JSW Steel Dolvi Works

Name: JSW Steel Dolvi Works

Sector: Iron & Steel

Sector Other:: NA

Category: Manufacture

Main Customer: Whole Seller

R&D Backup: In-house

Tin No.:

Parent Organization:

Ownership: Local

Owner Name: Sajjan Jindal

Type: Private

Type Other: NA

No. of employee: 12,599

Area of Work: 1.5 MTPA coke oven plant at Dolvi by Dolvi Coke Projects Limited eliminating the procurement of high cost coke. • Commissioning of LCP Fuel Conversion resulting in considerable reduction of emission level and cost savings. • Digitalisation initiatives to reduce set up time for processes and thus improve productivity at SMS.



Mandate: A total of 2,86,87,000 (Two Crores Eighty-Six Lakhs Eighty-Seven Thousand) options were available for grant to the eligible employees of the Company and its Director(s), excluding independent directors, and a total of 31,63,000 (Thirty-One Lakh Sixty-Three Thousand) options were available for grant to the eligible employees of the Indian Subsidiaries of the Company and their Director(s), excluding independent directors, under the ESOP Plan.

Summary of Activities: The Company was holding 39.996% stake in Dolvi Minerals & Metals Private Limited (DMMPL). On 23 October, 2018, the Company acquired the shareholding of other shareholders of DMMPL aggregating to 60.004% for a consideration of 109 crores to make DMMPL a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company. Dolvi Coke Projects Limited (DCPL) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of DMMPL. DCPL has set up a 1.5 million tonnes per annum Coke Oven Plant (Phase-1) at Dolvi. The coke produced is being supplied to the Dolvi unit and Vijayanagar unit of the Company. DCPL has also commenced setting up of Phase II comprising of a 1.5 MTPA coke oven plant and 2x190 TPH Coke Dry Quenching (CDQ) unit at an estimated cost of 2,133 crores and is expected to be commissioned during FY 2019-20.

Exporter: Yes

Products Exporting: NA

Safety Measures: Yes

Security Certificate: NA

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) :

S.No. Year Net Profit CSR Budget CSR Expenditure Areas of Expenditure Details

Product(s) :

S.No. Title Quantity Details
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2 Production 1.5 Billion tonne On the production front, Government has taken initiatives to increase countrys coal production to 1.5 Billion tonne, the share of Coal India Ltd is made 1 billion tonnes by 2019-20. The share of BCCL is 36 million tonnes. Company has also taken steps for implementing high capacity projects namely, Muraidih UG (2Mty ), Moonidh XV seam UG (2.5 Mty) .Further, the newly allotted blocks namely, PirpaintiBarahat, MandarParvat, Dhulia North and Mirzagaon once operational will boost up the production of the company in the forthcoming years.
3 Crude steel production 106.5 million tonnes On the domestic front, India became the worlds second largest steel producer with a crude steel production of 106.5 million tonnes. In the first half of FY 2018-19, the demand for steel remained positive owing to continued government spending on infrastructure. Towards the last two quarters, activities surrounding the national election led to restrained investment activity. However, the demand for steel during FY 2018-19 sustained a growth of 7.5%. Steel imports increased by 4.7% specifically in coated products. However, steel exports from India reduced by 26.4% due to subdued international demand and various trade measures. In this competitive environment, the Company continued to increase the market share in the domestic market by strategically focusing on increasing domestic sales volume, which witnessed a growth of 11% YoY mainly driven by OEM segment. Sales of value added and special products (VASP) accounted for 53% of total sales volumes

R&D Plan(s) :

S.No. Year Budget Need Plan Details
1 3214 32424 Product testtest testtest
2 2019 ₹162971000 Technology Development of guidelines for prevention & mitigation of explosion hazard by risk assessment and determination of explosibility of Indian coal incorporating risk based mine emergency evacuation and re-entry protocol. Purchase order for CFD Software, Critical Oxidation Temperature set up and TGA-DSC is expected to be placed within 2 weeks. On a query by Shri Milan Sen, Senior Manager, CMPDI, Ranchi, it was informed that once Chemical Igniter is purchased, the experimentation in 20 L explosion chamber will be started. Purchase order for the chemical igniter has already placed during December 2018 and the procurement process may take 5-6 months from next month onwards.
3 2019 E350 grade Technology New products developed by Dolvi • Development of cost effective API (X65 and X70) grade steel through CSP route with impact and DWTT at subzero temperature (up to -40 Deg C) for line pipe application (both sweet and sour) was the primary focus for Dolvi. • Other development includes billets for E450 grade TLT angle and E350 grade TLT angle with impact properties at -40 Deg C. • Total 8 nos. of new grades have been developed/customized service the customers’ requirements.

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1 3 Annual Report testtest Download testtest
2 2019 Annual Report Annual Report Download Annual Report
3 2019 Annual Report Annual Report Download Annual Report

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1 testtest Download testtest
2 Annual Report Download Annual Report
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1 2@f.c / 6/ testtest/ testtest / testtest testtest
2 cos.bccl@coalindia.in / cos.bccl@coalindia.in / Dhanbad/ Jharkhand / India Regd. Off Koyla Bhawan, Koyla Nagar Dhanbad – 826005
3 einward.ris@karvy.com / einward.ris@karvy.com 912242861000/ 912242861000 Mumbai/ Maharashtra / India Dharamtar, Taluka Pen, Dolvi, Maharashtra 402107

Contact(s) :

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1 IND16 testtest / e@f.com / 5 / testtest / testtest testtest
2 IND16 Shri Gopal Singh / cos.bccl@coalindia.in cos.bccl@coalindia.in/ / Dhanbad / Jharkhand India
3 IND16 Sajjan Jindal / einward.ris@karvy.com einward.ris@karvy.com/ 912242861000 912242861000/ Mumbai / Maharashtra India