Sector: Others

Sector Other:: Consumer durables, products for institutions, Industrial products

Category: Other

Main Customer: Whole Seller

R&D Backup: In-house

Tin No.:

Parent Organization:

Ownership: Local


Type: Private

Type Other: NA

No. of employee: 11,723

Area of Work: It began in 1897 with the manufacture of locks, then extending to other durables (refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, home security systems and safes, furniture), products for institutions (office furniture, audio-visual solutions, access control systems, perimeter security solutions, bank security solutions, beverage vending machines, interior solutions, hospital and laboratory furniture) and industrial products (process equipment, materials handling equipment, industrial storage solutions, tooling, precision equipment)

Mission.: Enriching Quality of Life Everyday Everywhere

Vision: Godrej in Every Home and Workplace

Mandate: NA

Summary of Activities: Today, we have 15 diverse business divisions offering consumer, office, and industrial products and services of the highest quality to every corner of India and across the globe. Godrej touches the lives of millions of Indians every day. To them, it is a symbol of enduring ideals in a changing world.

Exporter: Yes

Products Exporting: NA

Safety Measures: Yes

Security Certificate: NA

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) :

S.No. Year Net Profit CSR Budget CSR Expenditure Areas of Expenditure Details

Product(s) :

S.No. Title Quantity Details
1 Godrej Aerospace Turbofan NA NA
2 F404-GE-IN20 Gas Turbines Rocket engines , LRE NA NA
3 Vikas , other LREs Metal frames , composites Electronics NA NA

R&D Plan(s) :

S.No. Year Budget Need Plan Details
1 2018 Rs. 53.72 crore Technology Research And Development Expenses Research and product development costs incurred are recognised as intangible assets when feasibility has been established and it is probable that the asset will generate probable future economic benefits. Other research costs are charged to the Statement of Profit and Loss under the respective natural head of expense.

Report(s) :

S.No. Year Type Title Link Detail
1 2018 Annual Report Annual Report Download Annual Report

Document(s) :

S.No. Year Link Detail
1 Annual Report Download Annual Report

Address(es) :

S.No. Primary/ Alternate Email Mobile/ Phone City/ State/ Country Detail
1 info@godrej.com / av@godrej.com / 02267965656 Mumbai/ Maharashtra / India Pirojshanagar, Vikhroli, Mumbai- 400 079

Contact(s) :

S.No. Name Primary/ Alternate Email Mobile/ Phone City/ State/ Country Detail
1 IND47 JAMSHYD N. GODREJ / info@godrej.com av@godrej.com/ 02267965959/ Mumbai / Maharashtra India