Kalyani Steels Ltd (KSL)

Name: Kalyani Steels Ltd (KSL)

Sector: Others

Sector Other:: Conglomerate

Category: Other

Main Customer: Whole Seller

R&D Backup: In-house

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Ownership: Local

Owner Name: Mr.B.N. Kalyani

Type: Public

Type Other: NA

No. of employee: 1157

Area of Work: Over the years, Kalyani Steels has been continuously and extensively upgrading its technology and infrastructure. Today, this integrated steel complex has hot metal capacity of 650,000 TPA of carbon and alloy steels, a with three Mini Blast Furnaces, two Rolling Mills, Sinter Plant, Power Plant, BFG fired re-heating furnaces, state-of-the-art testing facilities and many such modern equipment, in a sprawling green 375 acre campus.

Mission.: To attain Market Leadership in Value-added, Engineering Steel segment by constantly upgrading manufacturing technologies and adopting Cost Effective methods of steel making, thus, Enhancing shareholder value.

Vision: To become Global ONE-STOP-SHOP for Automotive & Engineering Steel

Mandate: NA

Summary of Activities: Today the Company is a leading manufacturer of Forging Quality and other Engineering Quality Carbon and Alloy Steels using the Electric Arc Furnace route. Over the years, Kalyani Steels has been continuously upgrading technology and infrastructure. The first such technology update was achieved through a technology tie-up with AICHI Steels of Japan. Kalyani Steels has now set up a new plant to manufacture steel using the less power intensive mini-blast furnace route. The new facility is in the Hospet-Bellary region of Karnataka State, where good quality iron ore is abundantly available.

Exporter: Yes

Products Exporting: NA

Safety Measures: Yes

Security Certificate: NA

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) :

S.No. Year Net Profit CSR Budget CSR Expenditure Areas of Expenditure Details

Product(s) :

S.No. Title Quantity Details
1 Rolled Bars for Automotive Application NA Rolled Bars for Automotive Application KSL is a preferred supplier of Forging quality steel for a variety of Automotive Applications crankshaft, camshaft, connecting rods, gears, transmission shafts, axle beams, steering knuckles and so on. Our steel find use in Commercial Vehicles, Passenger Cars as well Construction Equipment.
2 Rolled Bars for Engineering Application NA We also supply high quality Medium Carbon, High Carbon, Medium Alloy and Micro-Alloyed steels for a variety of applications in Energy, Railways, Defence, Fasteners, Material Handling etc. Through our group company - Bharat Forge Ltd our steel finds usage in earthmoving, cement , sugar, steel, coal, ship-building and oilfield industries as well as general engineering equipments.
3 Round Cast for Seamless Tube Industry NA KSL is leading manufacturer of rounds for seamless tubes in India. It supplies steel to all seamless tube producers in the domestic market. KSLs Ginigera plant is approved by Indian Boiler Regulation as: * Well-known steel maker for supply of boiler grade quality steel. * Creep resistant steel grades like SA213-T11 & SA213-T22, for use at elevated temperatures.
4 Machined Bars for Aluminium Smelting Industry NA KSL offers Low Electrical Resistivity (LER) steel, developed specifically for primary aluminium industry to reduce level of electrical resistance within the steel during the electrolysis process of aluminium smelting.

R&D Plan(s) :

S.No. Year Budget Need Plan Details
1 2019 800 Million Technology Leadership can be attained and retained only by bettering ourselves continuously. The R&D of KCTI is recognized by DSIR, Government of India. The facility houses state-of-the-art laboratories for: *Modelling and Simulation *Performance Testing and Validation *Investigation and Failure Analysis

Report(s) :

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1 2019 Annual Report Annual Report Download Annual Report

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1 Annual Report Download Annual Report

Address(es) :

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1 investor@kalyanisteels.com / investor@kalyanisteels.com / 66215000 Pune/ Maharashtra / India Kalyani Steels Limited, Mundhwa, Pune - 411 036

Contact(s) :

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1 IND41 Mr.B.N. Kalyani / investor@kalyanisteels.com investor@kalyanisteels.com/ 66215000/ Pune / Maharashtra India