Title Collaborator Duration Logo
Intellectual cooperation for the scholarly exchange and the development of national partnership with leading institutionIIT, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India2018-04-19/ 2022-04-19
Collaborative project on "Computer aided simulation of magnesium reactorIIT Kharagpur, West Bengal, India2016-01-06/ 2016-06-05
Involving the manufacture of paver block through geopolymerization techniqueSathyabama University, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India2016-02-29/ 2016-08-29
Development of Magnesium Metal Production Technology (MPT)IIT Kharagpur, West Bengal, India2014-10-27/ 2015-10-27
Co- Operation Agreement pertaining to the R&D and student trainingUniversity of Miskolc, Hungary2014-04-22
Framework agreement for collaboration in research activities between the University of Sentiago-De-Compostela and CSIR-NMLUniversity of Sentiago-De-Compostel Spain2012-02-02/ 2014-02-03
General Memorandum of Understanding for students exchange and internship programsKorea Maritime University (KMU), South Korea2012-09-11
Co-operative program of research and development of resources utilization and recycling technologyKorea Maritime University (KMU), South Korea2011-11-24/ 2016-11-23