Damodar Valley Corporation

Name: Damodar Valley Corporation

Sector: Power

Sector Other:: NA

Category: Other

Main Customer: Whole Seller

R&D Backup: In-house

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Parent Organization:

Ownership: Local

Owner Name: Shri Gurdeep Singh

Type: Private

Type Other: NA

No. of employee: 7563

Area of Work: DVC achieved Thermal Generation of 35691 MU T FY 201718. highesb ever since inception and surpassing CEA target of B4475 MU for FY 2017-18. DVO achieved highest ever daily generation of 130.76 MU on 2605.18 DVO achieved highest ever peak Ex-bus generation of 5441 MW on 31.03.18 at 19.5 hrs. DVC achieved highest ever monthly generatibn of 3654 MU in the month of Mar 18 Koderma TPS of DVC achieved APC of 4.21 % in the month of Dec 17 which is best APC ever achieved by any 500 MW DV TPS

Mission.: Fulfill the obligations towards stake holders and carry out the mandate of flood control, power supply, irrigation, water supply management and soil conservation in the command area. Provide quality power and best in class services at competitive rates to our consumers. Continue with our unending commitment towards socioeconomic development and general well-being of the people of the command area. Inculcate a culture of value, ethics and integrity in the organization.

Vision: To be a leading integrated power major while discharging mandated responsibilities towards flood control, irrigation, water supply and soil conservation with a firm commitment to the socio-economic development of the Damodar Valley

Mandate: NA

Summary of Activities: DVC developed and expanded its infrastructure to six thermal power stations (7410 MW) and three hydro-electric power stations with a capacity of 147.2 MW which contribute to a total installed capacity of 7557.2 MW. Presently DVC has 49 sub-stations and receiving stations more than 8900-circuit km of transmission and distribution lines. DVC has also four dams, a barrage and a network of canals (2494 km) that play an effective role in water management. The construction of check dams, development of forests and farms and upland and wasteland treatment developed by DVC play a vital role in eco conservation and environment management.

Exporter: Yes

Products Exporting: NA

Safety Measures: Yes

Security Certificate: NA

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