- Nickel based Alloy in Dissimilar metal Weld
Study on the interface layer formation during hot dip galvanizing of advanced high strength steels for automotive applications
Know -How Transfer for Production of high pure tungsten powder from W Bearing scraps
Environmental Friendly Coatings: Corrosion and Erosion Resistance
Characterization and Analysis of supplied magnetite sample
Creep fatigue intercation behaviour of Nickel Based Super Alloys SU-718
Evaluation of creep and stress rupture properties of ASTM A 387Gr.12 steel
Failure Analysis of Kneader Components
Recovery and recycling of rare earth metals (REMs) from primary/ secondary resources
Hydrometallurgical extraction of rare metals from the e-waste and related effluents.
Development of compositionally modulated multilayered alloy (CMMA) of Zn-Mn and Zn-fe Coatings by Electropalting technique.
Assessment of central quality of high carbon cast billets using ultrasonic imaging
Consultancy services towards providing scientific /technical expertise to M/s. JSW Steel Ltd., by CSIR-NML
Creep rupture property evaluation of ASTM A 387 Gr. 11 steel
Creep behaviour of X19CrMoNbVN-11-1, 20CrMoVTiB410 and X20Cr13 grade steel
Synthesis of Biomimetic Electrospun Collagen-Graphene Nanocomposites with Varying Graphene Content and its Feasibility for Applications in Hydrogen-Storage Supercapacitors Conductive Glue
Metallurgical opinion on analysis and evaluation of off grade copper cathode
Failure analysis of damaged 1st stage NGV (nozzle guinite vame) of R -25 Aero Engine, SI. No. HDR- 80248
Failure analysis of damaged 1st stage Fan Rator blade of RD -33 Aero Engine
Failure analysis of thimble of 20/90 Bajrang Dragline of Nigahi project.
Failure Investigation of cooling coils in zinc plant from HZL, Rajasthan
Characterization of Cement Tiles
Reduction smelting of copper slag
Development of Aluminum reflectors protective coating for thermal solar application.
Creep Test SA213 Steel Grade T5, T11,T22 for 5000 hrs
Recrystallization behavior of TWIP steels
Synthesis and characterization of Biomimetic Sintered Porous 3D Hydroxyapatite as bone Grafts/Scaffolds
Effect of Thermal Cycling Process on Structure and Tensile Flow Properties of Austenitic Stainless Steel (Module ?I)
Synthesis and characterization of nanomagnetic Hydroxyapatite for wound healing (Module I)
Development of carbon fibre reinforced polymer hydroxyapatite Nanocomposite for load bearing bone graft applications (Module I). Synthesis of three dimensional hemiporous Calcium phosphate block as synthetic bone graft.
Modelling of the Inclusion removal by synthetic Slag ? A Multi-phase CFD coupled with DEM approach (Module I)
Development of bainitic microstructures for component of hydro-turbine generators (Module I)
Optimisation of Contract Demand for Saving in electricity bill
Development of a software and database framework for efficient and transparent functioning of NML canteen
Pilot scale spiral concentration of LD slag
Training programme of boiler inspectors from Assam.
Creep testing of samples from Alstom Forge Power Limited.
Technology transfer of lacquer for copper and silver based alloys to M/s Mahashraya Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. Balasore, Odisha
Effect of pellet properties on partial replacement of bentonite by designated organic binder
Hydometallurgical Replenishment of Red mud for Extarction of rare Earths Elements
Evaluation of creep rupture properties of ASTM A 387 Gr.22 steel
Design and development of pulser & receiver and signal analysis software for ultrasonic Flow meter
Investigation of sensitization behaviour of austenitic stainless steel using magnetic techniques
Beneficiation of barite by column flotation
Consultancy on Optimization of specific Aluminium consumption in the production of ferro titatinum at MINEX Metallurgical Co.
Opinion on evaluation of of anode slime
Failure analysis of boiler tubes of unit # 4 & 6, MTPS, DVC
Analysis of different process water Analysis & Chemical Dosing System
Studies on the brightness improvement of marble fines by reverse flotation & column Flotation
Evaluation of Reagents for flotation
Metallurgical Failure Analysis of Boiler Tube.
Coal Core Characteristics of different region of Orissa.
Dephosphorization of High Carbon Ferromanganese Alloy produced at Balaghat Mine, MOIL
Investigation of hydride and valuable metal concentration in process and waste product samples of Hindustan Copper Limited.
Estimation of Moisture in coke using non-invasive thermography technique
Development of a KNOW-HOW / PROCESS for the production of porous sintered biphasic blocks with pore size of 300-500 microns.
Training on Product Development including CRGO steel at RINL
Measurement of stacking fault energy using XRD and TEM.
Remaining life assessment of CAT. cracking unit stripper /fractionator shell plate
Beneficiation studies on low grade iron ore from Katamati Mines of Tata Steel
Studies on feasibilty of cleaning fine coal (-1.0 mm) using controlled air fluidization in air table
Technology modification of iron ore slime briquetting for cement binder replacement
Annealing Cycle Optimization for D and EDD grade of Cold Rolled steel
Mill scale-iron ore slime briquettes for use in iron/steel making
Scaling up of process developed for utilisation of LD slag as flux
Scale-up studies for biochemical upgradation of Joda Iron ore slimes
Extraction of rare earths (in pure/mixed oxides) from blast furnace slag
Study on viscosity and liquidus temperature of blast furnace slag at different basicity and temperature regime
Study of Heat Transfer during Production of DRI -Simulating Tunnel Kiln Conditions
Studies on Smelting Reduction of Sintered Chromite Ore Pellets in SAF
Online Implementation of Alumina Detection Technology at Noamundi Mines of Tata Steel
Effect of alloying elements on phosphating
Effect of CAL parameters; temperature, time and cooling rates, on Ferrite+ martensite phase formation in DP steel
Optimisation of CAL annealing parameters for achieving rbar greater than 2.
CAL annealing parameters effect of composition / annealing parameter /over aging on Lüder elongation.
Development of "High stretch flangeable (HER) grade steels without 'Ca' - treatment at HSM"
Studies on recovery of carbon values from West Bokaro Coal Washery rejects (middling & tailings)
Effect of varying ratio of ore type on properties of iron ore pellet
Studies on improving reducibility of iron ore pellet
Study on pellet quality by varying flux composition
Assistance in setting up of Commercial Plant for producing Briquettes from Iron Ore Slime
Perfecting the technology of paving blocks from LD slag using cement binder
Development of Online Temperature Monitoring System for Mould in Billet Caster using FBG Sensors
Optimization of YS/UTS ratio in Nb+Ti Micro-alloyed hot rolled steels through precipitation characterization
Accelerated creep behaviour of Ni-Cr base alloys in high temperature (1000-1075˚C)
Nickel coated Rebar for Cryogenic Application
Evaluation of cold work embrittlement in automotive grade steels
Beneficiation of coal flotation tailings by column flotation and testing of bubble generation system developed by TATASTEEL
Studies on creep properties of Zr-2.5Nb alloy tubes with different microstructures including texture
Development of novel alloys for potential coating applications. (Module -1)
Studies of geopolymer concrete using synergistically fly ash and bottom ash (Module-I).
Development of bainite ?austenite steel for improving abrasive wear resistance
Nanostructured Fe based amorphous alloy for transformer core application.
Study of dissolution kinetics of Dolime (CaO.MgO) and Ferrosilicon (FeSi ) in Eletrothermal (synthetic) slag and optimize the energy consumption during the ELECTROTHERMAL process/route for Magnesium production
Enhancing the efficiency of a column flotation process using micro bubbles
Producing the desired quality hot band for subsequent CRGO processing.
Design of new alloy chemistry & a novel fabrication route for CRGO hot band production.
State of damage at Micro, Meso & Macro Length Scale
NABL accreditation of CSIR-NML CRM activity.
Computerization of permanent employee recruitment process at CSIR-NML
Creep rupture tests of P11, P12, P22 and P91 grade of steels for IBR requirements.
Metallurgical Failure Analysis of Boiler Economiser Tube
Production of Low Phosphorous Steel through Induction Furnace Route Using DRI as Major Ferruginous Materials - an Industrial Assessment
Evaluation of Mozambic coal characterization.
Investigation and Analysis of Clinker-deposit of BKTPP Unit-3 Boiler
Bio-chemical dephosphorisation of LD slag
Use of roasted LD slag as blended cement component
Corrosion behavior of steel rebars.
Charges for technology licensing for commercial manufacture of Magstar equipment.
High temperature mechanical deformation and fracture behavior of Nickel based super alloys
Influence of incremental step forming process on subsequent mechanical properties.
Environmental friendly coating cadmium & hexa vallent chrome replacement, corrosion resistanct
Melting study of Ferro-chrome slag in 50 kVA EAF
Failure analysis of two failed pinion samples
Feasibility study of iron recovery from the waste generated in KMML
Chemical analysis of bauxite ore.
Remaining life assessment (RLA) of heater tube (radiant section)
Development of Non-linear Ultrasonic based technique for Multi-axial Fatigue Damage evaluation in SA333Gr6 and SS304LN
Creep strain behavior of CrMoV steel at different temperatures and stresses.
Seam overall characteristics of talcher coal field , Odisha
Transfer of technology on production of pigment and ferrite grade nano iron oxide from waste chloride pickle liquor
Fractal Analysis of room temperature impact samples of blades
Use of mill scale as heavy media separation in cyclone
Failure analysis of boiler wall tube leakage
Failure Analysis of ruptured steel pipe of IOCL
Failure Analysis of boiler tubes of unit #3,6 & 7 from MTPS,DVC
Feasibilitystudies on the Development of a Process for Production of Gadolinium Metal by Fused salt electrolysis
Testing and Metallurgical analysis of as received Rail BPL/SUW/1
Licensing of Knowhow for Anti-tarnishing Lacquer to Multicoat Surfaces Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata
Production of Calcium Ferrite From Mill Scale and Lime
Smelting of chromite ores and pellets of varying silica for making ferrochrome
Desktop tool for blend design
Studies on cement concrete designer floor tiles
Failure analysis of turbo coolers Mig-21 BISON: CU- 2069
Studies on Beneficiation of Low Grade lime stone chips from Nandini Mines
Feasibility of dewatering studies of chromite ore f ines using vibratory screen
Root Cause Analysis of Coal Mill Central Pipe Choekage
Health assessment of center buffer coupler parts
"ASAP -Advanced Electromagnetic sensors for assessing property scatter in high value steel"
Zirconium diboride powder by carbothermal process
Production of TiB2 powder by single step carbothermal process
Post treatment of Graphene Coated steel
Transfer of Technology on Processing of Tungsten Carbide Scrap
Exploitation of white & Grey Barite Over Burden Shale for Development of value Added Products
Modification of microstructure and mechanical properties of steels by high-intensity ultrasound treatment
Preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR )for R & D project including Pilot Plant for Cold Rolled Grain Oriented ( CRGO ) Steel
Depth and size wise inclusion distribution study in forged steel of M/s. Bharat Forge using ultrasonic imaging
Failure Analysis of failed boiler tube 09 Nos. of samples of MTPS DVC
Effect of hot and cold rolling and salt bath treatment on low carbon steels
Study of geopolymer cement by using tata power fly ash with reference to P.O. item no. (1)"
Creep deformation behavior of Nickel base super alloy at different temperatures and stresses.
failure analysis of boiler tubes of unit # 8 from MTPS, DVC
Consultancy services on production of DRI in Tunnel kiln without Saggar
Assistance in design, erection & commissioning of 1000TPD column flotation plant for barite beneficiation of M/s Oren hydrocarbons pvt. ltd. , chennai.
Effect of inclusions on pitting corrosion on line pipe steel
Studies on beneficiation of low grade lime stone chips from Nadini Mines
Studies on cement concrete roof tiles
Electrode Assessment & Comparative Evaluation of Electrodes
Patent Research Analytics Services
Metallurgical Failure Analysis of High Strength Bolt
Enhancement in Process Efficiency in the Production of Ferro-Chrome at Balasore Alloys
Energy efficient brass melting furnace for the brassware artisans of Odisha and West Bengal.
Investigation on corrosion behaviour of cast iron used for earthing and comparision with the galvanised iron
Optimization of Hysteretic Dissipation Energy of Moment Resistant Frame for High Rise Steel Structures against Earthquake Excitations for Different Grades of High Tensile Steels: Module I
Reduction and leaching studies of Indian Ilmenite to produce TiO2
Hot deformation behaviour of molybdenum added low carbon micro-alloyed steel ( Phase 1)
Goss grain nucleation in Hot band of Fe-3Si steel by differential nucleation rates and strain partitioning
Creep and creep crack growth behavior of a Nickel base alloy [Module-I] Creep and creep crack growth behavior of a Nickel base alloy [Module-II]
Technology Transfer in respect of Energy Efficient Coke Based Brass Melting Furnace
Coal Characterization of Rajgangpur area Orissa.
Band by band coal characterization of Takua block and Tribira block of Bitarni East of Talcher Coalfield, Odisha
Development of Al-Ti (1, 3 wt%) alloys and evaluation of their properties.
Development of Process Flow sheet for beneficiation of Low Grade iron Ore From Goa and Pelletization of its Concentrate.
Fracture experiments on CT, TPB and instrumented charpy specimens to evaluate fracture toughness v/s temperature curves at various loading rates.
A Process for Production of DRI Cylinders in Lab Scale Tunnel Kiln
Seggreation roasting of red mud- An Experimental Investigation
Metallography and Failure Analysis of Water Wall Tube
Chemical and Bioremediation of chromite mine effluents
Development of an e-management system for automation of ipsg project related activities of NML.
Improving corrosion resistance of 2xxx and 7xxx ser ies Al alloys by microstructural modification
Concultancy on production of high pure W-powder from WC hard metal scraps
Metallurgical and Fractographic Examination of the SS304LN and Its Weld Tested Under Cyclic and Monotonic Loading in Air/Water Environment
Development of suitable cleaning methodology for removal of black layer on Cartridge 7.62mm Seq. Belt Ammunition
Chemical structural evaluation of Coking coal and Non coking coal through Maceral separation: Phase-I
Study for extraction of tellurium
Smelting reduction of Mn ore lumps to prepare Mn rich slag
Development of 18 Karat glassy Gold Alloy for Jwellery Application
Material evaluation and health assessment of center buffer coupler
Upgradation of the developed online defect detection system for vibrating wire drawing line along with vibration signal monitoring facility.
Failure Investigation of Super Heater Tube of Boiler
CTOD of submerged arc welded API steel
Submerged arc Welding (SAW) of API grade steel plates
Surface properties enhancement of Mg alloys by wet deposition method
Development of ductile magnesium based alloys.
Development of Quenched and Partitioned steel for Wear Application through Hot Strip Mill Route
Preparation and maintenance of CSIR-NML periodical records in electronic form through ?Inquest(e-reports)? website. i.e. Development and implementation of an e-documentation system that may allow data acquisition, integration, repackaging and extraction of information in real time
Development and upgradation of BDM Webserver
Influence of synthesis parameters on the durability properties of volcanic ashes- based geopolymer materials.
Improving in liberation of difficult to wash coal through pre-treatment
Utilization and recovery of potash values from Glauconotic Sandstone.
Development of Al-Mn coatings by electrodeposition process using ionic liquid
Development of Cr coatings from trivalent Cr compounds by electrolytic route using lonic liquid
Reduction of surface contamination of heavy mineral sand
Feasibility study of gravity based pneumatic separation of iron ore
Consultancy services on quality assurance of welding for fabrication of the steel gates, stop log gates, HR gates.
Evaluation of coal characteristics of different areas of eastern coalfield
Preparation of detailed project report (DRP) for setting up of pilot plant for making geopolymer fly ash
Creep testing of ST10/2TS alloy material
Metallurgical failure analysis of re-heater tubes of boiler of Unit#6,DTPP,Anpara for two tubes
Influence of tensile dwell on low faituge behavior of SU- 718 under sustained mean stress
Study of microstructure and texture evolution in low carbon fromable steels
Development of Pressurized Steam Process for Treatment of Fresh LD Slag
Investigation on toughness behavior of stimulated weld HAZs of dissimilar metal weld:SS304L=SA508
Cold Bonded Mill Scale Briquette: Process Establishment, Optimization and Production
Development of Alternative of Cynaide for chemical cleaning of plain carbon steel and stipping of gold
Smelting Reduction of Manganese ore in 50 KVA EAF
Development of Flawguard : A Device for online Defect Detection of wires.
Microstructural characterization & Fractographic analysis of nuclear grade graphite
Maximisation of Goss Texture in Fe-3.2Si Electrical Steel
Energy assessment in the crushing of LD slag
Damage Assessment of Alloy Steel Grate Bars of Pelletisation Plant
Study of effect of H2 on CTOD for API 5LX 70 & API 5LX 80 steels
Development of Quenched & Partitioned steel through Hot Strip Mill Route
Deeper understanding of coke property
Upgradation of tailings from Noamundi iron ore washing plant, Tata Steel Ltd
Production of DELF in bulk for recycling
Enhancing Oxygen mass transfer :An application to oxidative aqueous process
High Strain Rate FLD diagram for Steels
To develop a correlation between MACRO Structure and extent of Carbon Segregation in 130mm2 High Carbon Billets
Development of Stationary Bed Pellet Induration
Conversion of hematite to magnetite at 50 kg scale
Production of High Value Products from Ferric Chloride Effluent
Development and evaluation of flotation reagents (collector) for coal tailings from coal seam no V, VI & IX of Jamadoba colliery
Production of fine iron powder from pickle liquor iron oxide by hydrogen reduction
Identifying causes for crack development in billets and rounds druring hot rolling of VSP
Research training fellowship for developing country scientists (RTF- DCS) award fellowship for 15-16
Consultancy on piloting of the process for production of grade red oxide from waste chloride steel pickle liquor
Periodic consultancy and assistance to R & D of M/s Tata Pigments Ltd. for improvement in pigment quality and productivity
Production of zinc sulphate Mono-Hydrate from Zinc dross
Synthesis modification and application of nano-structure lead oxide from spent automobile lead - acid battery
Development of iron ore pellet adding mill scale and slime
Study of damage evolution caused by multi-axial state of stress in creep
Development of process flowsheet for the preparation of Mn3O4 from JKM manganese ore mineral
Metallurgical Failure Analysis of Economizer Tube
IP Research and Patinformatics Service
Consultancy on Utilization of steel slag waste in the manufacture of paver blocks and slag foams
Development of High Corrosion Resistant Fe-based Metallic Glass Coating on Steel
Development of quenched and tempered steel wear resistance applications
Feasibility study for production of DRI from mill scale : Phase -I
Evaluation and health assessment of CBC
Creep behavior of nickel base super alloy SU-720
Development of an e-management system for automation of i-PSG project related activities of NML
Study the effect of different Carbon Source in Hematite Ore Palletization to utilization the Carbon rich waste material.
Assessment of microstructural change due to creep damage in P92 material by Non linear Ultrasonic Technique
Development of porous geopolymer product from industrial waste such as fly ash and calcium bearing slag.
Chemical aided magnetic separation of iron ore fines
To find the cause of deformation of high Cr grinding balls and its remedial measure to obtain lesser wear/ metric tonnes of cement production
Developement Of Value Added Product From Cement Plant Slurry Waste
Control & Analysis of Inclusions in Electrical Steel -Module 1 & 2
Development of Graphene Oxide Based Alcohol Breath Sensor
Selective Breakage of Mineral Interfaces in Ores and Coal using High Power Ultrasonic Waves
Failure investigation of Pinion gear
Remaining Life Assessment (RLA) of VDU-I radiant heater tube
In-Collaboration - An information sharing system for the collaborative projects of Tata-NML
Failure analysis of boiler tube.
Studies on the Surface Contamination of Heavy Mineral Sand.
Reduction of silica in silimes of "LSWP" by convention & column flotation
Beneficiation of Rock Phosphate.
Evaluation of creep properties of G-X12CrMoCoVNbN9-2-1 grade steel
Development of new technology to produce Al killed EDD grade through batch annealing process
Iron recovery from copper slag - A feasibility study
Studies For The Of Lanthanide Group Metals From Primary And Secondary
Scientific investigation on hydro and Electro - Chemical dissolution of scrap magnetic wind turbine for recovery of rare earth metals and other valuable product.
Evaluation of coal characteristics of Chirimiri Area of South Eastern Coalfields.
Dephosphorisation of Steel Using calcium Ferrite
Band by band analysis of boreholes of Samaleswari West and Ghogharpali Block of IB valley coalfield, Odisha
Technology demonstration for geopolymer cement
Royalty for mag-star equipment
Investigation on corrosion failure of AISI 316L filter mesh
Coal bulk sampling and evaluation of coal characteristics for annual grade declaration
Corrosion auditing of Tata Steel Kalinganagar (TSK) plant using atmospheric corrosion exposure
Briquetting of bottom ash and pond ash for easy & environmental friendly transportation.
Technology transfer entitled metal oxide nano material based anti corrosive chemical
Consultancy Service for 500 MW Unit LP Turbine Rotor repair by welding
Evaluation and health assessment of brand new and used center buffer couplers
Multiaxial fatigue testing of 316LN stainless steel
Briquetting of Cr concentrate micro fines and Mn furnace dust for utilisation in Ferro Alloy Production
Corporate Training of on Metallography of Castings and XRD analysis of Clinker, Cement and its Raw material
Environment Friendly Coatings: To Replace Hexavalent Chrome Conversion Coating with Chrome Free Coatings.
Know-How for production of nanosized hydroxyapatite Powder
Creep deformation behavior of different grades of Cr-Mo steel
Creep Testing of Material Grade F-92
Root Cause Analysis of Failed CDU-II LP Steam Super Heater Tube
Evaluation of Raw Materials for Cost Reduction in Iron Oxide Pellet Making
Investigation of solidification texture in electrical steels
Extraction of potash from Glauconitic Sandstone.
Modelling of grain growth in as-cast grain oriented silicon steel strip during diffusion annealing with a cube texture (Phase I - Normal grain growth)
Contribution of CSIR-National Metallurgical Laboratory, Jamshedpur in area of Steel Research during 1950-2014
Evaluation of reagent for flotation.
Development of Medium Mn, high Al low density high strength steel.
study of wear and RCF Mechanism in high carbon nano-pearlitic rail steel
Development of process to produce pre-reduced Ferro chromium pellets in vertical kiln furnace.
In-line monitoring of fatigue crack propagation using ultrasonic phased array technique
MD simulation to characterise rapid solidification behaviour and structure-property functionality of Al-Mg alloy
Failure analysis of aero engine damaged blades of SU-30MKI
Coke based brass melting furnace for brass and bell metal artisans of West Bengal and Odisha.
Production of highly metallised Directly Reduced Iron (DRI) from Mill Scale and Lean Grade Coal in Tunnel Kiln
Industrial Trial in 10 Tonne Induction Furnace using Modified CSIR-NML Flux under Neutral Lining
Extraction of Tungsten Metal Powderfrom Recycling of Tungsten Base Heavy Alloy Scraps
Development of Process Flowsheet for Extraction of Tungsten Metal from Hutti Tailings
Production of low carbon & low phosphorus ferromanganese by metallothermic treatment of high manganese slag.
Smelting of LD slag in 50 kVA Electric Arc Furnace
Development of Fibre Bragg Grating (FBG) sensor based applications at Tata Steel
Study of benefits of Cr micro-alloying/ modification of microstructure for enhancing corrosion resistance of carbon steel for water injection pipeline
Failure Analysis of Aileron PCU Fairing: HAWK MK132 A-3653
Characterization, testing and evaluation of new developed products from LD slag
Accelerated stress rupture testing of #1 boiler , final super heater, platen super heater and reheater tubes.
Transfer of technology for processing of copper slag for production of ferric sulphate and silica powder
Modification of Microstructure and Mechanical Properties by High-intensity Ultrasonic Treatment of High-strength Steels; phase II
Development of High Induction amorphorus base soft magnetic based soft magnetic alloys.
Coal Characterization of band by band coal core samples of Rajmahal Coalfield
Technology for Extraction of Tungsten (Yellow Tungsten Oxide or Ammonium Para-Tungstate or Metallic W-powder) from a Variety of Scraps.
Development of Hydrogen standard in Steel.
Production of low phosphorus steel in industrial Induction Furnace using CSIR-NML developed flux and process under identified suitable lining
Primary Cause of Cracking of Hydrogen Quench Nozzle of HCU-1 Reactor
Creep behaviour of G-X13CrMoCoVNb-2-1 (STG 9/1 T CoB) grade steel
Complete failure analysis of boiler(super heater) tube.
Simulation study on 'Direct Ore Comminution Circuit' of dry crushing plant at Joda.
Development of Iron based rapidly solidified alloys from high phosphorous pig iron
Beneficiation of limestone on a pilot scale flotation column
Laboratory Scale Processing and Technology Transfer of 18 Karat Low Melting Point Gold Alloys for Jewellery Application.
Reduction of energy consumption in iron ore sintering by modified coke breeze distribution.
Hydrogen assisted corrosion and fracture in pipeline steel.
Solidification texture in electrical steels.
On-site residual stress distribution profiling of hot rolled sheets at Hot strip mill, TSL Jamshedpur site.
Determination of stacking fault energy of cold rolled medium manganese steel by X-ray diffraction
High temperature electrolysis for extraction of rate earth metals.
Technology Development & process Validation of "Alternative degassing process for molten Copper Alloy.
SEAM OverAll Analysis of telcher and Rajmahal Coalfield.
Evaluation of coal characteristics of particularly jhanjra area, sonepur bazari and pandesware area of eastern coalfield.
Improvement in development of magnesium metal production under technology and DPR preparation for scale up pilot plant for industrial application.
Scale up of the developed process for conversion of hematite fine to magnetite using CNG.
Enhancement of dewateing efficiency of mineral slurry using surface active reagents.
Study on Evolution of low temperature nano-bainitic steel.
Improvement in the operational life of manganese steel blow bars of limestone primary crusher.
Synthesis and characterization of bio-compatible Mg alloys.
Search for rare metal bearing ore bodies with strategic minerals and their mineralogical characteristics.
Chemical characterization of referee sample of difference coalfield assigned by CIMFR- Dhanbad
Band by coal characterization of Raniganj Coalfield.
Development of methodology for identification of secondary (used) CRGO strips using electromagnetic sensor.
Thematic Research
n-line Oxide Scale Removal of Wires using Ultrasonic Assisted Electrochemical Technique (UAET)
Development & Fabrication of Cannon Liners for Explosive Testing
Studies on smelting of manganese ore in electric arc furnace
Optimisation of al-based metallic foam production method and development of metal foam for BARC applications
Development to improve corrosion performance and service life of aluminium alloy bracket
Metallurgical Failure Investigation of Engine Cylinder Block Casting
Evaluation and characterization of band by band coal analysis of Asansol Coalfield area
Development of a geopolymer cement base on a mixture of municipal solid waste incinerator(MSWI)
Development of hard and optically transparent nanocomposite coating for wear and optoelectronic application(Module 1)
Studies on magnetocaloric behaviour of NiMnGa Based crystalline and Fe/Co Glassy systems(module 1)
Correlation of microstructure and mechanical properties of steel by electromagnetics characterization.
Evaluation of residual stress and mechanical properties of in-services components using ball indentation technique with finite element modelling
Study of structure-property correlation to comprehend cementite dissolution during wire drawing process.
Development of suitable grinding aid for improving productivity of cement mill and development of performance improver to reduce water/cement ration and consequently to improve compressive strength
Failure analysis of boiler tubes
Development of Energy Efficient Magnetic Nanocomposite Materials
Technology Development for Commercial Production of Sodium Metal
Heat transfer modelling of condensation behavior of metal (Mg) vapors during distillation for quantitative analysis of condenser design
Machinability and optimisation of process parameter of titanium alloy (Ti-6al-4v)by Dies-sinking EDM process copper tool.
Amorphous Electrical Steel (AES) for Energy Application
Dry Beneficiation of High Ash Indian Thermal coal. (CLP-0191)
Metallurgical Failure Analysis of derailed Sealdah -Ajmer Express (Tr.No.12987) coach parts and rails.
Pilot scale floatation studies of iron ore. (CLP-0190)
Recovery of Vanadium from Spent sulfuric Acid Catalysts
Feasibility studies of sub grade limestone beneficiation for reduction of silica content
Consultancy for skill training and technology intervention for MSME clusters
Patent Search and analytics service to tata steel ltd
Analysis of Phosphate Coatings on steels
Smelting studies on ferrochrome slag
Development of process for real time temperature mapping of 4 faces of the billet mould using densely multiplexed Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) sensor.(CLP-0192)
Studies on stress Rupture Behaviour of SS304l material
Microstructure and mechanical property evaluation of centre buffer coupler
Dynamic Fracture toughness behavior of high strength linepipe Steel
Sample collection & analysis for determination of quality /grade of stocksat different mines of CCL ,Ranchi
Friction stir welding of dissimilar material Cu-Al using the cryo-treated tool.
Energy efficient Coke base brass melting furnace for the artisans of West Bengal and Odisha.
Large-scale massively parallel molecular dynamics simulation of metal-matrix nano-composite: novel design and characterization.
Simulation of thin strip casting
Thematic research category,high Entropy Zr-Ca-Si-Ti-Fe base Alloy for Biomaterial Application.
Investigation of staining on steel treated with wet tempered fluid
Development of process technology for third generation advanced high strength steel
Development of Zn-Al-Mg coating with better resistance to surface backening and powdering. (CLP-0193)
Development of AL-Si-X(x=Mg/Na/other element) coating on hot forming grade steel.(CLP-0194)
Development of Fe flash coat to eliminate uncoated surface during galvanizing of advanced high strength steel.(CLP-0195)
Evaluation of density/homogeneity of TC rings[of rolls] through NDT technique.(CLP-0197)
Development of technology to eliminate wettability issues in HSS and AHSS in CGL2 annealing furnace by optimisation of dew point control.(CLP-0196)
Studies on dry beneficiation of coking coal. (CLP-0198)
Production of DRI from Steel Plant wastes such as Mill Scale, LD sludge and BF sludge.(CLP-0200)
Development of nano-size precipitates dispersed high strength steel with high(>80%) hole expansion ratio.(CLP-0202)
Transfer to technology for production of pigment grade iron oxide from ferrous chloride solution
Online moisture % detection in coke in blast furnace through microwave-assisted IR thermography.(CLP-0199)
Failure analysis of fuel tank
Influence of micronization on Mineral content and chemical structure of india coal.
Development of Dip mould simulator based method for qualification of casting powders for crack sensitive steel grades. (CLP-0201)
Study on sample generation for dewatering test using lab scale cyclone
High-Temperature Mechanical Deformation and Fracture Behavior of Nickel-Based Superalloys (Module II)
Study of Particulate Flow in Centrifugal Force Field with Continuous Fluid Current (Module-I)
Structure-Property Co-relation of Fe-Mn-Co-Cr Quaternary HE Alloy
Microstructure-Mechanical Properties Correlations in 3D Printed Steels
Processing of alloy powders through rapid solidification routes for their suitability in additive manufacturing
A crystal plasticity based computational materials engineering approach to design novel microstructure suitable for development of 3rd generation AHSS
Failure Investigation of cement plant press at M/S The Ramco Cements Limited
Modelling and Simulation of non- conventional superimposed multi-force mineral separator
Development of Expertise in Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) at CSIR NML
Residual Life Assessment study of DDH1 heater tubes
Effect of creep fatigue interation on Disc Forging
Development and transfer of process/Know How on red mud-containing geopolymer paving block.
Development of cost-effective green technology for pre-reduction of chromite ore in tunnel Kiln & production of high carbon Ferro chrome in SAF
upscalling(to 10 tons per day) of red mud containing geopolymer paving blocks process
Develoment of a metal plate with desirous characteristics
Analysis of grade declaration of NCL Madhya Pradesh
Evaluation of coal grades of western coalfield ltd region Maharashtra.
Seam overall characteristics of coal sample of Asansol coalfields.
Technology Transfer of Quick Repairing Material by Geopolymerisation of Fly Ash & Granulated Blast Furnace Slag
Evaluation of coal collected from of western coalfields.
Development of online temperature monitoring system for blowpipe in blast furnace using FBG sensors.(CLP-0203)
Assessment of Coal of sonepur bazari area of eastern Coalfield.
Testing of evaporator tube of waste heat recovery boiler of CCU of NRL
Consultancy services on classification of fly ash Maithon power plant.
Elevated temperature deformation behaviour of SU 263 Alloy under constant load condition.
AUSC-4 fireside corrosion Behavior of 304 HCU Alloy 617M in simulated India coal-fired AUSC condition
Smelting of chromite ore in 50kva arc furnace.
AUSC-1 Generation of creep data of Ausc Rotor( Alloy 617 M forge) and casing (alloy 625 cast ) materials
ASUC-2 evalaution of creep crack growth(CCG) behaviour for SS304HCU base material
ASUC-3 Evaluation of creep crack growth (CCG) behaviour for 10Cr-alloy 617 BMW weld joint
studies on recovery of chromite value for tailing of COB plant of OMC Ltd. Phase-II
RLA of boiler final superheater, and reheater tubes.
Entrepreneurship development program (EDP) through skill training on energy brass melting furnace for production of brass artifact.
Development of Low Carbon Bainitic Steels (Module-I)(Module II)(Module III)
Microstructural evolution and deformation behaviour of high entropy alloys at ambient and sub-ambient temperatures (Module 1)
AUSC-5 Evaluation of fracture and fatigue crack growth (FCG) in 10Cr- Alloy 617 BMW weld joint.
Development of a process for the production of synthetic rutile from low-grade ilmenite ore.
Production of iron powder from iron oxide fine at low temperature using hydrogen and methane/natural gas (NG).
Development and transfer of a technology for the production of electrolytic zinc powder from zinc dross.
AUSC-6 Evaluation of fracture and fatigue crack growth (FCG) behaviour of SS304 Hcu base material
Development of a process for extraction and separation of REEs from FCC catalysts
Graphene supercapacitor with energy density close to Li-ion battery
AUSC 7:Advanced Non-destructive Evalution techniques for Creep Damage Evalution of AUSC power power plant materials.
RLA of Crude and Vacuum Heater tubes.
Textural, Mineralogical, and geochemical constraints of the low-grade iron ore and fines of Odisha-Jharkhand sector around Barbil: Scientific interest and industrial concern.
To develop an effective extraction and separation technology to selectively extract rare earth elements - Erbium (Er), Terbium (Tb), Europium (Eu), Praseodymium (Pr) Neodymium (Nd) and Dysprosium (Dy) from WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipments)
Microstructure and mechanical of centre buffer coupler component
Journey of journals of Metallurgy and Materials Science over the last sixteen years: A Bib liometric study
Production of Fe-Ni/Co-Mo metallic alloy and alumina rich slag from Ni-Mo/Co-Mo spent catalysts in electric arc furnace
Feasibility Study on Reduction of Magnesium oxide in washed lime Kankar by Flotation
Feasibility of Recovering of metal and spinel refractory from ferrochrome slag using vacuum arc furnace
Computerization of quarter allocation process at CSIR-NML
A web-based information system for managing GST based Invoicing and Billing System
NABL Accreditation of MTE Division of CSIR-NML
Contribution of CSIR-National Metallurgical Laboratory, Jamshedpur in the area of Non-Ferrous Metallurgy during 1950-2015: A case Study
Replacement of Existing (2 Nos. 86TR Units) Inefficient Creep Central HVAC Plant in CSIR-NML
CSIR-NML_Clientele-A web-based information system for managing customer profile and feedback
Development and Implementation of an information management sysytem for managing RSPA activities electronically
A Process development for production of glass-ceramics products from metallurgical slags
Improvement of edge formability/flangeability of DP 590
Modeling and optimization of water cooled copper drum channel of melt spinning technique for the production of amorphous alloys
Consultancy related to reduction of clay contamination during quartz/feldspar washing
Synthesis of dry geopolymer cement using industrial byproducts and waste
Modelling and simulation analysis of de-sliming hydrocyclones at Joda Iron Ore Beneficiation Plant.
Sample collection and analysis for determination of quality/grade of slurry/rejects and washed coal powder stocks.
Development of indigenous air stratifier for dry beneficiation
Fatigue life evaluation of steel plate used in old rail bearer of a truss bridge
Twinning on Capacity Building to Transform Metal Industry Development Institute (MIDI)
Design and optimization study of flotation process using Modeling and Simulation analysis
Optimization of the continuous annealing cycle for improvement of the mechanical property and microstructure of continuous annealed cold rolled dual phase (DP 590) steel
Hydrogen assisted degradation and fracture in pipeline steel
Online Individual Tax Information System
Need assessment study of technology intervention for livelihood generation in rural and urban under-served community
Development of a methodology for the preparation of Basic Engineering Package (BEP) for CSIR-NML technologies
Development of an industrial information system that acts as a repository of information that can facilitate future business opportunities for CSIR-NML
Civil, Structural & Electrical infrastructure development for Amorphous Electrical Steel project at CSIR-NML
Assessment of entrepreneurship opportunities in the area of Metals, Materials, Minerals and Mining
Implementation of New Robust System of Process Auditing in CSIR-NML
Determination of Anisotropic Elastic Constants and Anisotropic Yield Parameters for Zr 2.5% Nb Pressure Tubes.
Analysis of grade declaration of Bharat Coking Coal Ltd,Dhanbad
Effect of build direction on properties of metallic components produced by direct digital manufacturing (3D metal printing) technique
Development of Briquetting technique for utilization of steel plant solid waste Phase-1.(Development of Briquettes for BOF from steel making sludge and other additives viz. blast furnace sludge/ESP dust/sinter return,generated in the steel plant)
Electronic packages for ultrasonic flow meter for on-board propellant gauging of spacecraft
Comminution studies of mixture of different type of cemetitious materials
Synthesis of new 2D materials other than graphene for energy application
Smart Sensing System for cold drawn high end wires
Failure Investigation of Main Steam Line TEE & ESV Spring
Development of Process for Recycling of Spent Mixed Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries
Root cause failure analysis of radiant tubes of furnace of HDGL/CRM-III at SAIL/BSL,Bokaro
Development of biodegradable eco-friendly flotation reagents for sillimanite,limestone,iron ore fines and coal
Residual stress investigation of rails
Development of carbon based filler immobilized mixed matrix membrane for separation of Heavy Toxic Metals (Focus on Nuclear metals) from dilute effluent/leach solution-(Module-1)
Self healing coating for corrosion protection of steel and Aluminium alloys
Scale up and commercialization of indigenously developed hydrogen standard in steel
Development of Advanced NDE based Diagnosis and Prognosis Protocols for A-USC Power Plants
Study on reducibility index of iron ore pellet
Creep-fatigue interaction behavior of ODS-austenitic steels and ODS-iron and nickel aluminides
Development of Magnetostrictive Sensing Device for Structural Integrity Evaluation of Pipes
Consultancy on supply and installation of laboratory scale flotation column
Consultancy for design,erection,commissioning and process stabilization of flotation column for sillimanite beneficiation of KMML-MS plant
Annealing simulator integrated with online process control sensors for run out table process simulation
Transfer of know-how for a process for production of highly metallized DRI from mill scale and lean grade coal
Thermo-mechanical processing and heat treatment of low carbon steel
Failure Investigation of distillation column copper trays at M/s Rajshree Sugars and Chemical Limited,Tamilnadu
Corrosion aggressivity of mine water samples
Extraction of rare earth elements from granulated blast furnace slag and evaluation of treated material for possible applications
Coal Characterisation of Singareni Collieries Co Ltd.
Know-how(Laboratory Scale) transfer for extraction of precious metals (Au,Pt,Pd) from the metallic concentrate of PC-PCBs
Patent Search and analytics service to Tata Steel Ltd
Microstructural and mechanical property evaluation of new and used CBC components
Coal Characterization of different mines of ECL
RLA of pigtail of hydrogen reformer
Payment of Royalty for Lacquer Technology
Characterization of BCCL Coal Mines
Seam overall characteristics of coal sample of Charina & Ghogdarpalli block, Sohagpur District
Development of high strength Zn-based biodegradable alloys for orthopedic applications
Pilot-scale investigation of hydrogen reduction of Ammonium Para tungstate and tungsten oxide for the production of tungsten powder.
Pilot scale beneficiation of low grade limestone
Establish suitable microstructure for improving high strain rate tensile behaviour of advanced high strength steel
Remaining life assessment of Hydrogen Reformer, Pig tail,Visbreaker-1, and Visbreaker-2 tubes.
To provide consultancy in evaluating quality of new and used SAB tubes using ultrasonic technique
High Temperature Oxidation and Hot Corrosion behavior of selected materials for Clean Coal Technologies for Power Plant Applications
Back Office Charges for MIDI Programme
Consultancy on performance evaluation of existing wet mill at KMML-MS.
Preparation of Detailed Project Report(DPR) for technological intervention through Technology Facility Centre(TFC) at five numbers of Bell and Brass metal clusters of West Bengal
Bench scale leaching optimization for improvement of Mn recovery from reduced Mn ore
Development of alternate reduction roasting process using gaseous reductant for processing of Mn-ore
Failure Investigation of Reactor Effluent Air Cooler 132-EA-201C in Hydrocracker Unit
Evaluation of Welding Joints of Thermal Power Plant Boiler Pipes through Electromagnetic Parameters
Charges for RLA study of Primary Reformer Catalyst Tubes by MPC-Omega Method
Investigations of Fracture and Fatigue Crack Growth Rate Behaviour of Aero Engine Fan Disk of Ti-6AI-4V Alloy
Recovery of germanium as metal/salts from secondary resources
Technical Consultancy for upgradation of Chemical Laboratory at M/s JAMIPOL, Jamshedpur
Pilot scale processes for recycling of metals/materials from E-waste
Development of graphene based membranes from graphite ore for desalination(in Collaboration with CSIR NIIST,Thiruvananthapuram)
Feasibility studies on recovery of barite from drilling mud by flotation
Metallurgical Failure Investigation of Fractured Rails
Characterization of ores, Minerals, Fluxes, granulated BF slag, LD slag, Fe alloy Slag and Fly ash"
Heat hydration studies on slag cement
Characterization of Ores, Minerals, Fluxes, granulated BF slag, LD slag, Fe alloy Slag and Fly ash" in terms of chemical composites on, phase analysis, optical & thermal properties
Development of inorganic-organic hybrid geopolymers (Module-I)
Studies on Creep deformation and fracture behavior of Cr-Mo Steels
Characterization of Coal samples of Sonepur Bazari Eastern coalfileds Ltd.
Heat controlled phase Transformation study of chromite materials in Rotary furnace
Study on Gross Caloric Value in different coal mines of BCCL Dhanbad
Technology transfer of a device for flow rate measurement of fluid through a narrow tube
Development of adherent Zn coating on Mg-Zn-Mn for enhancing implant life
Feasibility study on beneficiation of sandstone
Failure Investigation of wind mill gear box at M/s Kay Arr Engineering Services, Coimbatore
Rational Design of Solvent System: A Novel Approach for Recycling Metals from leach solution of Cathode Materials of Lithium-ion Batteries by Solvent extraction.(Module I: Studies on physico-chemical behavior of amines (pri,sec,tert and quert amines)and organophoric compounds (Phosphoric,phosphonic and phosphinic acids) for the solvent extraction and separation of Li,Co,Ni and Mn.)
Piloting of the process for Production of Premium Grade Iron Oxide from Waste Ferrous Chloride Solution Generated from Steel Pickling and llmenite Processing Units
Development of process on 2 kg scale for production of synthetic rutile from ilmenite
Residual stress investigation of rails from DFCCIL-Agra
Development of a mobile based app to know the corrosion rate of structural metals/alloy in India
Root Cause analysis of defective galvanized Switchyard Gantry Structure
Up-Scaling of the process for the production of DRI Briquettes utilising LD Sluge,BF Sluge,Mill Scale and CDQ in Tunnel Kiln Phase-I:Heat transfer study to optimize the diameter & thickness of the saggers
Investigation on hydrogen trapping characteristics of precipitate/matrix interface in microalloyed steel.(CLP-0206)
Enhancement of wear,abrasion and corrosion resistance through friction stir processed ceramic particle reinforce magnesium AZ 31 alloy
Residual stress investigation of rails from DFCCIL-MGS
Phase field modelling of microstructure evolution of steel during deformation processing
Molecular dynamic simulation of micro-structure & dislocation evolution during thermo-mechanical processing of pure Fe and Fe-C.
Advanced Gravity Concentration of Chromite Beneficiation Plant.
Consultancy on design,erection and commissioning of flotation column at M/s Tata Steel, Belatinda Coal Preparation Plant
Identifying the enablers to reduce the K2O and SiO2 contents in Gomardih dolomite samples.(CLP 0205)
Failure Investigation of thermomechanical treated (TMT) bars
Residual Stress Measurement on Bend Tubes (Axle Beams).(SSP-1199)
Development of high efficiency Tin Selenide based Thermoelectric and optically tunable coatings for alternative energy harvesting from different industrial applications (Module I)
CSIR Integrated Skill Training Initiative
Magnetic separation on limestone and clay samples for the removal of iron bearing and other magnetic impurities
High Temperature Crack Growth of Cr-Mo Steels
Distribution of rare earth elements and trace elements in soil and sediment in India 1.Pulverization of soil and sediment samples 2.Chemical analysis of soil and sediment samples for rare earth elements, trace elements by HG_AAS, ICP-MS and XRF
Beneficiation studies on low grade manganese ore samples.
Studies of Beneficiation process at Lawa Gold Ore Plant
Creep stress ruoture Test alongwith Specimen Fabrication Charges
Coal Characteristics of Central Coalfields Ltd.
Complete analysis of failed water wall tubes of unit # 1 boiler
Grade Decleration of Refree samples from South Eastern Coalfileds
Chemical Characterisation for the grade declaration of Eastern Coalfields Limited
Coal Characterisation of Singareni collieries Dhanbad.
Coal Characterisation of BCCL Collieries Dhanbad
Bench scale flotation study followed by Large scale validation for Rock Phosphate sample.
Development of Rapidly Quenched Fe-based Glassy Ribbons for Evaluation of Hydrogen Permeation (SSP-1210)
Evaluation of Mechanical Properties and Microstructural Assessment of Center Buffer Coupler
Material Evaluation and Health Assessment of Center Buffer Coupler.
Creep Rupture Studies for Supplied sample for 14000 Hours
Consultancy on Improvement of AU recovery from the leaching and other cercaits
Development of Indigenous Technology for Production of sodium Metal at Commercial Scale
Ultra Fine Grinding of Steel Slag (CLP-0207)
Development of new techniques for producing AHSS steels by optimizing annealing process parameters (CLP0209)
Development of a process for refining of commercial magnesium Metal through Vacuum distillation
Transfer of Know-Howfor the extraction of cobalt and gold from the black cathode material of Li-Co batteries and gold coated surface of e-waste
Transfer of Know-Howfor the extraction of Cobalt metal/ salt form the black powder of Li-cobalt batteries
Beneficiation of tribocharged particles on multiproperty separator
Study on effect of coal maceral on plastic behaviour of different coking coal
Predicting the probability of failure of power plant components using NDE parameters
Influence of process parameters on properties of SS316L components produced by metal 3D printing using SLM technique
Investigation on Advanced Short-Circuiting Gas Metal Arc Joining of Dissimilar Materials for Automotive Applications
Implication of grain boundary engineering to combat molten salt corrosion of Alloy617 and Super 304H in concentrated solar power plant
Mechanical properties evaluation of weld joints through ball indentation technique and its verification by standard test
Study of fluidized angles and boundary wall effects on density stratification in pulsated air stratifier using Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV)
Phase field modelling on microstructure evolution of Mg-alloys during solidification and aging
Energy efficient coal and oil based brass melting furnace for the artisans of West Bengal
Scaling up of the process for the production of iron powder from waste iron oxide fines/slimes using hydrogen gas /natural gas
Preparation and certification of Hydrogen Standard (CRM) in Steel
Development of a pseudo-capacitive nanocomposite electrode material for high energy supercapacitors (Module-I)
Transfer of Know-How (Laboratory Scale) for the extraction of cobalt and Manganese from black cathodic material
Collagen-graphene composites for energy devices.
Structure and magnetic properties of ball milled iron powders.
Study on reducibility index of iron ore pellet
Creep deformation behavior of Titan 26A alloy
Coal Characterization of Assansol and Singrauli Coalfield of India(SSP-1218)
Beneficiation studies on bauxite ore (SSP 1220)
Microstructural and mechanical property evaluation of Center Buffer Coupler components
To explore product development from waste alumino-silicate fibre material
Coal Quality Assessment of Eaestern Coalfields Ltd.
Development of thicker section (> 6 mm) abrasion resistance grade steel with relatively higher coiling temperature
Root cause analysis of failure of runner of unit # 1
Cold Rolling and Annealing of High strength Low Alloy Steel"
Coal Characterization of Eastern Coalfileds
Development of a Cost-Effective Refractory Lining Materials for Induction Melting Furnace Suitable for Production of Quality Steel: Phase II (Industrial Trials).
E-ProjectView-One Window for Profiling all Project related Information (Phase I)
Development of a customizable web-based system that can facilitate the e-recruitment of scientific & technical staff at CSIR-NML(Phase 1 would focus on Gr.IV & Gr. III)
Construction of connecting bay from main bulding (west side) tot he pilot plant building at CSIR-NML,Jamshedpur
Installation, Commissioning & Testing of roof top solar power plant in CSIR NML premises
Development of a methodology for the preparation of Basic Engineering Package(BEP) for CSIR-NML Technologies
Development of cheque writing software
Indigenous production of electronic iron power from mild steel
Development of melting-casting facilities and optimization of melting –casting parameters for 3rd generation Al-Li alloys.
Creep and stress rupture property evaluation of T11 (1.25Cr-0.5Mo) steel
Development of integrated information system to create, manage and extract data pertaining to industries, experts, and facilities in the area of Metals, Materials, Minerals and Mining.
Structural engineering into 3D macroscopic architecture with hierarchical porosity for real application of energy storage devices
Studies on stress rupture behaviour of Alloy 690 base and weld metal
Effect of Deformation and Chemistry on X70 properties (CLP 0210)
Coating thickness measurement of metallic (Galvanized/glavalume) coated and pre-painted steel
Performance Evaluation of Protective Coating
Study of mechanical properties and microstructure for health assessment of Centre Buffer Coupler for RDSO
Thermal Mapping of Tuyere through FBG Sensor
Replacement of bentonite with alternative binder for iron ore pelletization (Phase 1)
Optimisation of FBG sensors requirement for locating the critical zone of Blow pipe
Temperature mapping of Down-comers of Pellet plant to identify the critical hot zone to avoid catastrophic failure
Sensor and device for on-line Zn weight measurement of GI wires
Consultancy on Preparation of Basic Engineering Package for 10,000 TPA EMD Plant at Dongri-Buzurg Site of MOIL Ltd.
Assessment of Cr-Mo steel welding joints by NDE methods
Cold bonding test work for coke dust
Coal Quality assessment of WCL area
Transfer of KNOW-HOW for Extraction of Cobalt metal Salt from Black Powder of Lithium Batteries
Coal Quality Assessment of Maharashtra State Power Generation company Ltd.,
XRF and ICP-MS analysis of NGCM samples
Coal Quaklity Assessment of WCL-Urma Area
Development of Methodology for Real-time Volumetric Inspection of Copper Rods
Transfer of Know-How (Laboratory Scale) for extraction of valuable and Precious metals from scrap of electronic ws
De-Siliconization of High Silicon Ferro Chrome in 50 kVA EAF
Design and Development of an integrated, web-based information management system for managing Creep Test jobs, calibration, maintenance and reporting of test results at CSIR-NML
Effect of Chemistry & Processing Parameters on Mechanical Properties of HS 800 Steel
Galvanizing coating simulation using hot dip process simulator
Technology for Process Improvement in Degreasing, Brightening & Passivation Process of Cartridge Case manufacturing of 7.62mm M-80, 7.62mm A-7, 5.56mm & 12.7mm SA Ammunition and process improvement in cleaning & polishing operation of 5.56mm Bullet manufacturing
Studies on stability and processing of face centred cubic Titanium (Module I)
precipitation hardened compositionally complex alloys (module I)
Pilot scale study on hydrocyclone
Optimization and performance evaluation of West Bokaro coking Coal washery Of Tata Steel through modelling and simulation analysis.
characterization, Benefication and coke formation studies on low volatile coking coal for metallurgical utility (Module I)
Thematic research category title investigation on the machinability and wire drawablity Mg Alloys.
Controlled electro fabrication of nanostructure corrosion and powering resistant compositionally modulated multilayer (CMM) Zn-alloy coating on advance high strength steel alternate to galvannealed products.
Effect of microstructure evolution in weld heat affected zone on fracture toughness and fatigue of API steel (X70 / X80) weld joints
Biomass derive activated carbon-based prototype supercapacitor for real application
Study of dewatering behaviour of fine particles in hydrocyclone (Module-II)
Extraction of critical metals form used Li ion Batteries
Development of Innovative Hydrometallurgical process for extraction of rare earth elements from metallurgical and chemical process wastes (Innova-Rare)
Development of Briquetting technique for utilization of Steel plant solid waste (Phase 2)
Effect of Electrode Composition on the Mechanical and Corrosion Behaviour of Welded Duplex Stainless Steel in Corrosive Environments.
Bulk Chemical: WP-1 Production of lithium from ores.
Patent Research Analytics Services
Residual Life Assessment Study of Gas Turbine generator (1250-2E class)