Name: MMTC Ltd

Sector: Others

Sector Other:: Trading Company

Category: Other

Main Customer: Whole Seller

R&D Backup: In-house

Tin No.:

Parent Organization:

Ownership: Local

Owner Name: Mr. Ved Prakash

Type: Public

Type Other: NA

No. of employee: 1127

Area of Work: It is highest earners of foreign exchange for India and Indias largest public sector trading body. And, the export of primary products such as coal, iron ore, and manufactured agro and industrial products, ferrous and nonferrous metals.

Mission.: As the largest trading company of India and a major trading company of Asia, MMTC aims at improving its position further by achieving sustainable and viable growth rate through excellence in all its activities, generating optimum profits through total satisfaction of shareholders, customers, suppliers, employees and society

Vision: NA

Mandate: NA

Summary of Activities: Being the largest player in bullion trade, including retailing, MMTCs share was 146 tonnes of gold out of the total import of 600 tonnes of the precious metal.

Exporter: Yes

Products Exporting: NA

Safety Measures: Yes

Security Certificate: NA

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) :

S.No. Year Net Profit CSR Budget CSR Expenditure Areas of Expenditure Details

Product(s) :

S.No. Title Quantity Details
1 METALS AND INDUSTRIAL RAW MATERIALS 10000 MT Non-Ferrous Metals, Minor Metals, Industrial Raw Materials : Non-Ferrous Metal Alloys.
2 PRECIOUS METALS, GEMS & JEWELLERY 1,74,000 Kgs of Gold & 1165.38 MTs of Silver MMTC Limited is one of India’s Premier bullion trader, handled more than 1,74,000 Kgs of Gold & 1165.38 MTs of Silver during 2011-12. The Precious Metals Division has consistently contributed significant proportion of the total turnover of the Company.
3 AGRO PRODUCTS 20302 MMTC Limited is a global player in the Agro trade, with its comprehensive infrastructural expertise to handle agro products. MMTC Limited provides full logistic support from procurement, quality control to guaranteed timely deliveries of agro products from different parts of India through a wide network of regional and port offices in India and its contacts abroad.
4 FERTILIZERS 3 to 4 million tonnes MMTC Limited has remained one of the major importers of fertilizers in India. It is engaged in the import of finished, intermediate and raw fertilizers. MMTC handles about 3 to 4 million tonnes of fertilizers. It continues to remain a trusted and reliable supplier of fertilizers to many institutional customers in India. This has been possible owing to a reputation of trust and reliability assiduously built by the company over four decades.
5 COAL & HYDROCARBON 1.10 million tons Coal and Hydrocarbon is identified as one of the core areas of business for MMTC and Steam coal is identified as a thrust product for import. The coal and hydrocarbons business has achieved a turnover of Rs 18390 million in 2004-05. The above turnover is comprised of mainly LAM COKE, Coking Coal and steam coal.

R&D Plan(s) :

S.No. Year Budget Need Plan Details
1 2018 NA Process/Know-How NA NA

Report(s) :

S.No. Year Type Title Link Detail
1 2018 Annual Report Annual Report Download Annual Report

Document(s) :

S.No. Year Link Detail
1 Annual Report Download Annual Report

Address(es) :

S.No. Primary/ Alternate Email Mobile/ Phone City/ State/ Country Detail
1 / / 01124362200 New Delhi/ Delhi / India Core-1, SCOPEComplex, 7 Institutional Area, Lodi Road, New Delhi-110003

Contact(s) :

S.No. Name Primary/ Alternate Email Mobile/ Phone City/ State/ Country Detail
1 IND40 Mr. Ved Prakash / 01124362200/ New Delhi / Delhi India