Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC)

Name: Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC)

Sector: Oil & Gas

Sector Other:: NA

Category: Mining

Main Customer: Whole Seller

R&D Backup: In-house

Tin No.:

Parent Organization:

Ownership: Local

Owner Name: Shashi Shankar

Type: Public

Type Other: NA

No. of employee: 33,560

Area of Work: ONGC has discovered 6 of the 7 commercially producing Indian Basins, in the last 50 years, adding over 7.1 billion tonnes of In-place Oil & Gas volume of hydrocarbons in Indian basins. Against a global decline of production from matured fields, ONGC has maintained production from its brownfields like Mumbai High, with the help of aggressive investments in various IOR (Improved Oil Recovery) and EOR (Enhanced Oil Recovery) schemes. ONGC has many matured fields with a current recovery factor of 25–33%. Its Reserve Replacement Ratio for between 2005 and 2013, has been more than one. During FY 2012–13, ONGC had to share the highest ever under-recovery of INR 8993.78 billion (an increase of INR 567.89 million over the previous financial year) towards the under-recoveries of Oil Marketing Companies (IOC, BPCL and HPCL). On 1 November 2017, the Union Cabinet approved ONGC for acquiring majority 51.11% stake in HPCL (Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited). On Jan 30th 2018, Oil & Natural Gas Corporation acquired the entire 51.11% stake of Hindustan Petroleum Corporation.

Mission.: World Class • Dedicated to excellence by leveraging competitive advantages in R&D and technology with involved people. • Imbibe high standards of business ethics and organizational values. • Abiding commitment to safety, health and environment to enrich quality of community life. • Foster a culture of trust, openness and mutual concern to make working a stimulating and challenging experience for our people. • Strive for customer delight through quality products and services. Integrated In Energy Business • Focus on domestic and international oil and gas exploration and production business opportunities. • Provide value linkages in other sectors of energy business. • Create growth opportunities and maximize shareholder value. Dominant Indian Leadership • Retain dominant position in Indian petroleum sector and enhance Indias energy availability. Carbon Neutrality • ONGC will continually strive to reduce CO2 emissions across its activity chain with the objective of achieving carbon neutrality.

Vision: To be global leader in integrated energy business through sustainable growth, knowledge excellence and exemplary governance practices.

Mandate: Companys wholly-owned subsidiary mandated with international operations, ONGC Videsh Limited, has achieved a stellar landmark by achieving its higher-ever production of 14.833 MMToe for the year. This constitutes 23% of ONGC group production for the year, indicating the significance that the Group ascribes to its overseas operations. ONGC Videshs 2P reserves stand at 675.72 MMtoe at the end of the year, constituting 36% of ONGC group reserves. These two significant metrics establish that ONGC Videsh continues to be the second-largest E&P company of India, second only to its Parent. Consolidated revenue from operations and PAT for ONGC Videsh during FY19 stood at 146,320 Million and 16,823 Million as against 104,176 Million and 9,815 Million in FY 18, respectively.

Summary of Activities: a) ONGCs standalone O+OEG production during 2018-19 was 45.86 MMtoe, an increase of 0.2% w.r.t. 2017-18 (45.79 MMtoe). b) Natural gas production during 2018-19 was 24.75 BCM which was 5.4% more than the production during 2017-18. c) ONGCs gas production recorded an all-time high of 71 MMSCMD in November 2018 mainly due to ramping up of production from Daman in Western offshore, S1-Vashistha in Eastern offshore and Tripura in Onshore. d) Production of Value Added Products (VAP) increased by 7.56% (3,641 KT 2018-19 against 3,385 KT in 2017-18). Boards Report 9 e) 516 wells drilled during 2018-19 as compared to 503 in the year 2017-18; an increase of ~ 3 % (y-o-y basis).Drilled more than 500 wells in last three consecutive years.

Exporter: Yes

Products Exporting: NA

Safety Measures: Yes

Security Certificate: NA

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) :

S.No. Year Net Profit CSR Budget CSR Expenditure Areas of Expenditure Details
1 2018-19 253334 Million 6,146 Million Healthcare, Poverty, Environment, Women Empowerment and Heritage preservation"

Product(s) :

S.No. Title Quantity Details
1 Domestic crude oil production 34.20 Million Metric Tonnes Domestic crude oil production in FY’19 stood at 34.20 Million Metric Tonnes (MMT) versus 35.68 MMT during FY18. ONGCs standalone production was 21.11 MMT vs 22.31 MMT in FY18. Production from Oil India Ltd and PSC/JVs was 3.29 MMT and 9.80 MMT respectively.

R&D Plan(s) :

S.No. Year Budget Need Plan Details
1 201 NA Process/Know-How NA NA

Report(s) :

S.No. Year Type Title Link Detail
1 2019 Annual Report Annual Report Download Annual Report

Document(s) :

S.No. Year Link Detail
1 Annual Report Download Annual Report

Address(es) :

S.No. Primary/ Alternate Email Mobile/ Phone City/ State/ Country Detail
1 secretariat@ongc.co.in / secretariat@ongc.co.in / New Delhi/ Delhi / India Plot No. 5A – 5B, Nelson Mandela Road, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, South West Delhi -110070

Contact(s) :

S.No. Name Primary/ Alternate Email Mobile/ Phone City/ State/ Country Detail
1 IND27 Shashi Shankar / secretariat@ongc.co.in secretariat@ongc.co.in/ / New Delhi / Delhi India