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Porfolio Name Designation Division Telephone Email Qualification Specialisation
Dr. Sanjay Kumar Scientist EII MEF 0657-2345042/2345049 sunju@nmlindia.org M.Tech, Ph.D, Ceramic Engineering Solid Waste Utilization, Geopolymers, Cement, Ceramics
Dr. Vikas Chandra Srivastava Scientist EII MEF 0657-2345041 vcsrivas@nmlindia.org B.Tech., M.Tech., Ph.D. Materials Processing, Metal matrix Composites, Spray deposition and melt tomization
Dr. R. K. Jana Scientist G MEF 0657-2345185 rkjana@nmlindia.org Ph. D. (Metallurgical Eng.) Nonferrous Extractive Metallurgy: Smelting, Roasting, Leaching, Solvent extrction,Electro-metallurgy
Dr. Rakesh Kumar Scientist G MEF 0657-2345060/2345059 rakesh@nmlindia.org B.Sc(Eng) (Hons), M.Tech, Ph.D (Metallurgical engineering) Hydrometallurgy, Mechanical activation of solids, Materials characerisation, waste utilisation
Dr.Amitava Mitra Scientist G MST 0657-2345017/2345003 amitra@nmlindia.org M.Sc, Ph.D Magnetic Mat/Nanomaterials/Phase Trans./NDE
Dr.N.Parida Scientist G MST 0657-2345289/166 nparida@nmlindia.org M.Tech, Ph.D Fatigue/acoustic emission, Failure analysis
Dr.Ashok Kumar Ray Scientist G MST 0657-2345197 asokroy@nmlindia.org B.Sc,B.E,M.Sc(Engg), Ph.D, MMRSI,MIIM, FIC, FIE  RLA/TBC/Creep-Fatigue Evaluation
Dr.Arvind Sinha Scientist F MST 0657-2345013 arvind@nmlindia.org M.Sc, M.Phil,Ph.D, FNASc. Biomimetics & Nanomaterials
Dr Ranjan K. Sahu Scientist EI MST 0657-2345052 rksahu@nmlindia.org M.Sc, Ph.D Magnetic materials, electronic materials
Dr.Ashis Kumar Panda Scientist EI MST 0657-2345002 akpanda@nmlindia.org M.Sc, Ph.D Magnetic Materials / Nanomaterials / Phase Trans./ Magnetic NDE
Dr. Trilochan Mishra Principal Scientist CSE 0657-2345084 tmishra@nmlindia.org M. Sc., Ph.D Surface science, Nanomaterial, Corrosion, Pickling and Coatings by sol-gel and elctrodeposition
Dr. S. Sivaprasad Scientist EII MST 0657-2345193 shiva@nmlindia.org M. Tech., Ph.D Fatigue & Fracture
Dr. Ratnakar Singh Scientist G, Head MNP 0657-2345054/55/9004 rs@nmlindia.org M.Sc. M. Tech. Ph.D. Froth Flotation, Fine Particle Processing, Mineral Processing
A. Srinivasan Scientist +91-657-2271709-14 Extn 2201 vasansrini_72@rediffmail.com B.E.,(Mechanical), M.E. (Production) Al and Mg alloy development
Dr. Goutam Das Scientist F MST 0657-2345258 gd@nmlindia.org M.Sc. (Physics), M.Tech.(Mat. Sc.) Ph.D.(Metallurgy) Physical Metallurgy, small specimen technique, FA/RLA
Dr. Sanchita Chakravarty Scientist EII ANC 0657-2345063 sanchita@nmlindia.org M.Sc.,Ph.D in Chemistry Water Chemistry and Instrumental Analysis
Dr. A. Vidyadhar Sr. Scientist MNP 0657-2349008 ari@nmlindia.com M.Sc (Applied Chemistry), PhD (Mineral Processing) Surface Chemistry, Froth Flotation, Fine Particle Processing, Coal Preparation, Iron Ore Beneficiation, Recycling of Electronic Waste
Dr.S.Prakash Scientist G,Advisor MEF 0657-2345220/2345205 sprakash@nmlindia.org B.Tech(Chem Engg), M.Tech(Chem Engg), Ph.D(Engg) Metallurgy High Temperature Kinetics; Computational Fluid Dynamics, Assessment and Development of Novel Ferrous Process, Business Development
Dr. Kakali Chatterjee Scientist F BDM 0657-2345201 kajee@nmlindia.org PhD(Physics), PGDBM(XLRI), Lead Auditor Absorption & Emission Spectroscopy, Molecular Interactions & Hydrogen Bonding, R& D Planning & Management, Rural Development, Training, ISO 9001
Dr.Soumitra Tarafder Scientist G, Head HRG 0657-2345121/2 star@nmlindia.org B.E., M.Tech., Ph.D Fatigue, Fracture mechanics, Structural integrity evaluation
Dr. Jayanta Konar Sr.Technical Officer ANC 0657-2345066 konar@nmlindia.org M.Sc. Ph D Applied Chemistry Instrumental & conventional wet chemical Analysis
Dr. Santanu Bhattacharjee Scientist G, Head ANC 0657-2345269/5044/5270 santanu@nmlindia.org M.Sc, Ph.D Theoritical Chemistry Theoritical chemistry, Extractive Analytical Chemistry,water treatment
S.Chandra Sekhar Scientist B MNP 0657-2271404/*330 chandra@nmlindia.org B.Tech ; M.Tech (Chemical Engg) Mineral processing
Dr. Sushil Kumar Mandal Scientist G MST 0657-2345080 skm@nmlindia.org B.E.E, M.Tech, Ph.D, ICWAI Signal & Image Processing, Microcomputer based Control System and Computer Vision
Dr.Lokesh C. Pathak Scientist F MST 0657-2345026 lokesh@nmlindia.org M.Tech, Ph.D Nano Mat/Pdr.Met/Comp
Dr.Sandip Ghosh Chowdhury Scientist F MST 0657-2345007 sgc@nmlindia.org B.E, M.Tech,Ph.D Steel Development, Phase transformation & Thermomechanical Processing, EBSD and Texture
Dr.J.swaminathan Scientist F MST 0657-2345195 jsn@nmlindia.org M.Sc, M.Tech, Ph.D Material Evaluation
Dr.Gudupati Sridhar Scientist F MST 0657-2345021 gs@nmlindia.org M.Tech,Ph.D Struc.Prop/Electroslagcast
Mr.Swapan Kr.Das Scientist EII MST 0657-2345010/12 sapan@nmlindia.org M.E., Phd (metallurgical Engineering), Ph.D. Phy.Met, Structure-property correlation,failure analysis
Dr.B.Ravi Kumar Scientist EII MST 0657-2245008 ravik@nmlindia.org M.Sc. (Engg.), M.tech, Ph.D XRD/Residual stress analysis
Dr.Sarmistha Sagar Scientist EII MST 0657-2345023 sarmi@nmlindia.org B.Tech,M.Tech, Ph.D Magnetic Material, Non- Destructive testing, Sensor Development
Dr.G.V.S.Murthy Scientist EII MST 0657-2345259 gvs@nmlindia.org M.Sc, Ph.d MossbauerSpect/Ultrasonic
Dr. J.K.Sahu Scientist EII MST 0657-2345194 jksahu@nmlindia.org B.E., M.Tech, Ph.D Fatigue/Str. Property relationship
Dr.(Mrs.) Ansu J. Kailath Scientist EI MST 0657-2345016 ansu@nmlindia.org M.Sc.,M.Tech, Ph.D. Therm. Chatn/Met glass
Dr. Suprabha Nayar Scientist EII MST 0657-2345077 nayar@nmlindia.org M.Sc.,Ph.d Biomimetics
Dr. Ranjan Kr Sahu Scientist EI MST 0657-2345052 rksahu@nmlindia.org M.Sc.,Ph.d Mg.materials/Nanomaterials
Dr.N.Narasaiah Scientist I MST 0657-2345195 nn@nmlindia.org M.tech, Ph.d Fatigue & fracture
Dr.Mainak Ghosh Scientist EI MST 0657-2345188 mainakg@nmlindia.org M.E., Ph.D Phy.Met/Advc.Joing Tech
Dr.Ashit Kr. Pramanik Scientist EI MST 0657-2345014 pramanick@nmlindia.org M.Sc,Ph.D Mat.Char, TEM, AFM, Alloy Dev/ Nano materials
Mr. Krishna Guguloth Scientist C MST 0657-2345091 krishna@nmlindia.org B.Tech, M.Tech Mechanical Metallurgy
Dr.Himadri Nandan Bar Scientist C MST 0657-2345192 hnbar@nmlindia.org B.E., M.E., Ph.D. Acoustic Emission, composites, Failure analysis
Arpan das Scientist C MST 0657-2345192 arpan@nmlindia.org B.E., M.Tech. physical Metallurgy, Non-destruction Technique, XRD
V. Rajinikanth Scientist C MST 0657-2345252 rajni@nmlindia.org B.E., M.Tech. Phy.Met, Mech. met, GBE
Dr. Archana Agarwal Scientist F MEF 0657-2345058 archana@nmlindia.org, archana_nml@y M.Sc,Ph.D Hydrometallurgy, Material synthesis, Waste management and recycling
Dr.Durbadal Mandal Scientist EI MEF 0657-2345037,+919431569569 durbadal@nmlindia.org B.E, M.Tech, Ph.D Alloy Dev, MMCs
Dr.K.K sahu Scientist EII MEF 0657-2345250/5296 kksahu@nmlindia.org M.Sc, Ph.D Hydrometallurgy, Tech. dev. for metal extraction and material synthesis, waste management and recycl
Dr. Gopi Kishore Mandal Scientist EI MEF 0657-2345233/5234 gopi@nmlindia.org B. Tech., M.Tech. Galvanising, process modelling, iron making and steel making
Dr.Satadal Gorai Scientist EI MEF 0657-2345239 satadal@nmlindia.org PhD Ferro extraction
Palash Poddar Scientist C MEF 0657-2345047 palash@nmlindia.org B.Tech Metal forming and alloy dev.
Dr.S.Ranganathan Scientist G MEF 0657-2345275/5106 sriranga@nmlindia.org Ph.D Thermodynamics, phase diagrtams, extraction of metals, thermo-chemistry
Dr.A.Prodhan 0657-2271806 ap@nmlindia.org B.e,M.Tech,Ph.D Metallurgy
Dr.Jhumki Hait Scientist EI MEF 0657-2345186 jhumki@nmlindia.org B.E., M. Tech., Ph.D. Hydrometallurgy
Mr. J. Pal Scientist EII MEF 0657-2345240 jp@nmlindia.org B.E., M. Tech., Ph.D. Ironmaking and steel making
Dr.K.L.Sahoo Scientist EII MEF 0657-2345046 klsah@nmlindia.org B.Sc.(Hons), B.e(Engg), M.E, Ph.d Industrial met, alloy dev, metallic glass, physical metallurgy
Dr. Vinay Kumar Scientist G MEF 0657-2345272 vkumar@nmlindia.org Ph.D Hydrometallurgy
Dr. K.D.Mehta Scientist EII MNP 0657-2349005 kdmehta@nmlindia.org B.E., M.Tech., Ph.D. Biphydrometallurgy
Dr.(Mrs) M.Bhattaxcharya Scientist EI MEF 0657-2421763 mitu@nmlindia.org M.Sc., Ph.D. Extractove Metallurgy, Material synthesis (Magnetic Materials)
Dr.S.K.Sahu Scientist EI MEF 0657-2345273 sushanta@nmlindia.org M.Sc., M. Phil., Ph.D. Non-ferrous extractive metallurgy
Abhilash Scientist B MEF 0657-2345274,+91-9431962767 abhilash@nmlindia.org B.Sc-Microbiology,M.Sc-Biotechnology,PhD-Biohydrometalllurgy(In Submission Stage) Biomineral Processing (Bioleacing,Bioremediation),Environmental Microbiology,Hydrometallurgy
Dr. P.N.Chaudhary Scientist G BDM 0657-2345208 pnc@nmlindia.org B.Tech, M.Tech, Ph.D (Met.Engg.) Process Metallurgy (Ferrous), Failure Investigation of Rolling Mill Rolls, Coordinator: Iron & Steel Research
Sudip Kundu Scientist B ICTU 0657-2345092 sudip@nmlindia.org B. Tech.(IT) Information Technology, ICT
Kalyan Kumar Gupta Scietntist G BDM 0657-2345082 kalyan@nmlindia.org M.Sc., M.Tech. CRM Preparation and instrumental analysis
Laliteswar Singh Sr. Technical Office ANC 0657-2345064
Y.P.K.Rao Tech. Officer ENG 0657-2345175 ypkrao@nmlindia.org
Dr. Raghuvir Singh Scientist EII CSE 0657-2345078 rsr@nmlindia.org M.Sc., PhD corrosion Science
Dr. I. Chattoraj Scientist F BDM 0657-2345220/5205 ichatt@nmlindia.org B.Tech., M.Tech., PhD Metallurgy, Corrosion Failure
Dr. S.K. Tiwari Scientist F CSE 0657-2345083 sktiwari@nmlindia.org M.Sc.(Chem), PhD Metallurgy, Corrosion Failure
Sharma Paswan Scientist C CSE 0657-2345265 sharma@nmlindia.org B.Sc. (Engg.), M.Tech., Ph.D. Applied Industrial Chemistry
Dr. K.L. Hansda Scientist F BDM 0657-2345204 klh@nmlindia.org B.Sc(Engg. Met), M.Sc(Engg. Met), PhD Business development & Training
Dr. S.K. Pal Principal Scientist BDM 0657-2345211/2345182, 9798370253 skp@nmlindia.org M.Sc(Phy),A.I.Sc.(Inf. Science & Tech.),Ph.D (Physics) Magnetic Materials, Amorphous Materials Intellectual Property Management, Liaison & Techo-commercial Negotiation, Inf. Management, Tech. Marketing & Business Development
Beena Kumari Scientist BDM 0657-2345210 beena@nmlindia.org BCA, MCA Software Development, Web development
K.K. Paul Scientist G, Head ENG 0657-2345178/5177 kkpaul@nmlindia.org B.E.(Mech) Equipment Design and Fabrication, Modernisation and Augmentation of Facilities, material Handling Equipment Design
I.B. Mishra Scientist G ENG 0657-2345174 ibmishra@nmlindia.org B.Sc(Engg), M.E., L.L.B. Civil & Structural Engineering, Concrete Tech, Construction Management
A.K. Datta Scientist F MEF 0657-2345173 akd@nmlindia.org B.E.(Civil), M.E.(Structural) Design, Construction & Maintenance of RCC and steel works, FEM
Parvesh Kumar Scientist F ENG 0657-2345011 pkdhawan@nmlindia.org B.E.(Electrical) Electrical System upping, Maintenance, Operation
Dr. Arpita Ghosh Scientist C MST 0657-2345081 arpita@nmlindia.org B.E., M.Tech., PhD Instrumentation, Electronics and calibration
T.K. Das Scientist C MST 0657-2345076 tkdas@nmlindia.org M. Tech.(Instrumention Engineering) Instrumentation Engineering
Mr. Rajneesh Kumar Scientist C ENG 0657-2345034 rkgupta@nmlindia.org AMIE, M.E. Welding Engineering
C.B. Jugseniya Scientist C MEF 0657-2345292 jugseniya@nmlindia.org B.E.(Mech), M. Tech.(Design), DBM, PhD(Mechanical Engineering) Design Engineering
Dr. Suman K. Mishra Scientist F MST 0657-2345256/5257 suman@nmlindia.org M.Sc., PhD Thin Film, Super Conductivity, High Temperature Materials
Dr. Jay Chakraborty Scientist EII MST 0657-2345022 jay@nmlindia.org Ph.D.
Avijit Kumar Metya Scientist C MST 0657-2345024 avijit@nmlindia.org B.E., M.Tech. NDE/Nonlinear ultrasonic
Parikshit Munda Scientist C MST 0657-2345031 pmunda@nmlindia.org B.Tech (Metallurgy), M.Tech (Metallurgy) Physical Metallurgy of Steels,
Md. Murtuja Husain Scientist C MST 0657-2345031 murtuja@nmlindia.org M.Tech(Metallurgical & Materials)
Dr. Rajat K. Roy Scientist C MST 0657-2345002 rajat@nmlindia.org B.E. (Metallurgy), M.E. (Physical Metallurgy), PhD. (Metallurgy & Materials Engg.) Physical metallurgy, Alloy development through rapid solidification, Magnetic NDE, Joining of metals
Dr. S.K. Das Chief Scientist Advisor 0657-2345085/5090 skd@nmlindia.org M.Tech., PhD(Mech. Engg.) Mathematical process modelling, Multi-scale materials modeling, CFD & Transport phenomena , Soft computing applications
Dr. Mita Tarafder Scientist F BDM 0657-2345089 mt@nmlindia.org Ph.D (Comp. Sc.), B.E.(Electrical), PGD(Computer Science) Finite Element Method, Fracture Mechanics
Dr. N. Das Scientist F MST 0657-2345091 nry@nmlindia.org M.Sc., PhD Optimization techniques, Satistical Analysis, Application of FEM
Mr. B. Dash Scientist EII, Head ICTU 0657-2345090/5305 bd@nmlindia.org M.Tech(Computer Applications), M.Sc.(Physics) Software Development, Distributed Processing, Image Processing, Neutral Network
Ms. S. Hore Scientist EII MEF 0657-2345087 sh@nmlindia.org M.Tech Scientific Software Design and Development database Management System
Madan Mohanasundaram Scientist C MEF 0657-2345303 madan@nmlindia.org M.Tech. Mathematical Modelling and Extractive Metallurgy
A.K. Gupta Scientist C ICTU 0657-2345092 abhishek@nmlindia.org B.Tech(IT), PGDIT
Dr. M. Malathi Scientist C MEF 0657-2345303 malathi@nmlindia.org B.E., M.Tech., Ph.D.
Dr. D. Bandyopadhyay Scientist G MEF 0657-2345237 db@nmlindia.org B.E., M.Tech., PhD Kinetics, Iron Making and Mathematical Modelling
Dr. S. D. Singh Scientist G MEF 0657-2345232 sds@nmlindia.org B.E., M.Tech., PhD Ferrous Process, Pre-treatment of Hot Metal/Secondary Steel Making/Bath Smelting
Dr. A. Pradhan Scientist EII MEF 0657-2345235 ap@nmlindia.org B.E., M.Tech., PhD Metal casting, ECT processing, Metal Matrix Composite, Melt degassing
Dr. A. Agrawal Scientist EII MEF 0657-2345058 archana@nmlindia.org M.Sc.,Ph.D.
R.K. Minj Scientist F MEF 0657-2345234 rkm@nmlindia.org B.Tech., M.Tech. Iron Powder Production by Atomization Foudry, Ferro Alloy, Iron Making & Steel Making
M.M. Humane Scientist EII MEF 0657-2345040 mmh@nmlindia.org B.E.(Met), M.E.(Met) Ferro-Alloy, Steel Making and Foundry
T.C. Alex Scientist EII MEF 0657-2345042/5184 alex@nmlindia.org M.Sc., M.Tech. Mineral Beneficiation, Pyro-Metallurgy
Dr. M.K. Jha Scientist EI MEF 0657-2345302 mkjha@nmlindia.org PhD(Metallurgical Engineering)
Dr. A. Dasgupta Scientist EI MEF 0657-2345293 adg@nmlindia.org M.Tech., PhD Extraction Metallurgy
Dr.M. Bhattacharya Scientist EI MEF 0657-2345276 mitu@nmlindia.org M.Sc., PhD Extraction Metallurgy, Pyrometallurgy and Hydrometallurgy, Kinetics of the Process metallurgy
Dr. Manoj Kumar Scientist EI MEF 0657-2345180 mk@nmlindia.org B.Sc(Engg), M.Tech, PhD Non-ferrous Processing
Dr. S. Prasad Scientist EI MEF 0657-2345105 sprasad@nmlindia.org M.Sc., PhD Non-ferrous Metal Extraction from Ore & Waste
Dr. S.K. Maity Scientist EI MEF 0657-2345236/005 maity@nmlindia.org M.Sc., M.Tech., Ph.D. Ferrous processing
Dr. Satadal Ghorai Scientist EI MEF 0657-2345239 satadal@nmlindia.org B.E., M.E., PhD
Dr. D. Mishra Scientist EI MEF 0657-2345250/5183 dmishra@nmlindia.org M.Sc., PhD Non-ferrous Extraction Metallurgy
Dr. Sanjay Agarwal Scientist EI MER 0657-2345241 sanjay@nmlindia.org B.E., M.E., Ph. D Non-ferrous Extraction Metallurgy
Dr. D.C. Sau Scientist C MEF 0657-2345238 dcsau@nmlindia.org B.E., M.Tech., Ph.D Modelling & Extraction Metallurgy
Pratima Meshram Scientist C MEF 0657-2345277 pratima@nmlindia.org B.E., M.Tech.
S.K. Nath Scientist C MEF 0657-2345043 snath@nmlindia.org B.Tech.(Ceramic Technology), M.Tech.(Masterial Science)
D. Paswan Scientist B MEF 0657-2345047 dnpaswan@nmlindia.org B.Tech., M.Tech.
K.K. Bhattacharyya Scientist G MNP 0657-2349001 kkb@nmlindia.org B.Sc(Engg) Mineral Processing, Agglomeration
Dr. R.P. Bhagat Chief Scientist MNP 0657-2349007 rpb@nmlindia.org B.E, M.Tech., PhD Iron Ore Processing & Agglomeration (Sintering & Pelletisation)
Dr. K.V. Rao Scientist F MNP 0657-2349016 kvrao@nmlindia.org M.Sc.(Tech), PhD Applied Geology, Mineral Processing
Dr. Avimanyu Das Scientist EII MNP 0657-2349018 adas@nmlindia.org M.Tech., PhD Mineral Processing, Mathematical Modelling
Dr. M.K. Mohanta Principal Scientist MNP 0657-2349003/09431382068 mohanta@nmlindia.org M.Tech., M.phil., PhD Geology, Process Mineralogy, Geo-Chemistry, Instrumental Analysis
Dr. B. Nayak Scientist EII MNP 0657-2271860/2349002 bm@nmlindia.org M.Sc., PhD Mineralogy, Ore Petrology
Dr. Shobhana Dey Scientist EI MNP 0657-2349020 sd@nmlindia.org M.Tech., PhD Mineral Processing
Dr. S. Srikanth D' NML 2345202 ssrikanth@nmlindia.org B.Sc.(Engg), M.E., PhD(Metallurgy) Thermodynamics measurements, Computational thermochemistry, Mechanical activation & Extraction Processes, Failure Analysis
Dr. R.K. Rath Scientist EI MNP 0657-2349013 rkrath@nmlindia.org M.Sc., M.Tech., Ph.D. Mineral processing and Surface chemistry
Mamta Sharma Scientist MNP 0657-2349002 ms@nmlindia.org Ph.D Coal Petrology & Ore Microscopy
Sunati Mohanty Scientist B MNP 0657-2349020 smohanty@nmlindia.org B.E., M.Tech.
Dr. J.K. Sircar Scientist F ANC 0657-2345062 jks@nmlindia.org M.Sc., PhD in chemitry Conventional and Instrumental analysis
Dr. S. Garai Scientist C MST 0657-2345067 subha@nmlindia.org M.Sc., PhD Conventional analysis
Dr. A.K. Mohanty Scientist C ANC 0657-2345264 akm@nmlindia.org M.Sc., PhD in chemitry Instrumental analysis
Dr. N.G. Goswami Scientist G IMDC 0657-2345108/5109/5110 ngg@nmlindia.org M.Sc, PhD, PGDBM Ecology & Environ. Sc., S&T Management, Editing & Publication, Lib. Administration, Information Dissemination and Business Promotion Material Knowledge resources Services
Dr. P.N. Mishra Scientist EI IMDC 0657-2345113 paras@nmlindia.org Ph.D., M.L.I.SC, M.Sc.(Tech) Minerals, Metallurgical bibliographical Services
Dr. G. Bhaskarraju Scientist G NML-MC 044-24424991,+919884971542 gbraju55@gmail.com M.Sc., PhD(Chem) Mineral Processing
Dr. S. Prabhakar Scientist G NML-MC 044-24425828,+919444105728 swaprabha@yahoo.com M.Sc., PhD(Chem) Mineral Processing
Dr. S. Subba Rao Scientist F NML-MC 044-24454098,+919840229179 sripadas@gmail.com PhD(Chem Engg) Mineral Processing, QMS
Dr. T.S.N. Sankaranarayanan Scientist EI NML-MC 044-24456223,+919444606088 tsnsn@rediffmail.com M.Sc., PhD(Chem) Electrochemistry, Metal Finishing & Chemical Analysis
Dr K. Gopalakrishna Scientist EII SCE 9472769329 kgk@nmlindia.org B.E.(Met), PGD(TQM), M.S (I.T), Ph.D (Metallurgy, IIT Madras) Powder Metallurgy, Surface Engineering & Materials Characterization, Metallurgical Inspection, Failure analysis
T.V. Vijaya Kumar Scientist EI NML-MC 044-24405356,+919444914590 tvvk65@yahoo.com M.A.Sc(Mineral Processing), M.Sc(Engg) Mineral Processing
M. Ananda Rao Scientist B NML-MC +919884342218 anandm04@gmail.com M.Tech. Metallurgy
Dr. B. D. Pandey Scientist G MEF 0657-285 bdpandey@nmlindia.org PhD(Applied Chem) Hydrometallurgy, Learning, Solvent Extraction, Electrowinning and Roasting of Sulphides, Bio-hydrometallurgy, Human Resource management
Mr. D.K. Mishra Scientist EII MST dkm@nmlindia.org B.Tech. Instrumentation, Electronics and calibration
I B MISHRA Scietist F ENG/CEU 0657 2345174, 9471341061 ibmishra@nmlindia.org M.E.Civil Engineering( Structures);Construction Management : LLB Infrastructure Asset Management, NDE & Rehabilitation of old structures,Cement & Concrete Technology
Capt. Rajesh Lal Advisor BDM 0657-2345215 rlal@nmlindia.org
Dr. A K Upadhyay Sr. Technical Office ANC 0657-2345064 aku@nmlindia.org
Mr. M Singh Sr. Technical Office ANC 0657-2345064 manjit@nmlindia.org
Mrs. Rupa Das Biswas Tech, Assistant ANC 0657-2345064 rupa@nmlindia.org
Jay Narayan Patel Tech, Assistant ANC 0657-2345064 jnpatel@nmlindia.org
A K Upadhyay Tech. Officer BDM 0657-2345290 ashish@nmlindia.org BCA, MCA
K. Shravan Kumar Scientist C CSE 0657-2345026 shravan@nmlindia.org
H K Das Tech. Officer CSE 0657-2345256 hkd@nmlindia.org
M K Mahato Sr. Tech. Officer ENG 0657-22345073/74 mkmahato@nmlindia.org
R K Sharma Sr. Tech. Officer ENG 0657-2345035 rksharma@nmlindia.org
T K Saha Sr. Tech. Officer ENG 0657-2345001/5079 tksaha@nmlindia.org
R Ghosh Sr. Tech. Officer ENG 0657-2345170 rg@nmlindia.org
S S Singh Sr. Technician ENG 0657-2345117 sss@nmlindia.org
G. Goswami Sr.Technician ENG 0657-2345213 ggoutam@nmlindia.org
Manish Sharma Tech. Assistant ENG 0657-2345176 msharma@nmlindia.org
Sanjay Kumar Tech, Assistant ENG 0657-2345231 skumar@nmlindia.org
Brahma Singh Tech. Assistant ENG 0657-2345015 brahma@nmlindia.org
P P Pal Tech. Assistant ENG 0657-2345172 partha@nmlindia.org
R K Jha Tech. Assistant ENG 0657-2345172 rahul@nmlindia.org
R R Srivastava Tech. Assistant ENG 0657-2346001 rrs@nmlindia.org
Nimai Haldar Tech. Assistant ENG 0657-2345175 nimai@nmlindia.org
Pankaj Kumar Tech. Assistant ENG 0657-2345035, 9430142153 pankajk@nmlindia.org 4 Years Diploma in Tool & Die Making Design & Manufacturing
Shailendra Kumar Tech. Assistant ENG 0657-2345170 shailendra@nmlindia.org
Ramashray Ram Sr. Technician ENG 0657-2345035 ramashray@nmlindia.org
M Kandulana Sr.Technician ENG 0657-2345035 marsalan@nmlindia.org
S Naiya Sr.Technician ENG 0657-2345217 snaiya@nmlindia.org
H S Tirkey Sr.Technician ENG 0657-2346001 hst@nmlindia.org
Sumanta Bagui Scientist C MST 0657-2345189 sbagui@nmlindia.org B.Tech, M.Tech Creep, Fatigue, Fracture
P K Roy Sr. Tech. Officer MST 0657-2345191/194 prabir@nmlindia.org M.Sc. (Engg.) (Metallurgical Engg.)
S Soupramanien Tech. Officer MST 0657-2345225 csmanien@nmlindia.org
Amit Prakash Sr. Tech. Officer(1) MST 0657-2345024, 9334619150 amit@nmlindia.org B. E. (Mech. Engineering), ASNT Level-II in UT, ET & RT NDE
Bhupeshwar Mahato Tech. Assistant MST 0657-2345188 bm@nmlindia.org
P P L Narayan Private Secretary MST 0567-2345065
Prabha Srinivasan Secretariate MEF 0657-2345244 ps@nmlindia.org
A P Murugesan Scientist C MEF 0657-2345299 murugesan@nmlindia.org
M Chandra Shekhar Sr. Tech. Officer MEF 0657-2345236/5248 mcs@nmlindia.org
M Chandra Shekhar Sr. Tech. Officer MEF 0657-2345236/5248 mcs@nmlindia.org
M Chandra Shekhar Sr. Tech. Officer MEF 0657-2345236/5248 mcs@nmlindia.org
Manoj Kumar Runda Sr. Tech. Officer MEF 0657-2345184 mkr@nmlindia.org
D P Singh Tech. Assistant MEF 0657-2345186/5234 dps@nmlindia.org
N S Randhawa Tech. Assistant MEF 0657-2345184 nsr@nmlindia.org
Tipu Kumar Tech. Assistant MEF 0657-2345039 tipukumar@nmlindia.org
Dr. Kakali Mukherjee Research Associate MEF 0657-2345241 kakalim
S P Ganguly Secretariate MNP 0657-2345053 spg@nmlindia.org
Ranjeet Kumar Singh Scientist C MNP 0657-2349017 kranjeet@nmlindia.org
Dr. Vinod Kumar Sr. Tech. Officer MNP 0657-2349005 vk@nmlindia.org
U C Oraon Tech. Officer MNP 0657-2349017 uco@nmlindia.org
Prabir Roy Tech. Assistant MNP 0657-2349015 proy@nmlindia.org
S K Pradhan Tech. Assistant MNP 0657-2349015 skpradhan@nmlindia.org
S N Hembram Sr. Tech. Officer IMDC 0657-2345114 snh@nmlindia.org
Dr. A K Sahu Tech. Officer IMDC 0657-2345110/5115 aksahu@nmlindia.org Ph.D., MLIS, B.Sc. (Chem.) HDSM Institutional Repository; Office automation; Digital Library Management; Online Bibliographic Services
G Shailendra Kumar Sr.Technician IMDC 0657-2345108 gsk@nmlindia.org
Manas Samanta Tech. Assistant IMDC 0657-2345115 msamanta@nmlindia.org
S K Choudhary Sr. Tech Officer (2) ICTU 0657-2345092 skc@nmlindia.org B.E. (Comp. Sc. & Engg.) Systems & Networking, Software Development, Video Conferencing
Birendra Kumar Tech. Officer ICTU 0657-2345092 bk@nmlindia.org MSC(IT), PGDIT,Diploma in Electronics & Comm Engg.
Nilima Roy Scientist EII MST 0657-2345091 nry@nmlindia.org PhD (Maths) Modelling & Extraction Metallurgy
Dr Sanjay Prasad Scientist EI MEF 0657-2345105 sprasad@nmlindia.org Ph.D. Extractive Metallurgy